A cold season for Assange

By Bob Row

The extradition of Julian Assange to be judged in Sweden sets the path to the end of what we can call the “romantic period” of cyber-activism. The dream of a perfectly transparent society, free from secretive diplomatic deals, where the people have ALL the data that can affect their lives is not a reachable one.

Since the Dreyfuss affair, the damage that secretive politics and deceptive information can do was exposed once and forever. Yet, attempts to end these practices have failed time and again.

When the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917, they denounced the secret pacts accorded by the Tsarist’s allies they found.  This brought to light the Sykes-Picot treaty between Great Britain and France to sort the territories taken from the Turkish Empire after the Great War ended.  It was clear, then, that Great Britain wouldn’t abide the promises issued both to Arabs and Jews. They planned to manipulate the aspirations of both peoples instead; and so they did. To expose the truth didn’t prevent British Empire officials from going ahead with their plan. Worse than that, the same Bolsheviks resorted to secret pacts when in need to gain a better position after Czechoslovakia was given to Hitler. So, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact contained the division of Poland in its hidden agenda.

Fifty years later, the Glasnot (transparency) policy of Gorbachev brought the Soviet society to collapse. When reality is awful, transparency may prove insurmountable.

The other aspect of transparency experienced by Assange was the ambiguous position still held by traditional media. The hugh amount of boring embassy reports he held demanded selection and context editing work before delivering. This, in turn, brought him in conflict with the newspapers he honored with the task. Editing can’t avoid opacity since every news desk has its own agenda. Paranoia is the other name of Transparency.

The final paradox of Assange’s pending imprisonment is — for all his paranoid obsession — he was possibly easily framed by a CIA agent woman in a hard-to-believe accusation of rape in the middle of consensual intercourse.  As the French say: cherchez la femme.

Also posted at Bob Row’s site, Gloria Mundi. Slight editing provided by Rady Ananda.

4 responses to “A cold season for Assange

  1. Hi, Rady! I’m glad you chose my post. Above all I’m grateful for your corrections to my broken English. I was in a hurry, but I couldn’t help and added some strange ideas I ruminated for a while. I can’t believe that I got the nerve to post it without a final revision. Thanks, again.

  2. I wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. Row as regards Assange. Time will out the truth, and that time will be whilst Assange et al. are appealing this ridiculous ruling. The only thing I can agree about is that he was framed, and very likely by one if not both, of these women. When the Empire wants the head of its enemy, it will stop at nothing to get said head, and a spike to mount it on at the Gates of the Empire to try and intimidate all who follow.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Morgana. I don’t know Mr. Assange in person; so, I didn’t wrote about his personality but about cyber-activism and transparency as the new Utopia. If I implied something it was that the pursue of transparency in politics brings a state of paranoia to society.
    If there is an Empire (and I believe there is) it’s not because some cabal’s conspiracy, but because society is composed of different social classes who watch after their interests in the form of a certain social order. Politics is the field where we all play the “game”. The problem is: the definition of the rules of that play is part of it; and transparency as a rule doesn’t seems to have many probabilities to become accepted as it brings the play to a paralysis.

  4. Sorry Bob, I have such a raw, visceral response to all of this! I agree with yu, but I think that the people can force the hand of Empire by using Gandhi’s techniques, the active non-participation, non-violent demonstration, ahimsa…I am sure you know the history there. We need to stop thinking, as a people, that we need anyone’s permission to live as we wish. Maybe I am naive and a dreamer, but I have seen it done, and if I am a dreamer, “I am not the only one.”

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