US Navy PIPS Data: Arctic thick ice doubles from two years ago

By Steven Goddard

31 Dec 2010 – US Navy Polar Ice Prediction System data shows that the area of ice greater than 2.5 metres thick – has doubled since the same date in 2008.

H/T Ice Age Now

4 responses to “US Navy PIPS Data: Arctic thick ice doubles from two years ago

  1. And this proves…..what? That global climate change is a hoax? Get over it. Biology is biology.

  2. I gotta say, M, well, first, there is no doubt that humans are impacting climate. However, I’ve seen so much verifiable info lately that global warming is questionable that I feel a need to post the most reliable of such info when it surfaces. Believe me, I turn down much on the entire global warming debate.

    It seems that global elites have seized upon the idea of global warming to fine or tax humans for what is predominately their pollution (their factories, their deforestation, their mega farms).

    Global elites are also using “global warming” as an excuse to legitimate the geoengineering industry on which they hope to make billions.

    So, we need to confront the premise on which they support such schemes. The best way to do that is to use their own scientists.

  3. I think Rady is right. We need to show good science. We have to reject dogma.

    If global warming is real then good science will bear it out.

    What I tell people who discount it out of hand is that if your house is hot, you don’t need to “prove” that the furnace is causing it. Just turn the damned thermostat down.

    The same thing applies when considering human impact on the environment. We know when we are being wasteful. We know what is poisonous and what isn’t. Do we seriously need to “prove” everything in aggregate studies? Can we just actualize common wisdom and minimize our impact?

    The studies are important but individually, our individual choices are where the rubber meets the road.

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