Troopers Intimidation of Legislators in Wisconsin – Special Emergency Powers Legislation

By Jonathryn

The news from Wisconsin today is that Wisconsin State Troopers, under the direction of a political appointee of the Governor, are visiting the homes of legislators who are resisting the Governor’s deeply unpopular legislation. By what reckoning can an executive, using armed men in state uniforms, dictate a legislator’s prerogatives, or the prerogatives of a caucus of legislators? If you chose “brute force,” you answered correctly.

The extremely dubious provocation of sending State Troopers to legislators’ homes gives the impression that what the legislators are doing is illegal. It’s not. And by attempting to refocus the media on where the legislators live with their families and children, instead of the huge mass demonstrations at the capitol, it seeks to exert not only official, state-sanctioned physical intimidation of those legislators in the places where their spouses and children live. By bringing the legislators’ homes into the discussion it invites unofficial state-sanctioned violence in the form of people like Jared Lee Loughner, the man who brought a gun to a political event and injured fourteen people, including sitting congresswoman Gabreielle Giffords, and killed six others, including Chief U.S. District Court Judge John Roll.

“Oh no,” one might say, “we can’t know that Walker would even consider violence against his political opposition.” Well, actually, we do know that. In a telephone conversation with someone who identified himself as Conservative billionaire and campaign finacier David Koch, the ersatz Koch suggested using agents provocateur against the protesters in the state capitol, to create the false impression that State Troopers were necessary to storm the capitol, to which Walker replied that you know, well, they had thought of that, but there was just one problem: “You know, well, the only problem with that — because we thought about that. . . . My only fear would be if there’s a ruckus caused is that would scare the public into thinking maybe the governor has to settle to avoid all these problems.”

Yes, how DOES one get peasant’s blood off the carpet? “All these problems” are ever so bothersome.

Apparently, the only thing holding them back is not whether the men, women, and children exercising their first amendment rights to assemble and speak freely would be shot, clubbed, gassed, electrocuted with tasers; but that the optics of State Troopers storming the people’s capitol and clubbing children would be impolitic: “You know, well, the only problem . . . would be if there’s a ruckus caused is that would scare the public into thinking maybe the governor has to settle to avoid all these problems.”

And after all, what would be his disposition toward a dead or maimed opposition politician, if his attitude could be summed up as “what are a few dead peasants more or less?”

Any political operation that rounds up opposition legislators, props them at their seats, and forces them to vote at gunpoint in a Potemkin sham of a republican form of government, should be called what it is: fascist. Opposition legislators who would allow themselves to be so used, to create legitimacy in what would otherwise be rightly recognized as the farce it is, like stage props in a fore-ordained “legal proceeding” as legitimate as Saddam Hussein’s unanimous and unopposed election as President of Iraq.

William Shirer, a press correspondent in the 1930s, watched similar manipulations surrounding groundbreaking legislation called the Enabling Act (“Law for Removing the Distress of People and Government”):

The plan was deceptively simple and had the advantage of cloaking the seizure of absolute power in legality. The Reichstag would be asked to pass an “enabling act” conferring on Hitler’s cabinet exclusive legislative powers for four years. . . . How to obtain that majority was the main order of business at a cabinet meeting on March 15, 1934, the minutes of which were produced at Nuremberg. Part of the problem would be solved by the “absence” of the eighty-one Communist members of the Reichstag. Goering felt sure that the rest of the problem could be easily disposed of by “refusing admittance to a few Social Democrats.” . . . Yet one of them, Otto Wells, leader of the Social Democrats, a dozen of whose deputies had been “detained” by the police, rose,–amid the roar of the storm troopers outside yelling, “Full powers, or else!”—to defy the would-be dictator. Speaking quietly and with great dignity, Wells declared that the government might strip the Socialists of their power but it could never strip them of their honor.

The vote was held in the Opera House. The Special Emergency Powers Hitler was requesting was because he had directed the head of state security, Hermann Goerring, to burn down the parliamentary building, the Reichstag. Hitler was essentially forcing legislation to address a problem he himself had created.

First published in The Agonist

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  2. The protests have also brought to public attention the home address of people like the Governor, but I don’t see you complaining about that?

    If the legislators would perhaps get back to doing their job, we wouldn’t have this circus in the first place. Reminds me of when I was 4 years old and “ran away from home” because my parents wouldn’t get us a dog.

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  4. Why am I a fascist?

    • Actually, I criticized the state senators for not doing their job and you call me a fascist. I don’t think I misunderstood anything that the article says. I just don’t agree with it. We need to get the legislative process moving again, which means we need to get these senators back to work. If that’s being a fascist, I would disagree with you.

  5. I didn’t say anything to you until you incorrectly labeled me a fascist. The issues raised in the original article are overreaching, so I’m sorry if you think my responses are too cavalier. But comparing what’s going on to Nazi Germany is ridiculous. So is to suggest there is any brute force being used or invites violence ala Jared Loughner. And to want Senators to return to the state capitol also cannot be considered fascist thinking.

  6. Wow – I thought you were going to talk about what’s going on in Wisconsin. I’m surprised you didn’t also say that 9/11 was a conspiracy plot and that our government was involved in the destruction of the Twin Towers.

    If you really think that sending State Troopers to senators’ homes is akin to Nazi Germany, I suggest you brush up on your history.

  7. As part of your studies of WW2, have you ever visited Dachau?

    • Because if you had visited Dachau, then you’d see how there’s no comparison between Nazi Germany and what’s going on in Wisconsin.

  8. If you understood it, then you would realize that we live in a much better situation than what existed back then. That doesn’t mean that I am praising the current situation, but rather voicing an opinion that it is not comparable to Nazi Germany

  9. So the Enabling Act, which gave Hitler absolute power, is analogous to Wisconsin state troopers trying to get congress back to work? How? You seem more interested in applying labels to people and insulting them rather than discussing the issue. If you have some basis for how Wisconsin is similar to Nazi germany, I am all ears.

  10. I see. So you don’t like my cavalier response to the issues expounded in the article. I say that what’s happening in Wisconsin is not comparable to Nazi Germany. You disagree but your argument isn’t to discuss actual current events in Wisconsin but just to say I’m wrong simply because Wisconsin is within the US and therefore falls under the Patriot Act? Sorry, I thought we were discussing the merits of the original post, which implied that the current Wisconsin events were analogous to Nazi Germany.

    • It’s not analagous unless you can tell me what the Patriot Act has to do with Wisconsin state troopers trying to get state senators back to work. The doctor in your story has a reasonable basis for saying that the rash was related to the problem with her blood. I haven’t heard yet how the events in Wisconsin are related to the Patriot Act.

  11. Wow – that’s a lot of words without telling me how state troopers looking for senators is relevant to the Patriot Act.

    For the situation in Wisconsin to be systemic, that would mean that it actually pertains to the Patriot Act. I’ve asked you how the actions of the state troopers pertains to the PA but still waiting for a response.

  12. So without the Patriot Act the state troopers would have never gone looking for the senators?

  13. Wow.

  14. Unless you’re willing to explain how Wisconsin is systemic to the Patriot Act without just speaking in generalities

  15. I have no idea how you think you know what I’m assuming about the Constitution when we weren’t even talking about that. We were talking about how the actions of Wisconsin state troopers are analagous to Nazi Germany and/or the Patriot Act. But I understand that you don’t want to talk about specifics but rather just go on and on about who you think is “really” in control. Yikes.

  16. I see – my question now is not relevant. Asking how Nazi Germany is analogous to Wisconsin isn’t relevant in your opinion, yet that was one of the points made in the original article.

    • It’s not a game – your saying that talking about the relevance of Nazi Germany to Wisconsin state troopers is not relevant. If that’s what you think then you shouldn’t be commenting on this post, since that’s one of the topics of the original article.


    so true

    • Oh boy, the woman who thinks that the Wisconsin governor some how fabricated the budget deficit all by himself. Still wondering how you can think that Wisconsin doesn’t face a deficit in the billions.

      • So nothing that recently took place in Wisconsin recently makes it comparable to Nazi Germany. It’s simply similar to Nazi Germany because it’s within the borders of the US. That’s nice. It’s only a worn out question if you’d answer it with some specifics of what’s happening in Wisconsin recently and how that’s similar to Nazi Germany. But instead, according to your logic, every state in the US is similar to Nazi Germany no matter what their state troopers are doing. I’m glad it at least makes sense to you.

    • If Nazi Germany is relevant to Wisconsin, please tell me how.

  18. Ah Ha. The plot thickens. So now Wisconsin IS like Nazi Germany not only because it is within the borders of the United States but ALSO because Walker is using State Troopers to supposedly intimidate people. And Wisconsin MIGHT be like the EARLY days of Nazi Germany and it COULD turn into the full-fledged version of Hitler’s Reich even though it hasn’t yet. Hold on to your hat, Batman! even though right we don’t have any proof of intimidation or threats of violence. But you think just having State Troopers try to find missing senators who are holding up the legislative process and ask them to come back to work. Well that’s INTIMIDATION! Wow.

    And IF the stars and sun and moon align and I practice REAL HARD for the rest of my life, I MIGHT make the Senior PGA tour in another 10 years. Fingers crossed.

  19. If you hate the US so much, why don’t you leave?

    • Don’t forget – I’m also a fascist! I’m worried though that you like to talk about other peoples’ urin (sp) and excrement and now sucking koch. My question about leaving was an honest one. If I were you and were so worried about what this country has turned into, I’d pack my bags and leave rather than stay here in the United States of Nazi-ism.

  20. I doubt that anyone has kissed your ass. And I certainly don’t want to be the first. Have a nice day.

  21. I haven’t missed anything even though you can’t spell metaphors. Your fantasies about our country as comparable to Nazi Germany are humorous as well as meritless. You feel like such a tough guy, eh? Telling people to kiss your ass and suck on somebody’s koch? Makes you feel real powerful? When does Nurse Ratched come to give you your meds?

  22. Hmm. Now you’re ranting about some other topic. I hope Nurse Ratched comes soon with those meds. In the meantime, don’t forget to stock your basement with canned food and ammo for your guns.

  23. You have no topic, just one incoherent unsupported rant after another. What’s next? You say dealing with me is a waste of your time yet you seem obsessed with debating me.

  24. Blah, blah, blah. Why do you continue ranting at me when you said you don’t have time for it?

  25. You spend lots of time trying to rake me over the coals even though you say it’s a waste of your time. Why is that?

  26. Miss your conspiracy theory rantings? No. And PS – it’s the “Elevators” (plural). Go back to your basement compound.

  27. I wrote the original post. Looks like you two need to find a room. That bit about Ronald Reagan at Bitburg is prescient. Did you hear that the Reagan Library burned down? Both books were lost and one wasn’t even colored in yet.

  28. Nah, “Die Gedanken Sind Frei!” as they say. I commented to someone that it was interesting where the conversation went. But you can see the drift of where things are going in Wisconsin. Walker’s bad-faith negotiations and serial dishonesty. The Democrats’ sheer incompetence. There’s a guy gets up on MSNBC all the time and still calls the bill what Walker wants him to call it–the “budget repair bill.” If the budget were a boat and Walker and Fitzgerald were running around drilling holes in the hull, would they call it a “boat repair bill?” The Democrats should be calling it “Walker’s Job-Killing Corporate War on Taxpayers and Workers.” In-fucking-competent.

  29. Asking teachers to contribute the same amount of their paycheck for retirement and healthcare as the private sector employees pay is hardly a coup. Suggesting that union dues don’t automatically come out of your paycheck also is hardly a coup. These things would not be disasters, they would be improvements. Most federal employees do not have collective bargaining. How did the Wisconsin teachers get such a great deal? Under one collective bargaining agreement, Milwaukee teachers get a supplemental pension of 4% of their salary without having to contribute anything. How did the union negotiate where the school district contributes the entire premium for medical? You guessed it. So rather than continue with deals we can no longer afford, it will certainly be a “coup” if we can get these deals restructured.

  30. I’m sorry Sanity, but you appear to be a sponge for right wing talking points. First, uncritically soak them up, then squeeze them out again.

    Firstly, the Republicans blew up the state budget by giving millions in tax breaks to millionaires and out of state corporations. If the budget were a boat, Walker and Fitzgerald have been drilling holes in the hull and blaming teachers, fire fighters, cops, and anyone except the real culprits. It is a form of wealth redistribution to the wealthy and class warfare.

    Secondly, teachers contribute 100 percent–let’s make that clear–ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the funds for their pensions. When Walker says it’s time for them to contribute more, what that means is that he wants to take money from the pensions which are made up of 100 percent of what teachers paid into them, and give that money to corporations in the form of tax cuts. Two thirds of corporations operating in Wisconsin pay no taxes, Zero taxes. None. Take a look at your couch. Go on. Take a look. The spare change in that couch is more money than what those corporations pay in taxes. Less than the taxes a single teacher in the state of Wisconsin pays. But that teacher actually has to work for a living to pay those taxes.

    Furthermore, when people living in Wisconsin have jobs that pay for their health care, and make it affordable to have a family and live in a house they can afford, that’s not unfair. That doesn’t hurt anybody. The fact that private sector workers have been taking it on the chin from employers doesn’t make it okay. And instead of comparing union public sector workers to private sector workers, it should be the other way around. How much richer would Wisconsin be if the private sector workers had effective, working pensions? How many of them would have avoided bankruptcies and foreclosures if they had health and disability insurance? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a raise? The boss seems to have gotten one. Every year. For the past twenty years. Guess where it came from? The next logical argument from your side might be, why can’t everyone work for what Chinese prison laborers get?

    • Jay – the State’s budget forecast for the next two years was already a budget deficit in the billions before Walker even took office. So please don’t say that it’s Republicans that blew up the budget.

      • A recitation of talking points doesn’t constitute responding or discussing issues. Let’s see,
        1. WSJ reports record revenues, profits for corporations from layoffs.
        2. WI state budget forecasts a deficit.
        4. Ooops–we have budget problem. The problem is, we gave the state budget away in the form of TAX BREAKS FOR CORPORATIONS AND MILLIONAIRES! Whatever shall we do? I know . . . .
        5. RAISE TAXES ON STATE WORKERS by reducing their pay and benefits.

        • Jay – the projected deficit done by the state finance group was done back in November before Walker got into office and showed a two year deficit for 2011 to 2013 in the billions. Have you read that report?

          • Did someone say deficits?


            Did someone say surpluses?


          • You didn’t answer my question.

          • Have you read the transcripts of Walker’s telephone conversations with political donors over the issue of no-bid contracts for state infrastructure where he sells state power plants for $1? I remind you ma’am, that you’re testifying before a court of public opinion! Just answer the question!

          • Are you trying to deflect the question and/or change topics? I asked if you read the state’s November 2010 budget report which showed that the 2011-2013 fiscal state was a deficit in the multiple billions of dollars.

          • What part of it do you want to discuss? Show it to me.


            Budget deficit in the billions. Is Walker responsible for that?

          • Yes. He is responsible for it. He is the Governor. He had this report. He submitted a budget that made the deficit worse, not better, by GIVING MILLIONS IN TAX BREAKS TO CORPORATIONS AND BILLIONAIRES!

            there would be a surplus.

        • Really? What was his answer? I find it so amusing that you waste so much of your time calling me stupid and a shill. You really don’t have anything better to do? To use Jay’s analogy, the boat already had a huge hole in it before Walker got into office. If you disagree with that, then maybe explain why you disagree with the November 2010 report done by the state’s finance/budget committee.

    • How can you say that Walker blew up the budget when he wasn’t even in office yet and Wisconsin was already facing a deficit in the billions for 2011-2013?

  31. Maybe if the Democrats had shown up for work over the past few weeks, then nothing would have been voted on without them.

  32. Once again you can’t respond or discuss the issues.

    • More gobbly-gook. You post video’s which talk about Wisconsin’s issues and I raise the topic of union members getting sweat-heart deals relative to what I pay for retirement and healthcare, and you choose not to discuss it. Instead, you just say “Aha! you proved my point” and say I am a dupe/shill. Is that how you talk to your wife and kids too? Geez. Maybe you really do live in a cave and don’t interact with other people in person so you can’t have a normal conversation. Instead just call people stupid that you disagree with.

  33. Yup, you don’t want to discuss union benefit packages so instead let’s talk about central banking system! I’m telling ya, send me your address and I will mail you a one-way ticket to any country you want to move to. Because in your mind they all must be better than here!

  34. The deficit over the next two years is a cumulative $1.5 billion even before Walker does anything

  35. Jay,

    Wisconsin’s deficit over the next two years was already projected to be in the billions before Walker even took office. To claim he is responsible for that is dishonest

  36. Have I thought of what forum I speak to? Of course. I don’t give a rats ass what you think is “your home”. Your home is a fallacy.

    You ask me “what the fuck” I am doing here? What I am doing here is showing that you are a total shill. Just someone who changes the subject and can’t back up his words.

    You say that I am wasting your time yet you continue to fight me with big words which don’t mean much. When asked to speak specifics you just change the subject and speak in generalizations. How is Wisconsin like Nazi Germany? Because it is part of the United States. What is the problem with asking teachers to contribute to their retirement and healthcare costs? Because of the central bank.

    So you can keep saying that I am wasting your time yet you keep coming back. You’ll probably tell me to suck some more koch. And it’s probably your fantasy. Since you brought it up and not me.

    My offer for that one way ticket is still good. How about Munich? That trip to Dachau would do you good. Get you out of your bomb shelter.

  37. To spell it out for you, you are shit and I am Charmin. Toilet paper cleans up the shit and the germs that it spreads.

  38. Ah, so now I am part of Hitler’s group. You are one stupid fuck who clearly fantasizes about suck on my cock. AND you can’t spell because I doubt you got past grammar school. Unless they have a GED class in Nurse Ratched’s sanitorium.

    • It’s the central bank…it’s Wisconsin!!…it’s the Constitution!!…I’m crazy!!! I just need somebody to suck my dick! My name is Hybridrogue1!!!

  39. And BTW – you think this is YOUR website. Well this website was provided to you by that FASCIST government of the United States which you criticize so much. If you are so upset about OUR FASCIST GOVERNMENT, THEN GET THE FUCK OFF OF SOMETHING THAT THE GOVERNMENT CREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You remind me of Jack Nicholson from “A Few Good Men”.
    What a hack.



  42. That’s the best you can do? SUCK MY DICK BECAUSE I KNOW YOU CRAVE COCK!

  43. Top floor of a villa my ass. If you hate this government them stop using its Internet!

    • You are a hypocrite. You hate the government so much but you use its products. You are a joke.

  44. You’re a fucking joke

  45. It’s all because of Patriot Act and the workings of the central bank. Ha ha ha.

    “Have you even thought of what forum you speak to?”

    Ha ha ha. The forum is delusional. You are like the Wizard of Oz. All powerful hiding behind a curtain but in real life you’re a joke.

    • You’re the real Willy Whitten? The famous artist? Great. I feel so honored to meet a celebrity.
      ~Frank Capone

      • financial services

      • How can an artist be such a nut with crazy conspiracy theories? I’m still good for that one way plane ticket – just tell me where to mail it and where you want to go. If you hate this government so much I’ll help you go someplace that isn’t FASCIST-nation. AAAAAHHHH!!! We live in fascist land. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! The sky is falling.

  46. The caps and the hollering is a sense that one is not sane? I guess I could say the same of one who cavalierly throws around terms like Fascist, asks if others are “of the Tribe”, and tells others to go and suck some koch.

    • No I don’t see it as an antiseptic comment. Rather further proof you are a moron.

      • Antiseptic was a typo as my iPhone has an auto correct and didn’t recognize antisemitic. Tough guy telling me to fuck off. Ooh I am SO SCARED!

      • Hey Willy Wanker – tell me when and where your next art show is and I can meet you in person to see if you’re really ad crazy as what you write

      • Blackbelt? Even better. When and where is your next art show?

  47. Read the comments. People who went to their library and got an original copy of the book say that the reference isn’t there.

    Do you have an original copy?

    • You’re a joke to post tripe like that in the first place

    • You’re right I don’t know what is in the original. But that is not the point. You are a gullible moron who accepts things at face value rather than doing thorough research

  48. Only someone as stupid as you would say that if only Walker hadn’t give tax breaks to people we’d have a surplus in Wisconsin. Only a moron like you would ignore the massive deficit faced by the state before he took office.

  49. Now I am a racketeer! You are such a mind reader without meeting someone. Willy Wanker we love you! I try to correct your comment about Wisconsin’s supposed surplus and you start talking about the nation’s bankruptcy. Even though there IS no US and only northcom, hardy har har! If it was all the ponzi scheme then you wouldn’t be talking about surpluses because they would have no meaning. You’re nuts Mr. Wanker!

  50. Surpluses are a stage show yet you insist Wisconsin has one. You are insane!

  51. So you lied when you said you lost interest for this back and forth?

  52. Ooh, brick of dog shit. Sooo scary Mr. Wanker! I am shaking!

    • Extreme? It’s called sarcasm. And calling you a Wanker or a Tosser isn’t meant to scare you. I’ll visit Jekyll after you return from Dachau.

      I’m still waiting to hear where your next art show will be.

  53. Sorry Wanker, I would like to believe you but I know you’ll keep coming back with your bullshit theories. C’mon monkey boy, stop lying with your false adieus

  54. Heeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaaaaack!

  55. So much for goodbyes

  56. Who’s crying? I just wish you’d make up your mind. Leave like you keep saying you are or stay and continue with your psychobabble bullshit. Ok monkey boy?

  57. Who’s painting this as a Democrat or Republican issue? That’s another example that your head is mush, Mr. Wanker of the Willy. But hey, you just believe whatever you read on the Internet, anyways.

  58. You are REALLY REALLY REALLY nuts if you think that a book published prior to 2001 has a 9/11 reference in it.

  59. No, my link was to a university professor. Yours was to some conspiracy site. There are plenty of other professors and scientists who have written similar pieces debunking the 9/11 myths. How come you like to fantasize about my dick?