Clinton, Biden Betray Obama Over Egypt; Kerry Likely To Take State Department

by Volaar

Washington insiders are chattering about Hillary Clinton’s duplicity in dealing with Obama and Mubarak’s long-time CIA friend, Frank Wisner.  Apparently, Hillary was offering support to Wisner as if the President supported her policy.  However, Obama’s several phone calls to the Middle East explaining his political stand on Egypt suggest otherwise.

Missing from the subtext of Hillary’s duplicity is the power play she has undertaken in what amounts to a vote of “no confidence” for Obama and his policies.  The drubbing the Administration took in the November elections, the President’s ineffective response to Republican aggression in Congress and his rumored issues with depression also galvanized Hillary to support her own ambitions at the expense of the Obama Presidency.

Senator John Kerry has signalled to the Administration that he would accept the nod to take over for Hillary at State. 

Before she goes, the President would be wise to weaken her and her husband politically before accepting her resignation.  Most certainly she plans to run against the President in 2012.

3 responses to “Clinton, Biden Betray Obama Over Egypt; Kerry Likely To Take State Department

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  2. I recommend two books :

    America’s Nazi Secret by John Loftus

    A Mosque in Munich by Ian Johnson

    These authors have internet sites.

    The first book gives lot of information about Frank Wisner Sr and the OPC. The following memo is very interesting :

    The second book mentions Frank Wisner Sr and is mostly about the introduction of islamism in the Occident.

  3. Kerry could take the position since the Democratic governor would guarantee an Democrat replacement.

    I appreciate this information. I just assumed that Wisner was speaking for Obama with the distance to be denied, plausibly;) If she did that, then she has to be fired. After all, she’s no General Macarthur and he got fired when he defied orders.

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