Right Side Up

By Chris Pratt

I always seem to find confirming evidence that things are horribly wrong. Nightmares about corruption and control have crept into my consciousness and are now giant objects of reality for me. I firmly believe that by controlling money and media a very small cadre of ultra elites are also controlling an unsuspecting public. They are marching us into a stark Orwellian future, a world of elite rulers and a sea of debt slaves totally dependent upon government for their very existence.

In his book “Nineteen Eighty-Four” which was published in 1949, George Orwell was cautioning us. Sixty-one years ago he saw it coming, a totalitarian world run by the power elite with party slogans of “War is Peace,” “Freedom is Slavery,” and “Ignorance is Strength.” Words like newspeak and doublethink (a willingness to believe contradictory statements when the Party demands it), a Ministry of Truth (an organization to ensure that the Party’s version of the past is never questioned), the perpetual surveillance of Big Brother and the specter of Thought Police and Thought Crimes. What were mere book terms in 1949 now pervade our society. Even the most ignorant and naïve among us cannot fail to see the parallels.

Newspeak and doublethink were in full force as the G-20 (Group of Twenty) came together in Seoul South Korea in November. They were discussing the current worldwide economic crisis and what they can do about it. Massive public austerity was this group’s answer the last time they met in Toronto; entitlement programs, massive debts and run away government spending had to be curbed. While calls for “belt tightening” sprang from the board room one billion was spent on security to protect these very same people from the public when the G-20 met in Toronto. The masters and the elite, the “inner party” as Orwell would say must be taken care of.

If there ever were to be a real G-20 summit, the world’s money managers could elect to end this economic crisis in a heartbeat. A simple shift is all that would be required. Shift the burden of austerity from the people with no means to the ultra rich people and multinationals with all kinds of means. Then eliminate the tax havens and the loopholes for these groups and tax the hell out of them. Shift the focus of the military from world invasions and death to protect the interests of the multinationals, to a domestic force that protects the interests of normal Americans and then take a massive military cut ~ paying trillions to be engaged in two wars that have resulted in NO measurable decrease in the number of deaths due to terrorism in this country is totally absurd.

Finally we should overhaul the tax burden for small business and I do mean small (5-50 employees). For these companies there should be little or NO corporate income tax. If they are manufacturing “green products” and employing new people in my estimation they should even be government subsidies – you know real stimulus versus these fraudulent bank bailouts that have occurred not once but twice.

This crisis is not about managing the people’s money. It is about managing our ability to think, to question authority and to control our reaction to the massive looting and fraud that is taking place. That is the real challenge; the real problem. How do we keep the people from reacting to such obvious lies and deceptions? Managing public opinion and perceptions is the job of mainstream media. Controlling the public’s reaction and right to protest is the job of our increasingly suppressive Orwellian police force. Managing money is for the elite bankers, the corporations and the military complex, not the public, we have no money.

So what do we do while we wait for upside down to finally sink to the bottom and right side up to pop-up to the surface? We hold onto and cherish love, family and friendship, we value human fellowship and we foster community.

Not that we should ignore what is going on in the world and accept it, only that we reach across the aisle and extend our hand and begin to have kind, thoughtful and meaningful discussions of our differences. That is the ultimate shift – not to bludgeon someone into changing their mind but to create an atmosphere where meaningful dialogue and a thoughtful exchange of ideas can occur in a spirit of peace and friendship. Then perhaps a New World Order based on kindness, equality and a new kind of courage will emerge and “right side up” will “bob” to the surface as the power of one is realized, one embrace at a time.

Chris Pratt is president of the Awareness Initiative, a former systems analyst, filmmaker and producer of the 2010 film deceptions, at www.deceptionsusa.com, and author/producer of the Brain Sense Program at www.brain-sense.org.

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