The fourth method of news suppression

By BrassCheck TV

There were a lot of gems in the Catherine Austin Fitts interview we posted last week. Here’s one that came [at the end of part 2 and beginning of part 3, in full below]. It’s too good to miss so we created this short excerpt.

Fitts explains the mechanism by which “inconvenient” facts that make it
passed the news censors get squashed… something she has personal direct experience being on the receiving end of.

You can bet that *this* piece of reality has never been – and will probably never
be – discussed in the mainstream news media. (Or, watch the full interview below.)


Below is the full interview, The Looting of America: A financial coup d’etat, from PrisonPlanet.TV:

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H.W. Bush Catherine Austin Fitts blows the whistle on how the financial terrorists have deliberately imploded the US economy and transferred gargantuan amounts of wealth offshore as a means of sacrificing the American middle class. Fitts documents how trillions of dollars went missing from government coffers in the 90’s and how she was personally targeted for exposing the fraud.

Fitts explains how every dollar of debt issued to service every war, building project, and government program since the American Revolution up to around 2 years ago – around $12 trillion – has been doubled again in just the last 18 months alone with the bank bailouts. “We’re literally witnessing the leveraged buyout of a country and that’s why I call it a financial coup d’état, and that’s what the bailout is for,” states Fitts.

Massive amounts of financial capital have been sucked out the United States and moved abroad, explains Fitts, ensuring that corporations have become more powerful than governments, changing the very structure of governance on the planet and ensuring we are ruled by private corporations. Pension and social security funds have also been stolen and moved offshore, leading to the end of fiscal responsibility and sovereignty as we know it.

3 responses to “The fourth method of news suppression

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  2. Thank you COTO2 for posting this. I’ve been hoping for years that Catherine Austin Fitts would tie it all together and explain, in her inimitable way, what’s been happening since 1997. Thank you Catherine! I love you!

    In part 1 of the full interview Ms. Fitts states that the vast number of mortgages originated in the US since 1996 were fraudulently induced because the bankers all knew that US jobs were being sent abroad and the borrowers would be losing their jobs & not able to continue paying their mortgages.

    In part 4 Fitts points to the databases of information about each citizen being centralized by Lockheed Martin and Dyncorp: health records, census info, finances, etc., including “accurate addresses,” comparing this to IBM’s role in assisting the Nazis implement the Holocaust.

    With all of the foreclosures happening, including unstoppable mistaken foreclosures (wrong house, due to transposed digits on the paperwork)……there are millions more displaced people, and growing exponentially daily. Was this planned for, or is this the fallout of the rolling up of the Ponzi scheme?

    One bizarre paradox is that the securitized loan documentation, the loan schedules for the majority of the mortgage-backed securities Trusts, don’t even have the addresses or names of the mortgagors on them, but just the zip code, city name, and payment history (which is often fabricated to create large amounts in fees, which forces people into default on purpose).

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