Boston Snow Warning

You remember about Snow Tax: Boston snow police fine hundreds after blizzard? Well, an entire culture has emerged among the original Tea Partiers, as William Rivers Pitt wrote:

“It is the habit of the locals around here to dig out a parking spot for themselves in the street, and then place in that spot some item – a cone, a chair, a dresser, a box, whatever – to ‘save’ it for when they return.

“Well, it seems someone stole a ‘saved’ spot from someone else by replacing the owner’s cone with a blue chair. I happened upon said blue chair stuffed deep into a snow bank with this note attached with duct tape. Polite enough, to the point, and just too damned funny.”

That’s about the best section of his lengthy 2010 wrap up approving ObamaCare, missing the point on Haiti, nearly a bulls eye on Afghanistan heroin and US homelessness, lame homopobic humor, partisan psyops, and goofing on the most spectacular environmental events of the year (instead of Russian fires and Pakistan floods, he opted for Iceland’s volcano).

One response to “Boston Snow Warning

  1. Too funy, and yes, that puts a fine point on it all!

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