BP’s Corexit moves up Atlantic Seaboard, 100s of pelicans die

By various sources

Florida Times Union reports that over the past two months, hundreds of Eastern brown pelicans have washed ashore along Florida’s northeast coast. The North Carolina University (Wilmington) Seahawk newspaper reports that an “unprecedented” number has washed ashore in North Carolina.

Without providing photos, Seahawk claims all the birds died from being hacked to death, then speculated it was done by commercial fishing crews.  In Florida, however, “Cindy Mosling, co-founder of the Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary on Big Talbot Island, thinks chemicals in the water could be the culprit.”

Corexit breaks down oil, and the dead pelicans have lost all their naturally produced oil that is used to stay dry.  The birds are freezing to death. A Jacksonville TV station has posted a video explaining this.

BP’s drilling explosion in the Gulf of Mexico last April released up to 350 million gallons of oil, and then the eco-terrorists dumped over two million gallons (if not tens of millions more) of Corexit into the Gulf, sickening humans and causing an extinction level event that is ongoing.

Fuck you very much, BP, Obama, NOAA and EPA.  Nothing like killing the planet for your dead fuel profits.

Mass animal deaths are being continually updated here.

8 responses to “BP’s Corexit moves up Atlantic Seaboard, 100s of pelicans die

  1. Pelicans also eat fish … They have been washing ashore all along the east coast on many beaches … Thousands of dead fish floating in N.C. *PICS*
    To Mass Animal Death on Wednesday, January 19, 2011

  2. Corexit Being Used On The East Coast ??
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Thursday, August 19, 2010 …

  3. East Coast Beach sand anomilalies with black stuff — what is that foam in the water ? (Video)
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Sunday, October 10, 2010 …

  4. I is hard to believe the official number of dead wildlife that bp is putting out. I mean compare it to other smaller oil spills. Even spills where corexit wasn’t used cause it was banned, 1 part corexit, 12 parts oil – if not used in proper parts it becomes a hazard, says it on the table I thank.

  5. There is no doubt in my mind, anyways, that the Elixir of Death put out there by BP and Co. (as referenced in above article) has already long ago entered the weather cycle and is raining down on all of us. The food chain was a goner from day one. Biology is the bottom line, you can’t compromise with it, it doesn’t negotiate, and it doesn’t give a rats ass about perception management.

  6. Label not table, my bad hit wrong key.

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