Dark Mountain Project to issue second book

By Dougald Hine and Paul Kingsnorth
Dark Mountain Project

We are the initiators of the Dark Mountain Project. Last year, with your help, we raised $6,140 to cover the publishing costs of Dark Mountain: Issue 1, our first book-length collection of essays, stories, poetry, conversations and art for living through times of global disruption.

A year later, we are in the final stages of putting together Issue 2. Once again, it will be a hardback book of around 250 pages, with contributions from writers ranging from familiar names to those appearing in print for the first time.

We’ve been blown away by the response to the first book. Looking at the drafts of Issue 2, we’re excited at bringing together something which continues and deepens the conversation, moving closer to the texture of people’s lives and out into the wilder edges of the kind of “Uncivilised” writing we called for in our manifesto.

The Book

Writing featured in Issue 2 will include:

  • Naomi Klein on the story of endless growth;
  • extracts from Jay Griffith’s new novel about the life of Frida Kahlo and Melanie Challenger’s forthcoming book on extinction and the modern mind;
  • new poetry from Mario Petrucci and Heathcote Williams;
  • fiction from Nick Hunt, Simon Lys and Antonio Dias;
  • a Canadian farmer’s reflections on place and belonging;
  • a rehabilitation of the Luddites on the 200th anniversary of their rising against the Machine;
  • a conversation with the poet Glyn Hughes;
  • Matt Szabo’s dissection of the dead language of “sustainability”;
  • and a recipe for Black Isle pheasant stew.

There’s also photography, woodcuts, illuminated poetry and free tracks from ‘Dark Mountain Music’, an EP by Australian band The General Assembly.

What We Need & What You Get

The Dark Mountain Project does not receive any external funding. As with Issue 1, we are working with Christian Brett at Bracketpress to design and publish the book. To cover his work and the publication costs, we are looking to raise £3,000 ($5,000) through pre-orders between now and the end of May.

This is not a call for donations – everyone who contributes will get a copy of the book as soon as it’s published. For $25, we’ll send a copy to you, wherever you are in the world. For $50, it will be a signed copy. And anyone who can pledge $100 will get a signed copy and have their name included in the roll of honour in the back of this issue.

Other Ways You Can Help

We’re grateful for any help you can give us in spreading the word about the book.

Here are some suggestions, in case they are relevant:

  • post a link to this page on your Facebook or Twitter;
  • write a post about Dark Mountain on your blog;
  • give us a mention in your organisation’s newsletter.

We are also available for interviews about the book and the project. You can contact us (about that or anything else) by posting a message here, or by emailing info AT dark-mountain DOT net.

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