Dennis Kucinich: My Congressional District May Be Eliminated

By Dennis Kucinich

The New York Times, Newsweek, and Fox News have all recently headlined stories that I may lose my Congressional seat, not through an election, but through redistricting!

Due to the new census figures, Ohio will lose two seats in Congress. The Ohio Legislature (Republican) will redraw the map with 16 instead of 18 districts for the 2012 Election. Speculation nationally, and more importantly, in Ohio is that my district may be eliminated, absorbed into parts of other districts. Keep in mind, given the early Ohio primary, the filing deadline could be only a year away.

You have helped to make possible my presence in the Congress through seven terms, and carried me through some hotly contested elections. I am very grateful for your continued support. I am also very grateful to the people of Ohio’s 10th District for the privilege of serving.

Yet, in light of the strong chance that my district may be eliminated, my continued presence in Congress, to work for everything we care about, will obviously call for a much different strategy. I will not wait until a new Ohio map is produced to begin this crucial discussion of the consequences of congressional redistricting. I will not wait until the Ohio Legislature produces a new map to start thinking of the options. The question will not be: Who is my opponent? The question will be: Where is my district? Seriously.

We are going to have to prepare for a different kind of election, possibly in a different place because my district may be eliminated. We are going to have to organize in a different way, now. The question will remain: Where?

This discussion is consequential. Please participate by providing your insight and advice

I will be in contact with you.

Facing the New Year with the usual unsinkable optimism, and wishing you the best New Year ever, I am, yours,

8 responses to “Dennis Kucinich: My Congressional District May Be Eliminated

  1. No great loss. All Kabuki, all the time. He might have made some money publishing his 35 articles of impeachment while Bush was in office but he didn’t push it. Grandstanding that’s all.
    Bye-bye, Dennis.

  2. Better to have the Dennis’s and Ron Paul’s in Congress than none at all. At least a populist voice gets heard at the highest levels.

  3. Rady, with all due respect, I disagree. They should unite with the Cynthia McKinneys, Ralph Naders and Cindy Sheehans and form a consumer party of by and for the people. Congress is a gangsta’s paradise. No honest man should participate in the fleecing of Amerika.

  4. no doubt Congress is a gangsta’s paradise… hell, the newly “elected” governor of Florida is felon convicted of embezzlement. The halls of power are dominated by thugs and criminals.

    But, that does not negate the value of the populist voice being heard in the halls of power.

    but when you talk about a “consumer” party — or any new party — why would you send anyone to the halls of power if you don’t like good people being there?

  5. Really, running for office isn’t even worth thinking about. As you so well know, the fix is always in and those that rail against the corporate control of the govt will always lose out to those that play the game.

    Even Kucinich folded on healthcare and Feingold folds for Israel. There is no one left to speak for us and if there is, they are most likely being threatened or blackmailed. Even if the most vocal voices for civil liberties as the ones I mentioned and including Ron Paul joined together as a unified force, where would it get them or us? Nowhere. Not until this whole corrupt system falls will anything change to the benefit of the people. Then and only then will we be able to rebuild and restructure the government we the people want to see.

    That is, if there is anything left to rebuild now that they’ve been so effective at poisoning our air, water and food supply. Btw, the gulf loop is broken and the ice age cometh.

  6. move to between 23.5 N and 23.5 S lattitudes; this mini ice age will be deadly for billions

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