The Real Terrorists are Upping Their Chatter

By Eric Blair
Activist Post

Remember the buzzword chatter? When our criminal government kept the sheeple on the razor’s edge of fear because they’d say that chatter levels coming from Al-Qaeda were increasing?

Well, today, in this article, I’m going to openly fear monger to you, because the chatter by the real terrorists, the ruling elite, is getting louder and more urgent — prompting me to warn you that it seems like a terror attack is coming soon.

All the signs are here.  Clearly desperate for public approval and budget justifications, the government has recently made several bogus terror arrests of entrapped FBI patsies.  Perhaps they thought the public would give them some political props for thwarting their own staged events. However, they’re beginning to realize that the general public has a bad case of “boy who cried wolf” syndrome where these glorious victories in the ongoing war on terror don’t carry much effect anymore with people struggling to pay bills. Therefore, the regular folks must be reminded that the wolf can still bite.

Three recent stories seem to indicate a higher than normal level of urgency about an impending attack.  The first was the report from Iraq that “intelligence” gathered from the recent round-up of militants revealed a threat of an attack inside the U.S. and Europe during the Christmas season. Reuters claimed in certain terms, but through a faceless spokesman:

Al Qaeda is planning attacks in the United States, Britain and Europe around Christmas, one year after a failed attempt to bomb a U.S.-bound passenger plane, a senior Iraqi official said Thursday.

…’One of the (men) confessed that ISI will execute attacks inside the United States, Britain, and Europe,’ Hussein said. ‘They were making preparations for this goal.

Okay.  Does anyone actually believe poor militants living in Iraq can prepare and execute a successful terror attack inside the United State?  Regardless, DHS sent an alert to all local law enforcement, even though an official claimed that, “While there was no specific or credible information about a possible attack, the bulletin was based on intelligence from abroad.”  It is this kind of absurdity that reveals the agenda, because this is not a credible threat on any level except to those who need to float warnings before they strike.

Keeping in mind that the original press release had “no specific or credible information,” because right on cue an ABC News story a few days later describes not just the specific threats, but also the motivation. For the dumbed-down, non-reading public the article title says all you need to know: Holiday Terror Warning Cites Car Bombs and Small Arms Attack; with the sub-title, Authorities Worry About Christmas Attack For ‘Psychological Impact.’

This would seem to indicate that the real terrorists are seeking maximum ‘psychological impact’ with their next successful attack on U.S. soil.  Perhaps they are getting ready to pull the trigger on something big.  However, even a small arms attack would accomplish some of the establishment’s incremental goals like restricting the public’s ability to purchase semi-automatic rifles.  It’s much like the recent article about potential terror attacks to poison the food supply while the food safety bill S.510 bounces between houses.

Finally, the third and most telling story was a small bit by the Associated Press today regarding Attorney General, Eric Holder’s appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America where he feigns concern for “homegrown terror threats.”  The AP reported:

Holder said the terrorism threat is real and constant. He says he’s concerned that the authorities may have missed a signal that an attack is coming.

He says Americans have to be prepared for “potentially bad news.”

Of course, the establishment always uses the example of “anti-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen believed to be hiding in Yemen” as a claim that “Americans” are indeed seeking to strike the United States. This terror ring-leader of patsies has been exposed as a Pentagon insider by Fox News, yet he’s still being used justify the surveillance-industrial complex, the snitch culture, and the clampdown on freedoms in the name of fighting “domestic terrorism by American citizens.”

So, we’ve gone from a threat with no credible or specific information, to being on alert for car bombs and small arms attacks with the purpose of inflicting maximum psychological impact, to our chief law enforcer saying we must prepare for potentially bad news.

Besides seeking a psychological reaction from the sheep, the real terrorists also desperately need to muffle the truth movement before it grows too big to control.  As the masses become more aware of the criminal actions by the government and its corporate cartel partners, the more they need a distraction. Even Geraldo Rivera has seen through the bogus terror plots, and said so on national TV.

This all says to me that something is coming because time is running out on their lies.  Be afraid, be very afraid, but not of the coming attack, rather for the establishment’s response to it.

5 responses to “The Real Terrorists are Upping Their Chatter

  1. Out of respect for my friends over at AP, I’ve posted this against my better judgment.

    This article propagates exactly what the elites want — Eric is telling us to be afraid. So are the elites. What’s the difference here, psychologically?

    I think the better strategy is to mock the elites — diffuse the fear, do not ramp it up even higher.

    but, what do you think?

  2. thx, Willie ~ yes, no doubt the terrorists are ramping up their rhetoric. that’s true.

    ‘Reactionary’ is the perfect word…

  3. I find the analysis to be dead-on.

    As to the fear-factor I believe that exists to the degree that we let it.

    Yes, fear is a component, but it should not be the motivating factor, for then you do fall into the trap of becoming part of the problem. But you can’t eliminate the fear totally. Its more where you want to place it and if you let it interfere or cloud judgment.

    Fear to a degree can be a good thing, much like anger can be good in motivation, but if you let fear become the motivating factor, much like anger, reactions can then be manipulated. So controlled fear, understanding the nature of it and using it rather than letting it use you becomes the key.

    Fear can to a degree also bring with it an element of respect. I fear the power of water, hence I respect it. But the fear of what water can do doesn’t stop me from swimming in it or sailing across the ocean. Because I know its power I both fear and hence respect it, but with that fear comes the motivation to protect myself from the elements I fear.

    In the same vain I fear an attack, but that’s not going to stop me from leaving my house, or from aggressively exposing those that caused the attacked. I both fear and respect the ability of the cretins to pull of an attack, the fear breeds the respect, which in turn allows me to react in a proper manner.

    So putting all this aside, I find the rest of the article to be spot on and obvious to any of us that pay attention to what’s going on. Again the obvious, is the obvious. COTO

    And it seems to me that they will need something big. For too many of the sheeple are becoming aware too fast and the cretins need something to pull them back under control, as the article points out.

  4. thx, Mike ~ appreciate your thoughtful response

  5. I still disagree with this tactic — just becuz the elites are upping their terror chatter does not necessarily imply a terror event is going to happen.

    Another possibility is that they are trying to distract the masses from the ongoing revelations in WikiLeaks cables.

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