John Pilger: Wikileaks and The War You Don’t See

By Australian ABC Radio

Award winning journalist John Pilger speaks on Australian radio about the absurdities put forward by members of the American government. He has a new documentary coming out in Britain on Dec. 12th called “The War You Don’t See” which features an interview with Julian Assange. To see the trailer, go to

One comment posted at ICH raises a serious question:

“I have the utmost respect and admiration for John Pilger, but would like him to answer why Wikileaks says absolutely nothing negative about Israel, and denies what the 9/11 truth movement has to say about 9/11?”


6 responses to “John Pilger: Wikileaks and The War You Don’t See

  1. There was much concern that items in this last info dump would embarrass Israel and supposedly the State Dept was busy ahead of time with them on the phone.

    A better question may be: Why is this info missing???? Who hashed it up?

    • the us gov did, laud… he turned it over to them first.

      btw, he said that his stuff is tucked at various sites around the globe so if anything happens to him, there’ll be a massive dump. then the us government won;t be able to censor any of it.

  2. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    I was perusing the ‘cables’ today and while I’ve been defending Wikileaks and the transparency I believe we should have in our government, I have to admit, regrettably, that it does appear to be true about the bias concerning Israel……I found one cable on Israel that was completely removed past the headers, with no explanation…..

  3. The reason why there are no leaks about 9/11 conspiracies should not be taken as evidence of yet more conspiracies. It simply reinforces what most people already know — that the only 9/11 conspiracy was a conspiracy by a bunch of Arabs to attack the USA by using its own aircraft. The “conspiracy theory industry” that has sprung up around 9/11 is a blend of confabulation and delusion, resulting from the inability of many people in a highly technological society to accept that any plan so simple actually worked.

  4. Ok, now Pilger, tell us something we DON’T know…blahblahblah. JOHN: You are SO wrong about 9-11. Dead wrong. Capital “D”.

    As to the omission of stuff about Israel, time will out.

  5. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    Even Assange says in answering a question about how the releases were “selected” and by whom, that the cables are edited, redacted and altered…

    “The cables we have release correspond to stories released by our main stream media partners and ourselves. They have been *redacted by the journalists* working on the stories, as “these people” must know the material well in order to write about it.
    The redactions are then reviewed by at least one other journalist or editor, and we review samples supplied by the other organisations to make sure the process is working.” Julian Assange

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