Corexit? Phosgene gas? What Else? Now over 30 mass kills around the globe

Continual updates posted at Food Freedom’s Mass Kills page

By Rady Ananda
COTO Report

WTF is happening? Are some of these mass die-offs a result of Corexit sprayed in the Gulf of Mexico last year and now making its way up the coast and over to England? Corexit can’t explain all the mass die-offs. We have one report from Russian intelligence that Phosgene Gas was sprayed in Arkansas, resulting in those die-offs. But what about New Zealand? And Ontario? Have the psychopaths gone on a murderous rampage around the globe?

Click on the image to enlarge it. This map was originally prepared by UK’s Daily Mail, and has been modified to add new information.

In May 2010, 12,000 saiga antelope dead in Kazakhstan. This makes the 12th mass die off in the past year.

Turns out there are 30 recent mass kills, according to this map, which also gives cited info. (Or click map below to enlarge. I’ve added two not on this map: Bio-Bio, Chile and Parana, Brazil.)

Officials still citing bizarre reasons for mass kills in this August 2010 report of millions of dead fish in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia:

However, the USDA admits it kills millions of animals a year, viewing them as pests. See Martha Rosenberg’s piece, Worse Than Fireworks Deaths? Government Blackbird Poisoning. (Jan. 4, AlterNet)




Jan. 20 Arctic Ribbon Seal shows up near Seattle Superfund site

8 Jan. 1000s of deer die in US Northern Plains (Yahoo) from epizootic hemorrhagic disease, or EHD. In southern states where deer have a history of exposure to EHD, death rates from the disease are relatively low, said the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, which tracks EHD.

2 Jan. 20 tons of fish wash up on Norwegian beach (Daily Mail)


31Dec2011 Hundreds of birds drop dead in Beebe, Arkansas (again)

27Dec2011 Scores of ring seals washed up on Alaska’s Arctic coastline since July (Reuters)

26Dec2011 Dozens of magpies perch motionless in N. Korea (Telegraph UK)

20Dec2011 Drought may have killed a half-billion trees, Texas Forest Service says (CNN or SOTT)

20Dec2011 [Weaponized?] Flu kills 162 Dolphins in New England (Boston Globe, or

Sep thru Dec Thousands of Crows die in 3 months in Jharkhand, India (12/17 article: Telegraph India, or SOTT)

14Dec2011 Thousands of birds die in Utah (Bellingham Herald or SOTT)

9Dec2011 50 starlings dead along New Mexico highway (Farmington NM Daily Times or SOTT)

9Dec2011 Sick green sea turtles beach at British Columbia (The Province or SOTT)

1Dec2011 Argentine ant mysteriously disappearing from New Zealand ( or SOTT)

30Nov2011 Dead dolphins continuing washing up on Gulf Coast shores; 600 since BP Macondo blowout. (Gulf Live.

26Nov2011 100s to 1000s of mullet die in Estero Bay, Florida (Fort Myers News-Press or SOTT)

21Nov2011 Mexico to cull 50,000 wild boars from US (AFP or SOTT)

17Nov2011 1000s of piranhas invade popular Brazilian tourist beach (Sydney Morning Herald or SOTT)

16Nov2011 91 Whales Stranded in Australia, New Zealand (Guardian or SOTT)

9Nov2011 Unprecedented number of fish die of mysterious disease in Queensland (ABC News or SOTT)

31Oct2011 Million bat deaths in 2006 linked to fungus in 2011 (Red Orbit or SOTT)

29Oct2011 Mysterious Virus Threatens Salmon in Western Canada (Atlantic Wire or SOTT)

29Oct2011 Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs Could Be Extinct In 10 Years (Red Orbit or SOTT)

28Oct2011 Wolves Likely to Spread Across Germany (The Local or SOTT)

28Oct2011 14 dead dolphins wash up on Gulf Coast shores (Sun Herald or SOTT)

28Oct2011 Argentina: Three-Eyed Fish Caught Near Nuclear Power Plant (Practical Fishkeeping or SOTT)

26Oct2011 Rare Leopard Seal Visits New Zealnad (ONE News or SOTT)

22Oct2011 100s of dead birds and fish wash up on Ontario shore (CTV News or SOTT)

20Oct2011 North American wild salmon threatened by infectious anemia (NYTimes or SOTT) Linked to fish farms but Canada suppresses info

Oct. 17 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US: Mysterious bird deaths baffle hotel workers (WMBF or SOTT)

Oct. 13 Mysterious Disease Killed Scores of Seals in Alaska (Reuters or SOTT. Or see this Oct. 12 report from Alaska Dispatch)

Oct. 13 New Zealand: Rena’s wildlife victims die in oil-soaked misery (New Zealand Herald or SOTT) (Massive oil spill. See:

Video Angry Mount locals react to Rena disaster
Video Rena: Oil in Tauranga harbour
Video Rena spill: Absorbant oil boom in Maketu
Video NZ Army soldiers join Rena spill clean-up
Rena spill: Second officer charged
Rena spill: Bay tourist industry braced for sharp summer slump
Rena oil spill: captain facing further charges
Rena spill: Black days ahead for 100km of shore
Oil spill is New Zealand’s ‘most significant’ environmental disaster at sea

Oct. 12 Another Pilot Whale Dies on Cape Cod Beach (Boston Herald or SOTT)

Oct. 12: 4 dead dolphins wash up on Gulf Coast beaches in 5 days; deaths part of ‘unusual mortality event’ (Alabama or SOTT)

RELATED: Oct. 10 Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable, Fractured, Spilling Hydrocarbons (Real Agenda or SOTT)

Oct. 10 Australia: Mystery toxin may have killed Gold Coast horses (ABC or SOTT)

Oct. 5 New England Mysterious Seal Deaths (Reuters or SOTT)

Oct. 3 Dead Dolphins Again Found on Coast of Java (Viva News or SOTT)

Sept. 30 Millions of bees die overnight in Florida: Chemtrails to blame? Various sources

Sep. 26 Ghana: Unknown pollutant kills nearly 10 tons of fish in the Butre Lagoon (Joy News or SOTT)

Sep. 20 Australia: Mystery Weed Found on Beaches (Fraser Coast Chronicle or SOTT)

Sep. 20 Thousands of white bass turn up dead in Arkansas River (Reuters or SOTT)

Sep. 19 South Florida Invaded by Giant Snails (MSNBC or SOTT)

Sept. 16 UK’s Common Blue Butterfly declines 61%, Butterfly Conservation (SOTT)

Sept. 16 New Ogeechee River (Georgia) Swim Advisory After Reports of “Skin Sores” SOTT

Sept. 16 Hives bigger, killer bees meaner this year, CNN (SOTT)

Sept. 11 Industrial waste blamed as millions of fish die in Minjiang River, What’s On Xiamen

Sept. 10 Anacostia River mystery gunk is algae, says EPA. A six-mile stretch of the slick appeared on August 15.

Sept. 9 Humpback whales change migration pattern in Australia, ABC Australia

Sept. 7 King Crab Invading Antarctica, Red Orbit

Sept. 5, Mysterious Fish Kills Strike Fujian, China Daily

Sept. 4 Sharks becoming more aggressive, SOTT

Aug. 27 Mystery ‘corkscrew’ deaths of seals revealed as fatal attraction to sounds of ship’s propellers, Daily Mail

Aug. 24 Queensland, Australia: Marine Animal Deaths “Explained”, SOTT

Aug. 16 Pearl River in Mississippi Goes Extinct after Temple-Inland dumps toxic waste (various sources)

Aug. 13 Fish Kill in Burrum River (Queensland, Australia), Fraser Coast Chronicle, via SOTT

August 9 Billions of microscopic eggs surface in Alaska as orange goo (Also see Orange goo baffles remote Alaska village)

July 25 Thousands of dead fish in Seymour, Indiana, WAVE

July 18-22 Dozens of dead fish and lobster wash ashore in Naples, FL, The Ledger

July 6 Canada: Beached whale remains a mystery CBC News

July 6 Canada: Lake at Marden Park closed after dozens of dead fish found

July 6 Oklahoma: Thousands of dead fish in Red River, KXII

July 5 Lake Michigan: Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up On Shore WSIN

July 4 Dozens of fish die in Guelph, Ontario lake, Guelph Mercury

June 22 Over 1,000 sheep, goats, cows, buffalo and camels die of mysterious disease in Pakistan, Business Recorder

June 11 Over 1,000 dead fish in PA’s Ridley Park Lake and Crum Creek, NBC

June 10 340 dead sea turtles wash ashore on Gulf Coast this year, Salem-News

June 10 Fish ‘Continuing’ to Die in Large Numbers in Kuwait, Arab Times

June 3 Millions of worms suddenly die in Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, News.Gather

May 29 More Than 800 Tons of Fish Die and Rot on Fish Farms South of Philippine Capital AP

May 28 Saudi Arabia: Mystery Disease Kills 300 Sheep Within an Hour, Emirates 24/7

May 26 Dolphin deaths: BP oil spill may have had indirect role, researcher says, AP

May 21 Drunk Lorikeets falling out of sky in Australia, Herald Sun

May 20 Mass whale stranding in Scotland, BBC

May 12 U.S. Sharks Dying by the Dozens Due to Internal Bleeding, Discovery News

May 6 Mass whale death in Florida Keys, Live Science

May 2 Rare blue pigmy monster whale washes onshore in NZ, followed by self-beached sperm whale.

May 1 Record wildlife die-offs reported in Northern Rockies Reuters

May 1 New Zealand: Penguins wash up on East Coast New Zealand Herald

April 24 Leopard Sharks die off Redwood, CA coast (SOTT)

March 25 1000s Of Fish Die In Hanna Park Lake, Florida (SOTT)

March 13 Hundreds of dead fish found floating in Ala Wai Canal, Hawaii, including barracudas, eels, and pufferfish. One giant pufferfish was twice the size of a human head.

March 12 Millions of sardines, anchovies, stripped bass and mackerel surge Acapulco, Mexico, obviously escaping the ocean but from what?

March 9 Millions of dead sardines south of Los Angeles, Calif.

March 3 More Dead Dolphins Wash Up On Orange Beach, Alabama (Jerry Cope YouTube)

March 2 Droves of bald eagles dropping from skies in Canada

Feb. 25 Mainstream explanation links animal deaths, earth’s magnetic field

Feb. 22 Dead Baby Dolphins Washing up along Gulf Coast at 10 Times Normal Rate

Feb. 20 5 million aquatic animals die at Mara river in Kenya

Feb. 18 Hundreds of geese and ducks drop dead in Ohio. (Also see Yahoo story)

Feb. 11 Bird Beak Deformities plague North America (Utne)

Feb. 4 Thousands of fish wash ashore at Sebastian Inlet State Park, along the Atlantic coast of Florida.

Jan. 31 Thousands of dead fish in Rio Negro, in Mato Grosso do Sul state located in Western Brazil. (English translation, original Spanish source)

Jan. 21 Beijing, China: Dozens of blackbirds, magpies and mallard ducks fell dead along the Xiaojing River.

Jan. 20 Vietnam sees unseasonable cold; 10,000 cattle die.

Jan. 20 Over 100 birds die suddenly near Dacono, Colorado.

Jan. 19] However, in November 2010, the water was found to be too polluted for swimming.

Jan. 17 Hundreds of dead seals in Labrador (New Foundland, Canada) Since December 2010, northern shores of Labrador filled with seal carcasses.

Jan. 17 Hundreds of dead pelicans in Florida and North Carolina. See BP’s Corexit moves up Atlantic Seaboard, 100s of pelicans die.

Jan. 14 300 grackles fall dead in Alabama. Birds flew into oncoming traffic.

Jan. 14 200 dead cows found in Wisconsin field. Jan. 31 UPDATE: “Likely” died from moldy sweet potato in the cow feed.

Jan. 12 Romanian starlings drank themselves to death on grapes (if you believe that junk science). Crop stasis, where the crop stops emptying into the stomach and thus the food ferments, is a condition caused by numerous factors, including heavy metal poisoning. Crop stasis induces starvation, even though the birds appear to gorge themselves.

Jan. 12 Millions of crickets die from virus. First in Europe in 2002, then in the US starting in 2009. Could pesticides be the cause, weakening the crickets and making them susceptible to viruses?

Jan. 11 More than 100 dead birds found off Calif. highway. Birds flew into traffic in what looked like suicide.

Jan. 8 Quebec bird deaths

Jan. 6 FOLLY BEACH, S.C. | Thousands of dead fish wash up on SC beach | The Herald – Rock Hill, SC

Jan. 3 96 percent of 4 US bees gone, Sydney Cameron, et al., U of Illinois


Dec. 30-31 100,000 drum fish suddenly die and 5,000 of red-wing blackbirds and starlings from the sky in Arkansas Food Freedom, citing various sources (See Fracking the life out of Arkansas and beyond for Rady Ananda’s theory)

Dec 17 Dead fish wash ashore at lake beach in Indiana, blamed on winter storms,

Dec 14 Thousands of dead fish wash ashore on Central Florida beach, blamed on cold weather! Channel 13 News

Dec 13 Thousands of dead barramundi fish wash up in Australia, unknown causes, Morning Bulletin AU

Nov. 6 33 pilot whales found dead in Donegal Beach, Ireland, BBC

May 12,000 saiga antelope dead in Kazakhstan. World Wildlife Fund

Some of the items from Dec. 13, 2010 thru Feb. 11, 2011 came from The Joy Luck Club, which also posted chronological video. H/T JLC – Good job!

Signs of the Times has been doing a stellar job of posting articles related to mass die-offs and other Earth Changes, so a big hat tip to them, too.

39 responses to “Corexit? Phosgene gas? What Else? Now over 30 mass kills around the globe

  1. I have been wondering about a possible spread of the Corexit myself…that these die-offs are mostly single-species events in their discrete locations makes it even weirder! AND, as a wildlife rehabber and 10 year vet tech, I don’t believe one single theory advanced so far, the least credible being the fireworks. Whilst that CAN be a cause of fatalities (and I have seen this with Canadian Geese), I don’t think that attains here. Someone from the Restore the Gulf Coast Network like Kindra Arnesen, should get one of these birds or fish to an independent lab, because alot of the presentations in the dead animals are very like the symptoms being suffered by Gulf Coast Macondo Well survivors!!!

  2. this is too freaky… we need more info, and all of it accurate.

  3. It won’t be accurate if we accept the govt answers that’s for sure. I cannot believe how many “kills” are showing up all of a sudden all over the world! This is deeply disturbing… at the very core of my being… something wicked this way comes methinks….

    • This is deeply disturbing… at the very core of my being… something wicked this way comes methinks….

      My sentiments exactly Morgana !

  4. Corexit,
    Rady Ananda you must take a look in the Netherlands you can their find the Firm……….Did write a Dutch Beekeeper.
    I must have details on my computor.
    Best regards,

  5. Rooks by Shearwater

    When the rooks were laid in the piles
    By the sides of the road
    Crashing into the aerials
    Tangled in the laundry lines

    And gathered in a field
    They were burned in a feathering pyre
    With their cold black eyes

    When the swallows fell from the eaves
    And the gulls from the spires
    The starlings in millions
    Would feed on the ground where they lie

    The ambulance men said
    There’s nowhere to flee for your life
    So we stay inside
    And we’ll sleep until the world of man is paralyzed

    Oh the falconer awakes to the sound of the bells
    Overhead and southbound
    They are leaving his life
    And each empty cage just rings in his heart like a bell

    Underneath these cold stars
    In this trembling light and he cries
    Amen let their kingdom come tonight
    Let this dream be realized

  6. Rady – that was stunning! May I copy it out to keep in my journal?? where I love to keep beautiful things…

  7. Wow, that song turned out to be quite prophetic.. beautiful and sad. As is this one from long ago..

    My theory on the Wheeler murder was he knew what they were doing regarding the mass wildlife kill and they had him offed. I posted that theory on the day the news story broke because I read about his death as I was researching the dead birds before the Sorcha Faal release. I don’t know about that “entity”. Real or internet hoaxer? Anyway, the man had his fingers in so many DOD pies it’s hard to know why he was assassinated.
    As for the corexit, I think it’s responsible for the illness we’re experiencing in NJ. Nearly everyone I know has respiratory or stomach illness and they can’t seem to shake it. The chemtrailing has been non-stop for months now.

    AND, I haven’t seen anything lately about this but I do believe the gulf loop current is broken, causing the deep freeze in Europe as Simmons predicted before they had HIM offed..

    But what do I know. I’m just guessing like everyone else. There is one thing I do know and can feel it in the depths of my very soul. Something is about to happen on a very big scale. Can you feel it too?

  8. I love Marvin Gaye… thx for the tunage

    I’m tending to agree about Wheeler… but jeez, like you said, we can’t know if ANY of the info from certain sources is real.

    I just looked at the last four weeks of gulf stream data… it’s still active, but it’s warming up. sorry, I don’t have the link.

    something big? yeah, the masses are going to dismantle civilization and end this ecocide once and for all.

  9. yeah, JG — all of the die offs could be from chemtrails

  10. I’m surprised we haven’t had any die offs in NH with the chem trails. That was my first thought when I read about all the birds. The poisoning of fish though, not so much. But there is definitely something in the water everywhere. Toxic to fish, toxic to us. Water purification would seem like a necessity these days! Being on a well, I never worried about it, but me thinks it’s time to worry!

  11. Rady,
    i see aus is tagged as a die off spot?
    so tell me what died here as theres NO MSM mention I know of.
    closest to aus was the N fish,
    gulf stream has been known to slow down and stall in times past, ditto the euro sector,
    earths magnetic poles are shifting at 40km a year! wont help migratory birds but it wasnt the cause here, neither was fireworks.
    the crabs in the uk from extreme cold as it has happened before when the beaches are snowy, apparently this has occured at least 3 times, you know the last 3 warm snow free? bloody cold winters!!

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  13. Thanks Rady. Everyone else, we must ferret out what’s going on here somehow…yes, cold can kill this and that, but why, from New Year’s within one week, all these kills IN ONE WEEK????? It can’t JUST be cold, or fireworks, or any of the other cockamamie stories they are trying to circulate. Anyone?

  14. Morgana..fireworks? ridiculous BS

    Cold?.. no way. Thousands of birds dropping at the same time from cold?? How stupid do they think we are?
    HAARP & chemtrails cocktail?…HUGE possiblity. Oz sent me this link this morning..
    Now what do you think that strange anomaly could be?

  15. Rady; Same page as to the proffered explanations. Let me look at the link and I’ll be right back.

  16. Could be the magnetic shift…my sense is its bigger, more complicated, and perhaps an aggregation of some of these things. So far, though, the “experts” have failed to properly explain it. In one place, perhaps it was this or that, but all over the world? Give me a break.

  17. It’s the Military Industrial Complex with their HAARP and their chemtrailing that has screwed up the weather.. NOT global warming.

  18. Jerseyg: Is there more on this video investigation? I agree that it is NOT global climate change.

    • Sorry Morgana.. Here is Part II

      There are many articles & videos online regarding this weather controlling technology.

  19. Here’s a link for more detailed information on HAARP

  20. Did lot of YouTube HAARP watching yesterday…is there more scientific material somewhere?

  21. Morgana.. I inserted this link right under the HAARP video. But here it is again. It’s a very good place to start. Nick Begich is an expert on this subject.

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  23. Thanks ya’ll. I really think it is a combo of events, as hybrid reiterated. But as a rehabber, I know those physical presentations are toxic, but just which toxin(s) remains to be seen, or er, hidden, depending upon who is doing the PM’s.

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  26. Corexit Being Used On The East Coast ??
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Thursday, August 19, 2010 …

  27. Opps ! … Corexit Being Used On The East Coast ??
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Thursday, August 19, 2010 …

  28. Just sent Rady a map from USF about drifters set afloat on the Loop Current – if it is correct, they wouldn’t have needed to spray up the east coast, it drifted up on the Loop. Go to USF and search for Loop Current.

  29. I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

  30. Oil Spill Eater II There was a non toxic Alternative to clean up the spill that has been successfully tested by BP after 10 months of spill damages. The Coast Guard sent a letter from headquarters stating to the FOSC to take action with OSE II, and the EPA, Lisa Jackson stopped the Coast Guard from allowing BP from implementing OSE II. In fact the EPA stopped the application of OSE II 11 times denying State Senators direct request for use of OSE II from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. La Department of environmental requested the use of OSE II as well, EPA’s Sam Coleman denied their request without reason. Governor Jindal tried to get OSE II demonstrated on the Chandelier Islands on May 6, 2010, and the EPA stopped the Governor as well. The EPA in fact stopped the use of OSE II 11 times, without a reason given. Had the EPA allowed Governor Jindal to allow the demonstration of OSE II on May 6, 2010, it is possible a significant portion of the environmental damages, including the shorelines and the seafood industry would have been spared. The toxicty test comparison between OSE II and corexit really cannot be compared since with corexit, the label states it can cause red blood cells to burst, kidney, and liver problems if a chemical suit and respirator are not worn. OSE II in contrast can be used to wash your hands and is non toxic. The BP Deep Horizon spill has proven that corexit only sinks oil and causes the same oil to be addressed a second time when it comes ashore as under water plumes, or tar balls, while OSE II has a substantiated end point of converting oil to CO2 and water. See Coast Guard letter below

    U. S. Department
    of Homeland Security
    United States
    Coast Guard

    Commanding Officer 1 Chelsea Street
    U. S. Coast Guard New London, CT 06320
    Research and Development Center Staff Symbol: Contracting Office
    Phone: (860) 271-2807

    July 10, 2010

    OSEI Corporation
    P.O. Box 515429
    Dallas, TX 75251

    Attn: Steven Pedigo, President/Owner


    We are pleased to inform you that the initial screening of your White Paper submitted under Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) HSCG32-10-R-R00019 has been completed. It has been determined that your White Paper submission has a potential for benefit to the spill response effort.

    Your White Paper has been forwarded to the Deepwater Horizon Response Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) for further action under its authority. Subject to the constraints and needs of the ongoing oil spill response, you may be contacted by the FOSC or the responsible party.

    We appreciate your interest in supporting the Deepwater Horizon Response effort.

    Contracting Officer /s/
    USCG R&D Center

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