Libyan Revolution Enters Critical Phase – the Battle for Tripoli

France grants official recognition to rebel Libyan National Council Mar 10
Official from French president’s office says France will send ambassador to Benghazi and receive Libyan envoy in Paris; announcement follows meet between Sarkozy and officials from Libyan National Council.
Battles rage over Libyan cities Mar 10 08:03 GMT
Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi pound Az-Zawiyah and Ras Lanuf as world debates imposition of a no-fly zone.
New air raids hit Libyan oil city Mar 9 23:37 GMT
Strategic city of Ras Lanuf comes under heavy shelling by government forces, with reports of deaths and injuries. Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have launched new air raids on the oil city of Ras Lanuf and are closing in on the western town of Az Zawiyah. See video at article
Founding statement of the Interim Transitional National Council
The Council emphasised that the most important role is the one played by the youth. They were the base of foundation of the revolution and the focal power for the Libyan to reach where they stand today to be able to demand the termination of the dictatorial regime. 7:40pm March 9 The Libyan regime has offered a nearly $500,000 bounty for the capture of the chairman of the opposition National Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, according to state TV.
Arab Countries May Back No-Fly Zone for Libya Within Days, Ambassador Says Mar 9 12:01 EST
The Arab League feels a “sense of urgency” over violence in Libya and may call this week for a no-fly zone to shield civilians and rebels from further attacks by Muammar Qaddafi’s forces, the Arab League’s ambassador in Washington said.
Libya oil tanks seen as ‘time bomb’ Mar 9 11:02 GMT
Desperate Gaddafi might hit oil facilities in an attempt to fend off encroaching rebels, sparking a human catastrophe.


Rebels set demands for Gaddafi exit Mar 8 19:00 GMT
Head of Libyan rebels tells Al Jazeera Gaddafi “will not be pursued” if he quits within 72 hours and ends the fighting.
Obama treads carefully on Libya and rebuffs pressure 9:55 EST
The White House pushed back on Monday against rising pressure from some lawmakers for direct intervention in Libya, saying it first wanted to figure out what various military options could achieve.
From Aljazeera Live Blog Mar 7 10:21pm (Libyan time +2 GMT) A polticial activist told Al Jazeera that eight people were killed and more than 20 wounded in Az Zawiayh. He said today’s attacks on the city were the fiercest so far. He said government forces cannot retake the city because the vast majority of the residents are supporting the rebels.
Libyan forces strike back at rebels Mar 7 20:49 GMT

Opposition fighters ask for help to fend off fierce counterattacks by Gaddafi loyalists aiming to retake lost towns.
Libyan Fighting Resembles a Civil War Mar 7 17:15 GMT
Libya fighting resembles civil war Mar 7 17:51 GMT
As Gaddafi’s forces move east in bid to push back rebels and recapture fallen towns, the battle looks set to intensify.
No-fly build-up focuses on Malta Mar 7 17:41 GMT
Military preparations for possible intervention in Libya centres on Mediterranean island.
Gunfire erupts in Libyan capital
Heavy shooting reported in Tripoli, as protests against Muammar Gaddafi’s more than 41-year-old rule continue.
Gaddafi’s men launch counterattack Mar 6 17:20 GMT
Government forces try to retake rebel-held towns along the coast amid reports of shooting in the capital, Tripoli.
Libya rebels repel Gaddafi forces Mar 5 19:52 GMT
More than 30 people killed as opposition fighters force back government troops in western town of Az Zawiyah.
Gaddafi: Fighting for survival?
The investigation is seen as a way to pressure Gaddafi loyalists to defect … but will ICC involvement make the Libyan leader respect human rights or will he just fight harder to avoid prosecution?
Gaddafi fights to regain control Mar 5 07:21 GMT
Embattled Libyan leader launches military and diplomatic offensive in a bid to cling to power as rebels
Fighting rages in Libya’s east Mar 5 0:13 GMT

At least 30 civilians killed after Gaddafi loyalists try to retake rebel-held town of Az Zawiyah, witnesses say.
Libya’s Rebels Reclaim Another Oil Hub in a Day of Clashes Mar 5 3:15 GMT
Libyan rebels pushed their front lines westward to Ras Lanuf, an oil port about halfway to the capital from opposition-stronghold Benghazi, as forces loyal to Muammar Qaddafi used tear gas and gunfire to suppress protests in Tripoli.
Italy Could Lose the Most in Libya Unrest Mar 4
With Libya in turmoil and Colonel Qaddafi clinging to power, no country has more at stake than Italy, which finds itself in its most complicated diplomatic position in decades, pulled between its commitment to NATO and human rights and its scramble to protect its investments in a country that has once again become a pariah.
Venezuela says Libya OKs Chavez mediation pla Mar 5 3:25 GMT
Moammar Gadhafi’s government has authorized Venezuela to select countries for an effort to mediate an end to Libya’s crisis and to coordinate the effort, Venezuela’s foreign minister said Friday.
Libyan rebels, Gaddafi forces battle for oil sites Mar 4 4:23 GMT

AL-UQAYLA, Libya, March 4 (Reuters) – Libyan rebels prepared for further attacks by forces loyal to leader Muammar Gaddafi on Friday as both sides struggled for control of a strategic coast road and oil industry facilities.
Libya Rebels Snub Chavez Mediation, Press on Against Qaddafi Mar 4 42 GMT:
Obama says Gaddafi must leave Mar 3 23:53 GMT
US president says he is keeping all options, including military, available to respond to the Libyan crisis.
Evidence of Libya torture emerges Mar 1 23:01
As the opposition roots through prisons, fresh evidence emerges of the government’s use of torture.
Libyan rebels foil attack on Brega Mar 3 2:50 GMT
Untrained fighters defend key oil port against ground and air attack, as Gaddafi loyalists beaten back
Battle rages over Libyan oil port Mar 2 16:12 GMT
The Libyan air force has bombed Brega as fighting between pro-Gaddafi forces and opponents continued
Libyan rebel army prepares for war Mar 2 5:34 GMT
Ragtag units gather and organise themselves to march on the capital, Tripoli, still under Gaddafi’s control.
Top powers split over Libya options Mar 1 20:50 GMT
Russia and France caution against moves to use the military option against Gaddafi.
Gaddafi in bid to reassert control Mar 1 17:31 GMT

Libyan leader dispatches troops to areas in the western part of the country amid mounting pressure from Western leaders
Libyan rebel leaders organising for attack-captain Mar 1 5:35 GMT
AJDABIYAH, Libya, March 1 (Reuters) – Libyan army units which have rebelled against Muammar Gaddafi are organising under a unified council to launch an attack against forces still loyal to the leader, a rebel officer said on Tuesday.
Libyan oil output ‘cut 50 per cent’ Mar 2 1:18 GMT
Industry in chaos as international energy companies scramble to evacuate their staff.
Hillary Clinton: US “Must” Consider Using Military Action in Libya Feb 28
The United States must consider military action in Libya if Muammar Qadhafi’s regime keeps killing people, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday.
Officers Defecting to People’s Revolution Aljazeera Live Blog: Mar 1 1:47 GMT
I, Brigadier Dawood Issa Al Qafsi, declare that I join the Feb 17 revolution. With me are officers, non commissioned officers and soldiers in the Armed Forces units in Ajdabia, Braiga, Bisher, Ogaila, Sultan and Zwaitina … Glory to the martyrs of the revolution … We announce that we join the Libyan Military Council formed in Benghazi.
US repositioning forces around Libya-Pentagon Feb 28
“We have planners working and various contingency plans and I think it’s safe to say as part of that we’re repositioning forces to be able to provide for that flexibility once decisions are made…
The price of war: Gaddafi’s mercenaries paraded at gunpoint as rebels continue to seize Libyan cities Feb 28 23:02 GMT

Clinton urges Gaddafi to step down Feb 28 17:39 GMT
US secretary of state says Gaddafi’s government must be held to account as EU approves new sanctions against Libya.
Protesters march in Tripoli Feb 28 18:06 GMT
A witness said demonstrators quickly dispersed once a brigade of pro-Gaddafi fighters rushed to the scene.
Gaddafi aide ‘to talk to rivals’ Feb 28 18:31 GMT
Move comes even as Libyan opposition sees no room for negotiation with the regime.
Libya rebels, worried they’re outmatched, delay Tripoli push Feb 27

Military commanders in liberated eastern Libya said that while they’re eager to wrest control of the capital…they believe his personal forces are better equipped and trained than their newly cobbled together Libyan People’s Army.
Libya protesters control Zawiyah 02/27 17:23 GMT
Tanks have surrounded Libyan city as residents brace for raid by pro-Gaddafi forces at any moment. Aljazeera
Defiant Gaddafi confined to Tripoli 02/27 17:30 GMT

Libyan leader continues to blame foreigners and al-Qaeda for the unrest that is threatening his 41-year rule.
19:18 GMT Free Ulema – Libya, a network “of some of Libya’s most senior and most respected Muslim Religious Scholars …” have released a press statement “endorsing and supporting the sequence of Declarations of the Revolution of February 17th, 2011…”
Libyan transitional council formed Feb 27 19:24 GMT

Libyan protest leaders have established a transitional “national council” in cities seized from Muammar Gaddafi, as world leaders call on him to quit and protesters close in on Tripoli.
Libya ‘lacks chemical arms ability’ Feb 27 18:12 GMT

Libya retains deadly mustard gas but has no weapons to deliver it, watchdog enforcing a ban on chemical weapons says.
Inside Gaddafi’s inner circle Feb 27 23:36 GMT

A look at the people Muammar Gaddafi relies on to entrench his rule and to remain in power in Libya.
Tunis PM Announces His Resignation Feb 27 18:38 GMT
Mohammed Ghannouchi says he will step down following deaths during anti-government protests.
UN Council slaps sanctions on Libya’s Gadhafi, Refers Case to International Court Feb 27 18:10 GMT
Clinton: US ready to aid to Libyan opposition Feb 27 2:10 pm EDT
Chaos in Libya stirs global panic over oil supplies; Uncertainty could last weeks, even months Feb 27 2:17 EDT
Libya’s revolution headquarters Feb 27 6:36 GMT

Benghazi, the de facto capital of the opposition, is where much of anti-Gaddafi actions are co-ordinated and executed.
Expats flee chaotic Libya en masse Feb 27 1:06 GMT
Thousands camp outside Tripoli’s airport for days on little more than bread and water in the hope of leaving.

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