COTO Report Passing Through Shadow an Interview with Ben Stewart

COTO Report and Megan ‘Verb’ Kargher are pleased to bring you an interview with Ben Stewart. Ben is a musician and seminal documentary filmmaker. His films Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica are thoroughly researched and thought provoking, and I highly recommend them. Join us as we discuss his films and the nature of human consciousness and how this relates to the societies we have built.

2 responses to “COTO Report Passing Through Shadow an Interview with Ben Stewart

  1. hey, hey, welcome back, globetrotter. If you’re ever down ft lauderdale way… email me.

    love that second tune (I think I used to own that CD)

    guy’s got a pretty good grasp of the topic … even for knuckledragger. (lol)

    come on, female energy is submissive? it’s creative, like you said.

    I predict one of his next lessons will be to experience an alpha female. If he can’t recognize it in the human species, then he might study wolves or lions, and most birds. they should provide some guidance. But if he stays on the path, he will experience the bliss of submitting to an alpha female and thru that most humbling experience, he will recognize a breadth and depth to woman he has missed so far.

    duality exists so we can experience ourselves (on a spiritual level I agree with this)… when he spoke about the split of the Romulins and the Vulcans … same goes to gender. All was female and as life evolved and became more complicated, we split off the male … so now most of the higher life forms have two genders. Thus I (as in om) can experience different aspects of myself.

    thanks, sistah, for another interesting interview!

  2. Megan 'Verb' Kargher

    thanks glad you enjoyed it
    i got two more i am editing
    will take a bit to get em done though

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