Deliberately Wrecked Weather from Coast to Coast

By Dr Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Our deliberately changed weather is completely askew. We don’t have the Global Warming scam that corporate-controlled scientists and media are trying to ram down our throats; but we do have deliberately wrecked weather from coast to coast.

Global Warming was never based on real scientific research; but on manipulated data. This continues to be all gleefully reported by compromised TV weather stations and a compliant, corporate controlled media. From Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine, nothing is what it used to be 10 or 15 years ago. Yes, of course, the weather changes and can be unpredictable. That’s a given. What IS different? Now we have dramatic swings in our weather, sometimes in less than 24 hours; and the US military is already on record as wanting “to own the weather by 2025.” We are all expendable for that hubristic and criminal goal.

It appears that these weather changes are accelerating. In many parts of northern New England (Vermont, New Hampshire, and inland Maine) this past weekend of December 11 and 12, the temperature hovered around 11 to 15 degrees. Ponds, lakes, and rivers were slowing down and freezing. All as they should, as Winter approaches. Early on Saturday morning, the 11th, large globules of white “stuff” began to fall from the sky. Then this changed to tiny round white pellet-shapes, what Dr. Mike Castle calls “pearlite-snow.” Our traditional “real” snow it was NOT! There was a distinct chemical smell, too.

By Sunday the 12th, this fake-white “stuff” was falling heavily and blanketed much of northern New England with some areas having as much as a 6-inch accumulation. Then, abruptly, Sunday night, it began to rain heavily. The temperature rose (in less than 24 hours) to the 40s. This morning, Monday December 13th, as it continues to rain, the temperature at 7 a.m. was 52 degrees! Remember, two days ago it was 11 degrees. The ponds and rivers were thawing rapidly. This almost 40-degree temperature differential has the potential of un-seasonal floods. Now the swollen rivers are thawed and rushing. This is not natural.

In a discussion with Dr. Castle this morning, there is also a possibility that with warm weather coming up to New England, even briefly, the winds may bring the toxic Corexit 9500 dispersant with it from Florida. This is ominous. Is anyone testing this?

This is not some weird weather by Mother Nature. Rather, it is one caused by the deliberate and clandestine geo-engineering of our planet’s weather with toxic Chemtrails and other nefarious methods that are wrecking our natural weather. Will we have flooding in January in New England? FYI: floods are not covered in most home-owners insurance policies. If this happens, more people will be SOL.

Circadian rhythms are also cockeyed. Insects have come out. A new generation of lady bugs (usually seen in late May or early June) and flies are buzzing around, instead of dormant. The grass is green, instead of brown and frozen. This is December?

In the Pacific Northwest, heavy and daily rains abound. Yes, this is usual. Being “chilled to the bone” every day by winds and freezing rain is a frequent comment.

The sun rarely shines on either coast.

A real Winter season is vanishing before it actually begins, while the military, private, and commercial planes continue bombarding us overhead with the hazardous toxicity of chemtrails every day. There seems to be a different chemical brew in various areas around the country. Yet, some reports note that January might be colder than the winter of 1740! In their criminal rush to poison all of us, our children and grandchildren are also being sacrificed. That’s the plan.

Whatever happened to WARM winter clothes for them? Coats, hats, gloves, scarves. Where are they? In these colder climes, why are our children wearing Summer-weather clothes? Why are hundreds of thousands of children in the Pacific Northwest and New England dressed like this? This is completely irrational!

Last Winter (December 2009), I saw hundreds of grade-school children poorly dressed. I do not mean “price-wise.” I mean warm winter clothing needed for howling, bone-chilling weather. This past weekend, I saw hundreds of children dressed as if it were 80 degrees outside, instead of 15! Add to that, parents are subjecting their growing children (with incomplete and highly vulnerable immune systems) to seasonal flu shots, now laced with the leftover 2009 H1N1 vaccine toxins. This is a poisonous burden for them. [See my Summer 2009 Rense articles, “Dangers in the Shots.”]

College teens are not any smarter ­wearing flip-flops, skimpy shirts and blouses, and flimsy dresses. Coats? Not a one. But thin cotton jackets, yes. Our children are enveloped in synthetic fabrics that are not meant to be warm. Wearing “fleece” (made from recycled plastics often from China, or petroleum-based chemicals) or other synthetic fibers does not keep children warm. This is a hundred-year-old scam to enrich the coffers of the chemical industry at the expense of generations of children.

Do you want your children/grandchildren “wrapped” in plastics and toxic vinyls? Plastics and vinyls do off-gas hidden hormone-disrupting chemicals that are stored in body fat to wreck more havoc. Children are most vulnerable to this exposure! Natural fibers (wool, linen, hemp, unsprayed and non-GM cotton) keep everyone warm and insulated from cold and damp weather. Remember: much of today’s cotton is very heavily sprayed with pesticides. That poison residue remains on woven and finished garments.

Fashion has always been irrational. Having taught university-level courses about the History of Fashion, there is a centuries-long history of odd and strange-looking clothing that fill fashion history books. This generation of children is no different. The only difference today is that style is driven by magazine ads that have never had safety or well-being as a prime directive. The more unhealthy fashion sold, the better. Parents are clueless. This does have a long tradition, only now there are serious environmental and health issues that rarely make it to any issues of Vogue or Elle.

Parents have not only lost their judgment, but basic common sense. Yet, how rational can anyone be with the toxic assortment of Chemtrails, bacteria-laden raindrops, GM mutated-Ebola fungus, and other hazardous pollution surrounding our every breath? We all continue to be lab rats for the government and military. Nonetheless, these invisible poisons are taking a toll on all of us.

Any parent who lets a vulnerable child out into the poisoned rain or chemically-created “snow” (to let this toxic water seep into a child’s skin, our largest organ and a permeable membrane) is either un-informed or in denial about the lethal level of these assorted poisons, now mixed with an ever-increasing array of other heavy pollution to which we now are all exposed daily in this new world dis-order of lies and deceit.


Educator and environmental writer, Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.”

4 responses to “Deliberately Wrecked Weather from Coast to Coast

  1. good clean aussie woolens for cold weather:-)
    re fashion. i see the Russian military used some designer to make new uniforms…and the soldiers are ill due to the fact while they look better they are totally unsuited to the weather conditions..sounds familiar..
    here in aus we have a cold summer, rains floods and storms, and probably into jan or beyond.
    after 10+ yrs of drought the bumper crops are now rotting:-( sheep are getting flystrike and liver fluke worms from damp ground.
    most summer vegies are struggling, many wont fruit. most of the stone fruits are split and rotting. not good.

  2. The same thing happened in the uk last week. In Scotland there were warnings of floods from the snow. It melted really quickly here in southern England too. This is a worldwide phenomonon.

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