TSA photocopies credit cards and other personal documents (VIDEO)

By 4409

Photocopying our credit cards??? TSA goes too far, once again.

Welcome to the police state, folks. None of these TSA workers ever read the US Constitution, obviously. They care nothing about privacy or the 4th Amendment.

4 responses to “TSA photocopies credit cards and other personal documents (VIDEO)

  1. Well that’s just lovely.

  2. Thank you for this video

  3. Listen, you’re flying on a private aircraft – the company that owns the aircraft OWNS the aircraft – they, along with the FAA and TSA (and a nice long list of others) have come to an agreement on what they (all) are allowed to do to you and with you once you enter the airport – call it whatever you like, but the bottom line is simple – A private company and the government have agreed that IF you choose to use that company’s service (flying in this case) you will be subjected to …this and that …. and once you sign your ticket, you give up all those nasty little constitutional rights we should not bother with anyhow.
    You don’t like it? Stop taking video cams and other devices and irritating them poor folks – they are all JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS – or don’t you know that ?!?! Take a video camera and walk into your senator’s and congressman’s office – then you will be DA MAN – otherwise, leave the poor idiots that got a piss poor job to feed their families alone.
    Being a pilot, I don’t much appreciate what the TSA is doing – not much at all – but, since I’ve lost friends both at 9/11 and after, thanks to another bunch of idiots trying to reach their version of heaven early, the only alternative is me doing cavity searches when you come on board the aircraft if I decide someone looks suspicious.
    Take your pick – but trust me – you’d want the TSA to do it.

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