Global Protests & Uprisings Map: Time-Lapse Video

By SwampPost

December 18 to March 7, 2011, this little video is a time-lapse series of maps marking major uprisings and protests around the world during that period. The maps are on my blog and this was a by-product.

Obviously, not every protest in the world is represented here, but it is arguably to scale. Mostly, it looks like a virus and that’s cool.

The piano snippet is from a song called The Waltz, composed and performed by a Venice Beach artist named Jourdan Stephens.

5 responses to “Global Protests & Uprisings Map: Time-Lapse Video

  1. WTF…Is there something going on in the world?

    It’s interesting how the media are focused on the protests in the Arab world but that doesn’t even make for half of what’s going on across the world.

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  3. Reminds me of the Andromeda Strain and the way it replicated itself! Way cool. SO, why aren’t we hearing about ALL of these protests me wonders?? Me knows…

  4. What do the different colors of the signs represent in the video? Is there a color key I’m missing somewhere?

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