Mainstream explanation links animal deaths, earth’s magnetic field


9 responses to “Mainstream explanation links animal deaths, earth’s magnetic field

  1. MUCH of what she says is true, but she fails to recognize the vast number of earthquakes in Arkansas – not just one on Jan. 1st. (See my article, Fracking the life out of Arkansas and beyond.) Plus, the mass bird and fish kill started Dec. 31.

    Also, if a change in the electromagnetic field can cause mass animal deaths, we also should ask HAARP wtf they’re up to.

    Finally, I specifically asked my oceanography professor if a reversal of earth’s magnetic poles (which she didn’t touch on, but which relates to her ideas) — that we are apparently undergoing — causes extinction spasms. The answer was there is no geologic evidence to support this theory.

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  3. Rady, re magnetic reversals and extinctions…have a chat to Robert Felix at
    he has a vastly different take on the above opinion, believing that the reversals offer both extinction events and new species emergence, and he seems to have the geologic evidence to support it.

  4. her pickup of solar lunar influence IS correct. ,Many of us damned as deniers:-) , well we DO deny the Gore/revell/holdren/strong Idiocy..
    I and others do NOT deny the weather pattern changes, we DO DENY that vital CO2 is the cause.
    we have been saying the sun HAS a direct bearing on not only the earths climate but the solar system in general.
    Piers Corbyn who has very good warnings that the mainstream fools choose to ignore, DID warn of the last 3 lousy winters Nth hem, he also warned of the Qld floods Both lots. the cyclones etc, also correct.
    now watch the calendar for the end on FEB to have more events, then mid March, end of march and also the end of April, earth lunar apogee.

  5. that’s from all the fracking

  6. First of all, it is apparent that she is reading text copy and has NO idea what the hell she is talking about. Any actor can do that (bad actor, anyway). Second, there is NO mention of pollutants. Third, there seems to be short shrift given to the natural sciences/biology/ethology. Finally, as Rady says, there is the issue of HAARP; chemtrails; the fact that marine mammals navigate by sonar, NOT only magnetic repeat (if at all).

    They (The BIG They) are going to an awful lot of trouble trying to convince everyone that things are NORMAL. They most certainly are not. This report was bullshit, in that it was useless, and obviously badly scripted in the hopes that, most people not close to animals or not knowin biology or other sciences, would just say, oh, cool, everything is OK.

    • right… it’s a bit of a whitewash. and the best psyops intersperses accurate info within the message that omits important info and/or adds a significant piece of disinfo.

      btw, I found my research. She reports one earthquake on jan. 1 (tho the mass fish and bird kill started the night before. Actually, “eight measured quakes within 40 miles of Beebe, and within 75 miles of Roseville, hit the area on December 30 thru several minutes past midnight on January 1st.”

      from my fracking piece:

  7. All I can do right now is throw my hands in the air and say “WTF?”…When ARE they going to realize that what we do to these ecosystems and flora and fauna, we do to ourselves???? It seems never.

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