Gaddafi’s Private Plane, Loaded with Gold, Ready to Leave for Zimbabwe as Early as Tomorrow

By Tyler Durdin
Zero Hedge

The latest news from the should come as no surprise to those who know all too well that one can’t eat gold: “Gaddafi own private plane is loaded with gold bullion and lots of hard currency, mainly dollars, and is preparing to flee to Zimbabwe to stay there with his friend Robert Mugabe.”

Yet there is speculation that instead of pulling a Ben Ali, Gaddafi may pull a Hitler: “Earlier, one of Mr Gaddafi’s former ministers predicted the Libyan leader will follow in Adolf Hitler’s footsteps and commit suicide rather than give up power. Mustapha Abdeljalil, justice minister until he quit over the bloody crackdown on protesters, says he expects Mr Gaddafi to make good on his pledge to die on Libyan soil rather than slink into exile. “Gaddafi’s time is up. He is going to go like Hitler. He is going to commit suicide,” Mr Abdeljalil told Swedish media.”

In either case, we are skeptical that much of Libya’s oil infrastructure will survive the binary outcome. As a reminder, Libya had 143.8 tonnes of gold (or Tungsten as the case may be) as of December 31, per the WGC.

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In another article posted at Zero Hedge:

Germany Sends Three Warships To Libya

While the US navy is seriously starting to amass in the Persian Gulf region, it has left the Mediterranean and more importantly, the Libyan coastline unguarded. With concerns that Gaddafi will follow through with what we speculated on Monday was a Saddam-like “after me the flood” act and burn his oil facilities, this may not be the most prudent thing. Luckily, here comes Germany. According to Spiegel, Germany has sent three warships to Libya which may possibly get involved in a “military engagement.”

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7 responses to “Gaddafi’s Private Plane, Loaded with Gold, Ready to Leave for Zimbabwe as Early as Tomorrow

  1. Hey. Muammar – be our guest and follow Hitler, but know that your people are still giving you an honorable option, as they are honorable people: You can still leave in peace if you leave NOW>. FREE LIBYA!

  2. it’s codical: the silverwhite car, the grey umbrella, the green book, the blue dressed female bodyguards, the tent: mk knows the code.

    the quay deaf feet is a jedi knight gone totally wrong, due to absolute power.

    the united states constitution provides that no us head of state may hold power longer than eight years. an exception was made for fdr because of the grave world war two situation. but being 30 or 40 years continuously in power as head of state (moobark, quaydeaffeet) is unthinkable and impossible in the us, because it corrupts people. power corrupts people – because human nature is simply that.

    being unaware of it, though aware of the kvz, colonel muammar k. has poisened his own life and mind a long time ago. pity as it is, he’s already a dead man.

    the most valuable aspect of the us constitutional system lies in the adamant stipulation that every four years election must be held, thus providing the chance for change of political policy and the possibility of replacing the head of state in a legal orderly way. this is very essential and very necessary.

    it would be wise for morocco, algiers, tunesia, lybia, egypt, yemen, bahrein, saudi arabia if they were to adopt this us constitutional system. because it is the closest to perfection.

    eva surga.

  3. In reply to Eva. Are you suggesting that the Middle East should go over to corporatocracy with carney frontmen posing as politicians doing the real powers bidding. What’s happening there needs to spread to here

  4. i second that don.

  5. Gadoofy, Gaddafi Duck

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  7. Dr.Frankie Nwadike

    Why must Gaddafi ???
    Gaddafi must not die,,after all he worked very hard for libyans.I can admit that Libya is the only African country that the indigens doesn`t beg neither care much to travel out of Libya to seek white colar job.Gddafi need to rule Libya more because he merit it but the westerners would never allow good thing in Africa.They should declare exactly why they need Gaddafi death’ because as for me he deserves no death if the reason is only because he have ruled his people for long time,check around South America,North America,Asia and other parts of the world you will find other presidents who has ruled their people more than Gaddafi do.Why Europe and American interested in Africa so much?They are only interested on Libya`s GOLD and Sacks of dollar bills,Oil wells and more.If they are honest to set a good democracy in Libya,not by war and bomberdments is not like this,,I mean Gaddafi would have been given a mandate to leave instead rebels start shootong ramdomly on demonstration day, Government force must react and stand for defence.This is my first time to see UN supporting rebels instead of government,No wonder OBAMA is not perticipating on this as he surposed instead nicolas sakozy.A racist and black hater `Gaddafi has not the same record with SADDAM HUSSAIN unless if there is another hidden matter between Gaddafi and Sakazy. Gaddafi must not die.

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