World’s Fair Use Day: Jan 13, 2011, Washington D.C.

By Ben Sisto

Notice the air; crisper than yesterday. Luminance enthusiasts adorn dwellings with flickering reds, greens, and whites. The first snowflake falls in perfect time to the Vince Guaraldi Trio, and you know what – Thomas Kinkade paintings are starting to look kind of alright. Ah, it’s that time of year again. Time to start the countdown to World’s Fair Use Day, 2011.

Held at the Washington Post Conference Center in D.C. World’s Fair Use Day is a day-long celebration of fair use & creativity brought to you by the folks Public KnowledgeRegistration is free, WFUD is open to the public, the unemployed will be pleased to note convenient timing, 9am to 5pm.

Things kick off at 9am with breakfast. I’m not sure what breakfast will be like. I anticipate continental. I expect day-olds. But sometimes, sometimes the breakfast is mad lavish. You’re selecting from upwards of 6 pastry choices, there’s some Toffutti and the coffee is Stumptown. Take a chance. Live.

The panels are looking nice. I’m seeing a lot of Massachusetts. At 10:30 Kevin Driscoll (USC) and Larisa Mann (aka DJ Ripley) will talk hip-hop and fair use with Brooklyn’s own Das Racist, who might be one of the best acts in NYC right now. Driscoll, the ever-morphing artist/activist/teacher, was part of a great roundtable on the relationship between skateboarding culture and video camera technology at this year’s Open Video Conference. Mann is an award-winning DJ. A PhD Candidate in Jurisprudence & Social Policy at Berkeley Law.

Next up at 11:30, me. Panel on visual arts. The one name I can give you now is Joshua Caleb Weibley. I met this recent Cooper Union grad a year back; really feeling his drawings. Recreating ASCII drawings by hand, redrawing Xerox copies, etc. As for myself, I heard Mehan from Public Knowledge talking about Lil’ B one day so I introduced myself and now, am moderating a talk. I once dressed up in a chroma-key suit and danced around in front of some Sol Lewitt paintings. We’ll kind of talk about how artists use appropriation in their practices, and why copying is a fundamental part of dwelling, which you know, allows for the construction of locations which define spaces in which we all learn and grow. Kewl.

Then lunch, and a Keynote talk. Keynote TBA. I am hoping for R. Buckminster Fuller. I know what you’re thinking but, the man had no concept of death and I’ve got to take his word for it.

It’s now 2pm and you’re at another baller-talk titled Playing Fair: Remix in the Gaming Community. Before you – potentially sprawled out in an Eames recliner (in Neo Geo black & grey) – sits The New School’s Josephine Dorado, moderator. She’ll be talking with OverClocked Remix‘s David Lloyd (DJ Pretzel) & Larry Oji, plus Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit fame. Apologies to your productivity today but, here’s Jay’s Super Mario Crossover.

We move on I Did it For the Lulz: Fair Use and Internet HumorTim Hwang is part of the Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, co-founded ROFLcon and has put in mad hours of research at The Berkman Center for Internet and Society. He’s also a really nice dude. At a Hackers party once, I drank too much and tried to sell him on my idea for a meme-based miniature golf course called LOLF, which he politely listened to for way to long. This panel is still shaping up, but their first guest is none other than Ben Hun of Fail BlogI Can Has Cheezburger?, and Graph Jam fame.

See you in D.C.!

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