Martial Law Plans Revealed?

Oh, the rulers are so full of secrets, and just hate it when anyone exposes any of them… but here’s a good commentary on CONgress:

Couldna said it bettah mahself

9 responses to “Martial Law Plans Revealed?

  1. and it IS so lifelike isn;t it?

  2. boomerangcomesback

    What a crap load of shit do “officials” spew.

  3. Nothing like having a just and open system of government, where the leaders reflect the will of the people – transparency is the hallmark of this fine republic. Makes me so proud I want to paint my knees purple and gargle razor blades just to feel better.

  4. I’m with you CZ…it WAS lifelike, wasn’t it? How did he manage not to laugh?????

  5. this is a fake, why are you showing it as real news

  6. That is an Onion logo – The Onion, famous satire web site…this is fake

  7. Q/are we living in the last days of the united states as we currently know it? is martial law actually immenant? if so how does someone prepare and avoid all the riff/raff? thanks.

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