Leaked Cable: Bush squashed screening of Fahrenheit 9/11

Another WikiLeaks Cable from the Bush Administration about My Movies

By Michael Moore

Twice within four days, my name has popped up in the Bush-era secret cables uncovered by WikiLeaks. Lucky me. Though nowhere near as earth-shattering as the uncovering of American misdeeds in Iraq and Afghanistan, these classified cables provide a stunning and bizarre peek into the paranoid minds of the Bush White House when it came to the subject of one Michael Francis Moore.

And considering how WikiLeaks has released only 1,826 cables of its planned drop of 251,287 — and I’ve already played a starring role twice — I can only say I await with bemused anticipation how the moi-storyline will play itself out.

The most recent secret cable revelation is in today’s Guardian newspaper of London. It’s entitled, “US Intervened in Michael Moore NZ Screening.” Oh yeah, baby! New Zealand! That’s where we’ll stop Moore and his band of evildoers!

The date was July 30, 2004. ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ was already a huge hit in the United States. Just to give you an idea how huge, it had hit #1 at the box office, the only documentary to have ever accomplished this feat, and had made more on its opening weekend than ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.’

But it was no easy path to get there. Disney (which owned Miramax) was apoplectic when they saw the final cut. So they pulled the film from its theatrical schedule. Then they put a permanent block on its release, insuring no one would see it. But then the New York Times, in a front page story, reported that the real reason Disney hated ‘Fahrenheit’ was they were worried about the tax breaks it got in Jeb Bush’s Florida for Disney World. This caused some embarrassment, so Disney then sold ‘Fahrenheit’ to the Weinstein Bros., who said they’d spend their own money to distribute it.

The release of the film caused concern at the White House, as this was the re-election year. They hired a pollster who told them the film might tip the election. That was enough for them to swing into action. Much of July was a nonstop barrage of attacks on me and the movie. But that just resulted in more tickets being sold.

Which brings us to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. There are few nations on earth further away from us. A local chapter of the ruling Labor Party apparently had decided to do a fundraising screening of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11.’ It was to be hosted by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Secretary for the Environment.

Well, when the U.S. Embassy in Wellington got word of this, it was like all heck broke loose. America was offended! Phone calls were made to the Prime Minister! Then to the Cabinet Secretary! We … are … not … happy!

Apparently, the Kiwis backed down and the Cabinet Secretary withdrew as the host. A sigh of relief whiffed its way through the American embassy. Moore stopped! The cable back to Washington showed the embassy had no problem taking credit for putting the kabosh on yours truly:

“… it is probable that this potential fiasco may only have been averted because of our phone calls — it is apparent to us that neither the Minister nor anyone else in the Labour government seems to have thought there was anything wrong with a senior Minister hosting such an event.”

So here’s my question:


I mean, seriously — really? This is how the Bush State Department was spending its time — on a single screening of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11′ in freakin’ New Zealand? Or maybe … was this kind of interference happening just to New Zealand? Call me crazy, but I gotta feelin’ it doesn’t stop there. Just as a health insurance executive has now come forward as a whistleblower to reveal the millions spent to smear ‘Sicko,’ I can’t help wait for that day when the whistleblower from the Bush White House comes forward to tell the fascinating tale of how the Bush team believed they had to do something — anything — to stop ‘Fahrenheit.’ Or worse (like the “Plan B” the health insurance companies discussed — to “push Michael Moore off a cliff.”). I didn’t want to think about what the Bush Plan B would be. Just wasn’t worth the crazy-making. So I ignored the things I’d hear, kept my head down and motored on.

But, it does make you wonder. And I ask you, is it fair to pose the question: If they were this focused on some insignificant screening in New Zealand, what else were they up to? And I don’t mean in regards to me. I mean anyone who was on their enemies list …

I can’t wait to read more classified cables.

Michael Moore

P.S. Of course, given the false claims the State Department made in the other “secret” cable about my movie ‘Sicko,’ I guess anything was possible.

P.P.S. Don’t miss the REAL revelations from just the first batch of WikiLeaks cables. For instance, the Obama administration worked together with Republicans to kill an investigation by Spain into Bush’s torture. Pfizer hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on the Attorney General of Nigeria. Bush’s ambassador to France planned to “retaliate” against the country for standing up to Monsanto. And we’re less than 1% of the way through …

7 responses to “Leaked Cable: Bush squashed screening of Fahrenheit 9/11

  1. “The subject of 9/11 is the issue to the system”

    very true…

    I hold out hope for Michael Moore. Hell, I hold out hope for the masses, too.

  2. but, anyway, i thought this story was too funny

  3. nice comment… exactly the situation and the cure

    it’ll have to be done via book and film now… back to the old ways now that they’re censoring the net

  4. if michael moore is a “self-promoter” i’ll take his band of self-promotion any day over the more common version of this tendancy… names too numerous come to mind when i try to think of better examples of shameless self-promoters, and so i won’t rattle any off, even in the interest of the extreme contrast that they would offer….

    but i must say that i think you’re being quite unfair in your dismissal of him. i see michael moore as a bold champion of the underdog who has consistently contributed important things to national and international debate that few other people would dare to. he’s also taken an incredible amount of heat over the years for his views, no doubt more than any of us know….

    so what, he has a product to sell. i don’t mind that a person who put forth something that’s uniquely both mainstream (in terms of visibility and availability) and very much against the stream (maybe it’s not as radical as you’d like it to be but it does take all sorts to make this world go around, doesn’t it…) publicly reflects on its reception. he’s definitely earned his airtime, in my opinion. i don’t agree with everything he says of course, and also i don’t understand your take on 9/11 as referred to in your comments, but anyway, i just had to stick up for MM because i think he has more balls than every other popular filmmaker combined right now.

  5. Michael Moore deserves more credit, although the 9/11 truth movement folks think he is worthless it seems. At any rate, this article was funny and great – I kind of think of MM as the Court Jester ala Danny Kaye, always smirking and always ready to steal the crown from the pretender’s head. Be that as it may, people need to go and support the 9/11 truth movements, help them get their stuff out there. AE9/11Truth has the most compelling evidence about how the buildings came down, and of course there are other org.’s that have other info. SUPPORT THEM.

  6. yeah, I agree that MM takes too much criticism for not being radical enough. His film, F-911, was the second major body of work to confront the official version of 911, and reach the public. (imo, Michael Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon was the 1st major body of work to do so. Of course, DRG’s books are important contributions, but not as widely popularized as Ruppert’s or Moore’s.)

    Significantly, MM got that message to the mainstream public. He reached them. He planted a seed of doubt in tens of millions of people about nefarious forces within the US government. It is on that doubt that the 911 truth movement was built.

    So what he didn’t focus on the physics? No single body of work covers all the issues involved in 911. Nor could it — the topic is too vast.

    and MM is no shill for the New World Order, even if he believes that voting can actually change things. Yes, he’s obviously not fully cognizant of plans within the plans… but neither am I and neither is anyone here.

    give the guy a break — he’s waking up people to some bitter truths in a manner and at a pace that is palatable to the brainwashed masses. Didn’t you just say, Willie, that this is how it should be done? (on another article)

    So why criticize him for doing exactly what you recommend?

    In this day of mass censorship, mass psyops, mass hypnosis, any truthteller who becomes wildly successful (like Assange, too) is going to reach that level of reach only by revealing kernels of truth.

    Those folks ready for more can hit all the conspiracy sites. And they do.

  7. New Zealand is probably very important to the right-wing segment of the CIA.

    I think we’ve been seeing a left and right split in the CIA coming for some time. The Communists were never a monolithic threat, and neither is our own CIA.

    Unfortunately, the left wing of the CIA needs the government to continue in its present form if they are to retain relevance and continue to contribute. That’s why they can be seen swatting down anything like 9/11 Truth. In their mind, lending their credibility to those details is considered a deal-killer in the social contract sense.

    It was actually game-over when Nathan Rothschild threw a hissy-fit over the masses desire for democratic reforms. Masters have never been very happy when the slaves decide against their whims and wishes. As long as we behave like cattle, they’re happy as clams. If we act like they do…well, then…there will be war!

    Such is the brilliance of non-violence: it uses the human tendency to bureaucratize organizations of all kinds against the powerful. Once they perceive a bonafide challenge to their power, we have the pathetic showing of the police at the Pittsburg G-20.

    Get some skinny, underfed Hindu with an impeccable education and charisma to start acting up and inspiring others to do the same — then there are problems for 100’s of years.

    If we really believed in equality and unity in Creation, we would naturally create a heaven on Earth. Peace.

    But egoes of all shapes and sizes get involved and start worrying about people becoming fat, dumb and happy without every giving peace a chance. The human ego just won’t tolerate sameness, unity and community. It demands specialness to its very core.

    We need to stop fighting with our egoes and start transcending them. Make them our own friend so that we can relate to these psychopaths in a manner that allows them to drop their guard and allow nature to take its course.

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