Zeitgeist: The Transition Begins

By Brett Mullins

“War, poverty, corruption, hunger, misery, human suffering will not change in a monetary system. That is, there will be very little significant change. It’s going to take the redesign of our culture and values and it has to be related to the resources of the earth.”Jacque Fresco

The above quote is an illustration of the ideas held by The Zeitgeist Movement and the Zeitgeist film series.  Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, the third installment in the series, by director Peter Joseph, will be released, globally, on January 15th.

The Zeitgeist idealism calls for a paradigm shift from the destructive nature of both society and culture. This nature is a manifestation of the effects of operating under a monetary system. The problems created by our current economic system are ultimately dictating society and culture, e.g., if there is no profit available in solving a problem, then the problem will often go unsolved within the context of our current system.

While the series offers its solution in the form of The Venus Project and a “resource based economy,” its genius stems from providing accessible information regarding the function and effects of the monetary system. Following the release of the second film, an unnamed PhD economist sent a letter to Peter Joseph concerning the information presented within the film: “While I always was cognizant about creation of money and the sale of government bonds, I have never stepped back far enough to see the larger issue, your film presented. I find it tremendously disturbing, that the creation of value through debt is indeed, by all formal logic, an imposed condition of deficiency and instigator of public servitude. I’m not sure what shocked me more, the fact that this is true, or the fact that after the many years education I have on the subject of economics this reality never even occurred to me.”

It stands to reason that if the application of monetary economics, which once improved the lives of people, now results in a rigid social structure held together by compounding debt, then it is an outmoted idea that will be replaced in search of a greater prosperity.

For more information about about Zeitgeist Moving Forward, including release dates: www.zeitgeistmovingforward.com.

For more information about The Zeitgeist Film Series and its history: www.zeitgeistmovie.com

For information on showings in local areas, refer to the Global Map. The film will be avaiable for viewing and download on January 15th.

3 responses to “Zeitgeist: The Transition Begins

  1. yes, and Planned Parenthood promotes abortion, but I still will assert my right to have an abortion.

    the NWO also promotes environmentalism now, but that does not mean we should stop protecting the earth

    I don’t agree with all the ideas in the Venus Project, but I do agree the technology should be free to everyone

  2. zeitgeist is based on fringe sources


  3. James Kush is a psychopath who believes Z1 is related to the zeitgeist movement.

    If you want an unbias source as to what zeitgeist movement is then watch this:

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