Obama Administration: I’m Not Impressed

New Year’s Resolution 2011 – Impeach Obama

By John Kusumi

2009 was the year of Cash For Clunkers. It’s also the year in which Shooting Handcuffed School Children became a headline out of Afghanistan, where U.S. President Barack Obama had just decided to escalate the war.

2010 was the year of Cash For Caulkers. It’s also the year of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. In 2010, China cut down its purchases of U.S. Treasury debt, thereby reducing U.S. financing by $50 billion / month.

After insisting that they “will not monetize the debt” (quote from Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury secretary), the financial honchos announced Q.E.2, a program of “quantitative easing” (money printing) whose name implies that Q.E.1 didn’t work and hence, here goes a second try at malarkey which previously failed to reduce unemployment.

Two points already noted above have something in common: $600 billion. (China cut back by $50bn/mo.; that annualizes to $600 billion, which is the announced size of Q.E.2.) ‘Looks like the Fed is stepping up to plug the hole created by China, and the U.S. government on the whole has a strategy of “fake it until you can make it.”

We will pull something out of (Federal Reserve Chairman) Ben Bernanke’s posterior hindquarters. We will wave a magic wand. And, we will call it fuel for our economy and federal spending. Yes indeed, the big boys pursue a strategy of fake-it-until-you-can-make-it.

That reminds me of American newsmen at network TV. Are they oracles or orifices? Well, they may be the latter, but they too are steeped in the art and ways and practice of fake-it-until-you-can-make-it. I suppose that to gullible people, they still come across as oracles.

Three days before Christmas, Congress adjourned and the news busted out with self-congratulatory praise for all the legislative accomplishments obtained by Barack Obama in the 111th Congress (the past two years). The establishment is patting itself on the back and being self-congratulatory.

Were these accomplishments or disasters? Health reform written by the insurance industy included unconstitutional provisions that are already being struck down. The issue will need to be revisited. Banking reform written by the banks did no favors for the populace at large, and left in place – positioned to receive bonuses – the same crew of cronies (the ones who crashed the economy), free to continue their speculative flows of hot money and insulated from the consequences of their gambling, since the taxpayer is stuck with the tab.

We keep hearing that Obama is going to “pivot and focus on jobs.” When? Two years have gone by, with unemployment stuck to the ceiling. The “accomplishments” noted above are no better than crime reform, written by criminals. Obama’s FCC has just given us an order for “net neutrality, written by telcos.” Obama is very given to regulating the hen house, by fox – for example, offshore oil drilling regulations, written by the oil industry.

These “accomplishments” are in fact disasters for the American people, and it will take many years into the foreseeable future to undo the damage. And the price tags for Obama’s initiatives have simply been added to the national debt. The stimulus stimulated Communist China – it’s hard to prime a pump for the American economy when the pump has been closed and moved to China.

To be fair, some moves have been laudable. I have no complaints about the Lilly Ledbetter act, credit card company regulation, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; and health care for 9/11 first responders. Nor do I object to the new START treaty with Russia. The last three items came late in the year, during the post-election lame duck session; prior to that, the overall impression was of a Congress spinning its wheels – and getting a 17% approval rating from the American people!

When one has eyes to see it, Obama is notable for what he has not done. I continue to have the question, “When will he pivot and focus on jobs?” There are things that Obama could have done, and yet he did not.

With $600 billion, they could cut a check for $2,000 to every man, woman, and child in America. Have they done anything like that? No. Let’s call this Plan (A).

This year, they kept the minimum wage at $7.25.  This, at a time when $11 would be more appropriate and less punitive. Places such as China, Hong Kong, and Canada are in the midst of raising their minimum wages. Let’s call a raise Plan (B).

Plan (A) means money in the hands of people. Even George W. Bush was able to cut out some small stimulus checks, sent directly to the American people. Obama seems to be even more Republican than Bush. We’ve had the sound and fury of bailouts; the Fed has moved trillions of dollars that it didn’t tell us about; but, all of this has been for Wall Street, and bypassed Main Street.

Plan (B) means earning power in the hands of people. Even George W. Bush was able to raise the minimum wage, with legislation that passed in 2007. Obama seems to be even more Republican than Bush. Plans (A) and (B) here would boost consumer demand, the driver for 70% of the U.S. economy. The White House shows less interest in such things than George W. Bush would have had.

It may seem a revelation that Obama is screwing the U.S. middle class harder than George W. Bush did, but actually, in light of Obama’s lack of interest in Plans (A) and (B), we see that it’s true.

Of course, Plan (A) is a stopgap solution, and Plan (B) only moves the needle for those who are employed. To truly pivot and focus on jobs, it would take Plan (C), something else the Obama administration has neglected to do.

I’ve spoken about Plan (C) before, and I won’t belabor it here. The discussion can be retrieved from YouTube at—


In these plans A, B, and C, what are we really talking about? –(A) money; (B) earning power; and (C) jobs.

Money, earning power, and jobs could all be boosted by these obvious measures, but evidently, these are not the priorities of the Obama administration. Does the inaction mean something? Yes. To date, the outcomes of the Obama administration are (a.) less money, (b.) less earning power, and (c.) fewer jobs.

I believe that (A), (B), and (C) are “what really matters” to the American people, and meanwhile, (a.), (b.), and (c.) are reasons to call for the resignation or impeachment of Barack Obama. In addition, I am a human rights defender. When you join the international human rights community, headlines such as “Shooting Handcuffed School Children” are unacceptable for being cowardly war crimes. Indeed, wars that are undeclared and illegal are themselves unacceptable for violating international law.

We should thank the whistleblower outfit, Wikileaks, for its revelations across this year of many U.S. “secrets,” from war crimes to diplomatic foibles. We should thank Julian Assange rather than have the ersatz news media trumpeting the calls for his extrajudicial assassination. “Extrajudicial” is a term of art. Anywhere that it appears, it can be replaced by the word “lawless,” which is correctly a synonym.

Instead of thanking him, there has been much squawking by the exposed powerful, who were embarrassed by Wikileaks’ revelations. Indeed, Joe Lieberman became the new Joe McCarthy, leading an extrajudicial (lawless) witch-hunt against Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange.

U.S. federal politicians seem to be especially disoriented people. With extrajudicial (lawless) witch-hunts in the air, cultures are clashing. And for Americans who value the rule of law, it is now an open question: What is the difference between the USA and a rogue nation / failed state led by a war criminal?

That question has crossed the mind of one Warren Edward Pollock, and I will conclude this article by embedding or linking to his YouTube video about this point—


2 responses to “Obama Administration: I’m Not Impressed

  1. a bloodless revolution must involve full non cooperation by a growing (and hopefully critical) mass:

    1. transfer your money to local banks
    2. stop voting
    3. stop paying taxes
    4. do not work for the military
    5. support alternative media, boycott corporate media
    6. use alternative fuel; reduce your fuel use

  2. Also, join my Meetup group:


    And follow us on Facebook.

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