Four stages to a ‘Big Brother’ government

By Forbidden Knowledge TV

In 1985, ex-KGB agent, Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, explained the tactics of “ideological subversion,” the job of slowly changing the perception of a target group, in four stages. He said that all four stages would happen in the US if
“the schmucks” were allowed to destabilize the economy, to do away with free-market competition and to install a “Big Brother” government.

The first and most lengthy stage of Demoralization takes the longest, at 15-20 years. The result is that the people’s exposure to true information no longer has any influence on them. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information and becomes ripe for the subsequent stages of Destabilization, Crisis and Normalization.

He says, “Your Leftists in the US; all these professors and beautiful civil rights defenders — they are instrumental in the subversion — only until the destabilization is completed.” Then, “they’re not needed anymore,” and “they must be lined up against the wall and shot.”

In 1985, he described the demoralization process in America as “basically completed, already.”

So in what stage is the US, 25 years later? Hint: Politicians calling for the execution of Julian Assange.

Ed. Also see Tom Burghardt’s July 2010 piece,Are You a “Perfect Citizen”? NSA Will Deploy Snooping Sensors on Private Networks.”

4 responses to “Four stages to a ‘Big Brother’ government

  1. yeah, I think you’re right. All these “modernization” acts will and have had the effect of destroying businesses across America, right along with “outsourcing”.

  2. Rady,
    We’ve been getting “modernized” and “outsourced” right out of a country. How about population control? or should we say “sustainability”.

  3. 404? do tell……..

  4. This was excellent, and his sense of irony gave me a laugh I really needed today as we run out of heat and food. I’m laffing all the way to the loony bin, er , to that wall he was speaking about. ANYWHO…hybrid: 404??? Can you explain to a retard such as myself, a mere cookie baker?

    Everything he said in this interview is so true, assuming we can tell what is true according to his 4 stages. haha. This is some serioushitcomingdownliketherain. Schmucks…oy vey!

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