John Wheeler III, An American Hero, Likely Murdered By Cheney Operatives

By Volaar

The video provided, ultimately by the Associated Press, here, shows Jack Wheeler, an American hero, possibly suffering from exposure to a psychogenic substance.

As many of us know, John “Jack” Wheeler III, was involved in Vice President Dick Cheney’s dual nuclear chain of command incident between Minot and Barksdale AFB’s, an incident that documented the movement of five fake nuclear warheads, instead of the six live warheads that witnesses within the Air Force with knowledge of the operation claim were present on the B-52.  While the “official” story was that the warheads were headed for decommissioning, Barksdale AFB is not known to be the destination of any nuclear warhead in the US arsenal.  Barksdale is, instead, a load point for materiel headed for the Middle East.

The sudden appearance of surveillance video showing a disoriented Wheeler wandering aimlessly in a shopping mall is not consistent with the handling of evidence in a homicide investigation.  It is, however, consistent with an attempt to discredit a potentially credible witness to a crime with national security implications.

A similar event occurred in 1953 when Frank Olson, a Fort Deitrick, Maryland, bioweapons expert was administered LSD and allegedly committed suicide by leaping from a tenth floor window of the Statler Hotel.  Olson had become troubled by the use of the United States of Nazi techniques in the treatment and handling of interrogation subjects from communist countries.  The LSD administration supported a c0ver st0ry that Olson was suffering from a nervous breakdown leading to his suicide.  Later findings by experts hired by the Olson family determined that Olson was probably murdered.  Vice President Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were involved in the payoff by the government to the Olson family for their future silence concerning the findings by the Church Committee formed in the wake of the Watergate investigation.

Reports in the EU Times suggesting that Wheeler was a bioweapons expert and that his knowledge of the Arkansas fish and bird kills lead to his murder are more consistent with a Russian counterintelligence operation than with knowledge of any accidental bioweapons release.  The possibility that these ecological disasters are related to phosgene gas, while interesting, do not make sense since no human fatalities have yet been linked to these incidents.  The EU Times have used Don Black and his operation as sources for their reports, indicating complicity in a global white nationalist movement and raising doubts as to the legitimacy of these reports linking Wheeler’s death with ecological disaster.

Stay tuned.

18 responses to “John Wheeler III, An American Hero, Likely Murdered By Cheney Operatives

  1. “Findings by experts…” What findings? Which experts? Where?

    Please. Cite some documentation. Otherwise it’s just one person’s entertaining fiction.

    • As opposed to a boring, hyper-critical comment? I prefer fiction, anyway.

      I added some flourish per your instructions. I’ve been busy of late, so I couldn’t finish up before work.

  2. Isn’t it true that most of those involved with Barksdale are now dead?

  3. Regarding Wheeler and bioweapons…from the AP

    Wheeler’s military career included serving in the office of the secretary of defense and writing a manual on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons, which recommended that the United States not use biological weapons.

    Sure sounds like an expert to me.

    • Your standards, and mine, have been warped by years of media brainwashing.

      One manual and the work put into it, while potentially extensive, does not result in creating more than someone who is an expert in the document that they wrote. All research is “me-search” so if Wheeler went into the document looking for confirmation of his opinions, he likely found them with the net-present results.

      An expert is someone who continues to be a SME (subject matter expert) over a period greater than two years, who continues to research his or her area of expertise and who consistently expands their chosen field into an innovative array of information patterns that resemble patterns well documented elsewhere, yet which illuminate all subject matters whether they are directly related to the subject matter, or not.

      For instance, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, as a SME in the field of autism causality, has not only kept himself and everyone else informed as to the current research into this area, he has generalized the information patterns available in that field to conclude that, as Malcolm X once mused, capitalism is for bloodsuckers. Medicine and economics are related by the phenomena observed in the field of autism causality.

      Wheeler continued to seek and obtain employment in DoD-related industries. As a “graduate” of that particular field, I can now say that it has no redeeming social value whatsoever. If a SME-type can’t figure that much out just by looking at the evidence at the most superficial level, he’s not a capable expert. A hero and a hard-working patriot who gave his life for his country in Viet Nam, he didn’t succumb from his wounds until very recently.

      But, unlike Frank Olson, he was not an expert in bioweaponry.

      • John Wheeler was a very busy man involved in many things for the government and beyond. His employment with the Mitre Corp is a bit of a mystery. I can’t seem to find any information about what he did there.

        Perhaps therein lies the secret to the mystery of his murder. Here are some interesting tidbits taken from their website:
        New technologies that MITRE is exploring include biotechnology (including biosecurity), nanotechnology, neurotechnology, computational imaging, and quantum computing.

        With the increasing threat of bio-terrorism, biosecurity is becoming increasingly important to Department of Defense (DoD) missions and the health of our nation. For instance, if the health and safety of Americans are threatened by a harmful biological agent—either a naturally occurring illness, such as avian influenza, or a contaminant released by terrorists—the government will need to mobilize a response likely to be unprecedented in its scope and impact. Efforts to coordinate a biosecurity response plan across agencies (including the Department of Health and Human Services and its Centers for Disease Control division, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the DoD, among others) are still evolving. MITRE is assembling a team of researchers and analysts to advise on and support implementation plans for securing the nation against harmful “bioevents” of all types. We hope to produce a practical model for the collection and analysis of critical biosecurity information. Timely and accurate identification and dissemination of data will enable faster deployment of an effective, targeted response. MITRE is also engaged in evolving the global intelligence plans to more quickly identify outbreaks of natural and man-made harmful biological agents in remote areas and in nations where the U.S. lacks direct diplomatic ties.

        And btw, we also don’t know what his actual experience was in the field of bioweapons either. The DOD isn’t exactly an open book when it comes to revealing such info. What with national security being at stake and all.

        SO in conclusion…dead birds and dead fish and one dead mitre corp employee all in the same weekend… very curious…..

        • In conclusion…you’re going to win any and all arguments, so, “dear, you might be right.” Forgive me.

          I think you’re starting to sound paranoid, jg. I haven’t been listening to Malloy as much as I used to and, honestly, I feel happier most of the time. Delusional, yes, but more balanced in my delusion-ality.

          If I listened to that “mouth o’the South,” AJ, I’d be pretty paranoid after a while, too. We’ve all been traumatized by 9/11 and the aftermath…maybe it’s time to catch our breath, heal, and look at some different approaches to ramming this steaming turd of a country back down the throats of the Bush Crime Family. Where it belongs.

  4. And as to the death of birds and not humans…that remains to be seen doesn’t it? The guys cleaning up the birds were in hazmat suits as they told the residents…nothing to see here.. no danger…….

    • SOP to a scene of mass death. I think they learned it from Jonestown. Or, maybe not. I think I heard most of the bodies were shot dead, not poisoned as was reported.

      Ya gotta believe that that much cyanide in the stomachs of that many dead bodies is bound to be hazardous, yet, no evening wear. Not even so much as a pair of white shoes. Seems suspicious to me.

      If you want a dose of some real creepy horror, try listening to the FBI tapes of Jones trying to talk people into drinking the KoolAid. I think it gave me scoliosis or something.

      • I stopped listening to Malloy when he started stumping for Obama. Alex Jones hasn’t mentioned much about the Wheeler thing. These are my own thoughts. Paranoid? If you’re not you’re not paying attention or totally wrapped up in believing the democrats good and the republicans bad.

        Instead of making snide remarks about me maybe you should wake up and realize that the current administration is the same as the previous. Blaming everything strictlty on Bush & Cheney at this stage in the game ? No doubt about it the Bush family is pure evil and Cheney is their front man but they aren’t the only pulling ones pullint the strings. I know it’s hard to admit the democrats are evil too, I know, I know it took me to 2006 to realize that but hey, they’ve proven it time and time again.
        We have no one to represent us in government. We are the United Corporate States of Amerika and they’ve been having their way with us with the help of the congress they’ve paid for and/or blackmailed.

        • I meant to say “pulling the strings’ sheesh. I prefer my desktop to this new laptop

          • Richard Volaar

            Now, jg, don’t be snippy. Malloy very soon saw the error in his ways. Had you had a little more faith in him you’d have come to understand that he’s not a black or white thinker, either.

            Nor am I.

            I trust neither party and I do not trust our government’s legislative or judicial branches. I only spottily trust the executive branch, but not the President. Thom Hartmann, while a good man with some admirable leadership qualities, drives me nuts with all of his “happy” talk. He’s been told where he can fudge on the company line, and he does so. But when it comes to telling the whole truth, he’s as bad as the rest of those who still believe in capitalism.

            Having been disillusioned multiple times in my journey through life, I know how hard it can be to wake up. I have compassion for my fellow sufferers. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to believe any of their horse hockey.

            My comments regarding your tone had more to do with my own concerns about my own fatigue than with you, personally. I see evidence of paranoia and some sort of revolutionary fatigue of the kind that is readily exploited by our “friends” in the intelligence business. It’s important to stay balanced. Fight like hell, but then rest, you know?

            I was hearing this attitude in David Bender the other night on Malloy’s show. We’ve got the ball rolling and the kettle is boiling. Things won’t get any hotter right now regardless of how tirelessly we work to keep the issues in everyone’s face. Let’s take a moment and get back in touch with some moderate reality. A short vacation from the mind-numbing trauma that has cut through and violated our social millieu. Not permanently, just long enough to stay in touch with our humanity. It makes us more attractive to others and increases our ability to pull people in.

          • Apology accepted Volaar 🙂

            Will, Mike Malloy is a liberal radio talk show host I used to think the man was a real critical thinker and loved his rants until he started saying we had to vote for Obama so McCain wouldn’t get into office. He vacilated for a while between Nader and Obama but when he went for Obama he went all the way. I think his wife steered him in that direction. She also wouldn’t let him talk about 9/11 truth either. Personally, I’d like to bitchslap her for that ! haha

  5. Thanks for the introduction to this mystery and probable key event. There’s reason to believe that the loose nuke incident was serious beyond the obvious dangers of the particular actions reported. I saw this some time after the incident

    It screams “cleaning house,” particularly the comments about going all the way down the chain. I suspect that this was a twofer for Gates – he got rid of a bunch of very rotten apples and he secured job continuity. It was shortly after this that Obama read the comment praising Gates.

    Ah, the intrigues of empire. Excellent article.

  6. Except for his loyalty to soldiers, I don’t see him as a hero just going by the bulk of his bio. Let’s face it, the things he was involved in except for that, weren’t to better the lives of the common man. If he was going to blow the whistle about the missing missle or bioterrorism THEN he is a hero.

    Of course the Ministry of Truth is now busily painting their own picture of who he was and we’ll never really know why they had him “offied.” Did he just know too much or did he die a hero of the people?
    If he was killed because of the missle incident, why’d they wait so long? Was he about to reveal their plans or was he no longer useful to them until they decided he wasn’t ?
    What do you think about his work at the Mitre Corp? They aren’t talkin’ as to what his duties were there. Considering the technological “services” they provide, that info could be key to solving the mystery.

    Wheeler’s involvement in cyber warfare research and the SEC only thickens the plot.

    Again, John Wheeler was a very busy man and there is more than one reason they would have silenced him. Early in an investigation and without definitive evidence, a good detective looks at all the possibilities. Volaar no need to deride or sneer at other’s thoughts on this subject . It’s always best to keep an open mind while we suss out whatever tidbits come our way, eh?

  7. His loyalty to soldiers is the only reason I label him a hero. His work on the memorial meant alot to alot of the US victims of that war.

    But my compassion for VN vets does not keep me from appreciating the beauty and strength of the Vietnamese people I have worked with. These people, most of them made small by malnourishment, gleefully work their asses off and harbor no ill will against us in the main. Their kindness and openness has always impressed me above and beyond any of the fake hospitality offered up by, say, the Japanese people.

    Wheeler was a spook. I say his old bosses’ ride show up across the flightline from me when I worked for a defense contractor. It was extremely odd because it was TO THE DAY when Wynne and Moseley were fired that their old plane showed up. My concern was that one of the loose nukes was onboard that jet and that jet was in a position to do serious damage to where I was living and working.

    Given what these JO’s did in Houston, I harbored no illusions as to their regard for their own citizens.

    I made certain the right people were alerted. When we can stay one step ahead of these intelligence weinees, it screws up their plans on the cheap and forces them to move on to something else. Anything that moves can be seen by more and more people. Visibility is the bane of intelligence operations.

  8. There’s also the “symbolic” meaning of his body being dumped : ‘take out your papers and your trash…yakkity yak, don’t talk back.’

    No doubt that song got play in the VIET NAM era bunkhouses-and whorehouses as well.

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