Giffords a Victim, Too, of Poor Healthcare

By Volaar

Gabrielle Giffords was not just the victim of the political invective present in the former United States of America; she was also the victim of a morally, ethically and economically bankrupt healthcare system.

Jared Loughner was a severely mentally ill individual, probably in a state of psychosis when he penned his salad of words for all to see on YouTube.

I have experience with this sort of mental illness.  Not that I couldn’t be wrong, confusing my family member’s mental illness as hammer in a world of unwitting nails, but to suggest that when Ronald Wilson Reagan opened up the wards of the mentally ill and emptied their contents onto American society in 1981, I foresaw this sort of tragedy befalling all of us.

When the mentally ill are left to experience the sort of isolation and alienation that any human left to fend for themselves would experience, they become angry and vulnerable to exploitation.

My family member hacked and slashed at me with a knife, completely out of their right mind and confusing my desire to get them the help they needed with the monsters who once pinned them down on a gurney and administered god-awful doses of electric current to their temples, followed by debilitating doses of pharmaceuticals that left a hole of psychopathy where once a human being had laid claim to existence.

Because of their sacrifice, many of us afflicted with mental illness can have productive, contented lives.

And also because of their sacrifice, the national security state knows precisely how to incapacitate any normal, healthy human being, turning them into a psychotic, dependent heap of neurons that will reach out to anything remotely resembling a friendly voice to receive instructions on how to stop their pain.

While we do not, and may not, know the identity of Jared’s “handler,” we can rest assured that any and all progressive “bright stars” will be similarly targeted by those willing to manipulate human mental illness to “achieve” the evil vision first manifested by the German Nazis and now made real by their American counterparts.

The visions of human grandeur first made manifest by John Fitzgerald Kennedy and snuffed out of existence by his assassins will continue to be suppressed.  If we choose his vision for ourselves, we must be willing to corner, shout down and subdue every fascist autocrat who crosses our path.  They must no longer be permitted to unify into the fetid mass insanity that they always become.

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