What Libertarians and Progressives have in common

PressTV interview with Journalist and Blogger David DeGraw

Libertarians know and hate the Federal Reserve. They hate Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan. But they are not willing to go to the poor people who are being forced to pay for the crimes of those people that they hate because it’s a union or because there may be some Democrats involved in it.  Libertarians and progressives can find common ground, but at this point still they are refusing to step back and concede a little bit to find it. They have to come together on campaign finance and lobbying and most importantly they can come together on breaking up the banks.

As revolutionary protests continue in the Middle East and back in the states Press TV picked up with David DeGraw of ampedstaus.com.

In this interview Journalist and Blogger David DeGraw of ampedstaus.com shares his insights on the decentralizing revolutionaries and group anonymous who has helped him host his website after being attacked perpetually.

Press TV: Welcome to On the Edge. Yes, there are revolutions all over the world: Europe, America and Asia. A lot of people don’t understand what’s happening in Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio in America is a push back against the kleptocrats. It is the same thing we are seeing in Cairo and around the world. Joining me right now from Long Island, New York to talk to us about his perspective is Journalist and Blogger, David DeGraw at ampedstatus.com. David DeGraw welcome back to On the Edge.

DeGraw: Thank you Max, it’s great to be back with you.

Press TV: Alright, David before I get into your big news we had you on the show a few months ago and you called for a revolution. The revolution is happening right now. We just got back from Cairo. It’s in the streets. What are your thoughts?

DeGraw: Max, what we are seeing is basically a decentralized global rebellion against neo-liberal economic policies. These are the same economic policies that have been destroying the United States for the past few years. [These are the same economic policies that] have been destroying much of the developing and 3rd world through the few past decades since the end of WWII when the IMF World Bank came about. So what we are witnessing-and it is against the Federal Reserve as well, you know the Federal Reserve had their quantitative easy policies which caused a rush in the commodity market and obviously raised the food prices and the gas prices. This is a global rebellion.

People don’t seem to get the fact that we live in a global economy. There is this neo-liberal centrally planned aristocracy that runs that global economy. We are in the midst of a world-wide economic war right now. It is a straight up economic war with genocidal economic policies, which of course is going to lead to mass rebellions. The people in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and the early protests that happened in Europe, these people might not realize that they are rebelling against centrally planned economic policies. Many of them do, but many of them also don’t. But this is what we are witnessing; this is what’s happening.

Press TV: Alright, so you make the distinction between centralization and decentralization. A lot of people believe the US is not a centralized command and control style economy and yet at the Federal Reserve level it definitely is. It is a command and control type soviet era communist society where prices are fixed by a few guys in Washington versus as you point out the decentralized resistance; the decentralized revolutionaries. When I was in Cairo I asked everybody who is leading this revolution and the answer of course was nobody. It’s a decentralized revolution.

DeGraw: It’s millions of people fighting for survival against genocidal economic policies. They are fighting for survival. They don’t need a leader. They need to feed their families is what they need to do.

Press TV: Right, and they have this tool now; the internet. The social network gangs are allowing this decentralized revolution to take place. Can you talk a little bit about the technology side of things and how you see that involving? Is there a way for the centralized planners to fight back against the decentralization we find in the technology and social networking?

DeGraw: Right, and you have been a big supporter Max in the role that social media plays. So have I. But I think the way the social media is framed is off a bit because you have to look at the internet, and social media as one weapon you have in your arsenal. You know there are jets, tanks and laser-guided missiles. Social media on the internet is one of the weapons that people have. If you look at the powers that are central planners such a Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan, they are moving in on this space. Goldman Sachs just cut a deal with face book to be a major shareholder on face book and J.P Morgan is moving to be a major shareholder of twitter.

The people in Tunisia and Egypt who are rebelling against their dictators are rebelling against Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan because it’s the IMF that gave those companies free reign over their economy. So you can’t rely on face book and twitter even though it’s an amazing tool for organizing and has been essential in this. But those avenues of weapons are already being co-opted by Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan. That is why I have spent the last three months intensively developing an independent social network that I have up on ampedstatus right now. It’s in the beginning early stages but we need independent platforms that are not going to be co-opted by people like Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan as face book and twitter are being right now.

Press TV: So ampedstatus could be a competitor to face book or twitter in the sense that it offers the same toolset except it’s not being invested in by the Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgans of the world, but let’s talk about something you are going to be announcing on this show or I guess talking about it for the first time–talking about social networking, and talking about the decentralization of the internet and the capability of the decentralization and anonymity that the internet offers. Tell us about this relationship you have cooking with this group called anonymous?

DeGraw: I’ve been reporting on these revolutions and I have been calling for revolution. My site has been continually attacked and knocked offline. The last time I was attacked it knocked out an entire RSP network, which took down hundreds of other sites. So the hosting country we had was no longer interested in hosting us at all. So I was really in a situation where I had to come up with 2000 dollars a month to host a website, which of course I’m rubbing nickels together over here.

I’m not going to come up with that money. So I had some people come up to me anonymously and they offered to host my site, and helped me develop the social network. I don’t know exactly who these people are but I know they have come to my aid and our aid and they have been excellent. I have nothing but good things to say about them whoever they may be.

Press TV: So this is the group “anonymous” that we have been hearing about lately. They were involved in a couple of other campaigns when PayPal was taking the contributions to WikiLeaks offline and anonymous attacked PayPal and they attacked Amazon and attacked other financial intermediaries. So they are becoming a force of vigilante justice on the internet. Anonymous has taken you under its wing and offered you technological services to allow you to build your alternative social networking of resistance and network of protest. You don’t know anything about them, but they are allowing you to scale up and beef up your operations on the technology side without being attacked by the denial of service attacks and these other forms of cyber attacks correct?

DeGraw: Yes that is correct. I must stress though that I honestly don’t know who they are. They part of the proposition is a little scary. But like I said they have done nothing but helpful thing so you know. I have much gratitude for them.

Press TV: There are a couple of groups that are emerging that are big players who have no real identifiable leader. I’m thinking of course of zerohedge.com and nobody knows who runs zerohedge.com and nobody knows who runs anonymous. So these are groups who have to offer vigilante justice when the absence of having any truce social justice now that the UK and US are in the clutches of the kleptocrats. Talk a little bit about anonymous and their targeting of the coke brothers who factor in this Wisconsin story.

Governor Scott Walker is in bed with the Koch brothers and the kleptocrats and he’s gone to war with the peasants. Now explain to me why the peasants in Wisconsin are dividing themselves by calling themselves either union or non-union. They are either with the left or with the right. Why can’t they figure out they are all peasants and it’s a peasant revolt and they need to attack the monarch? What is it that the people in Wisconsin don’t get that the people in Cairo and Tripoli and these other countries seem to understand now?

DeGraw: Max, this is why I particularly love the work you and Stacy do because it seems like very few people understand what’s happening here. They really don’t get it; even very smart people. From personal experience, I can tell you this okay. When it became obvious that QE2 was going to be announced and it was going to happen. I went to the most prominent and progressive intellectuals and journalists. I said to them you have to own this issue and also many news editors. I said get this issue.

This quantitative easing policy is vicious and it’s almost genocidal, and it’s going to cause tens of millions of people to not be able to afford food. This is just disastrous. It’s going to devalue the dollar. People are already lining up at Wal-Marts trying to get bread and eggs. The ramifications world-wide are going to be drastic. Their progressive end took the position that they were going to ignore it basically because people like Sarah Palin were against it. So this left versus right and Republican-Democrat-it even kills independent media. The same thing is now happening in Wisconsin because now I went to a bunch of libertarians and I said look I know you don’t like anything to do with government, and there is a massive deficient problem and you don’t like the unions. I get it okay.

But you have to step back and understand that libertarians know and they hate the Federal Reserve. They hate Gold Sachs and J.P Morgan. But they are not willing to go to the poor people who are being forced to pay for the crimes of those people that they hate because it’s a union or because there may be some democrats involved in it. The libertarians and progressives can find common ground, but at this point still they are refusing to step back and concede a little bit to find the common ground. Libertarians and progressives have to come together on campaign finance and lobbying and most importantly they can come together on breaking up the banks. Why aren’t they doing this?

This is ridiculous that they are not coming together to break up the banks. They are not coming together to say look at the problem in Wisconsin. You have a budget deficit there of 1.5 billion dollars. Let’s take one person like Hank Paulson was central to destroying the US economy – he is worth one billion dollars on his own, that we know about; he probably has at least that much in off shore accounts as well. Just like you seized Mubarak’s assets, seize Hank Paulson’s assets, take that money and you could wipe out the entire Wisconsin budget. This is what people need to understand.

We did a project with what we call the financial terrorism cards; we did the top 52 cards. Let’s seize all their assets and we’ll wipe out the entire deficit.

Press TV: You mentioned Sarah Palin and a couple of other type people, the libertarians and the progressives – All of these groups at their leadership positions, for example the Tea party etc; and I include Scott Walker; they are all in the employ of the Koch brothers and other industrialists who are gaming the system by committing acts of kleptocratic fraud on a daily basis, but again the question is – In Wisconsin, what’s needed is a regime change, in other words it’s not a political problem that needs a political solution; it’s a tyrannical problem that needs a revolution. So why can’t the people of Wisconsin simply understand they need a regime change? Or, the alternative is that they continue sliding down a slippery toward indentured servitude and living as peasants?

DeGraw: First of all, mainstream media in the US is the most efficient weapon of mass oppression, the propaganda system is so extensive. You know, people are very confused; they don’t really grasp what’s happening. On a very basic and profound level, they understand that global banks have robbed the country.

They get that, but you know, there’s so much divide and conquer rhetoric and it goes from mainstream media and it filters all the way down to independent media because in the US we have a system of incentives in place. If you think a certain way, you will be paid very handsomely to think that way and appear on the media.

And it goes all the way down to the most independent news sites because I’ve worked in independent news for almost a decade now and I’ve seen it first hand – If you engage in partisan politics; if you say that the Democrats are to blame for something, or the Republicans are to blame for everything, and you focus on partisan attacks your independent news organization will be funded by political operations and partisan foundations.

The second you step away from that as I have done. I said you know this is a two-party oligopoly; it’s divide and conquer – we have to stop with the Democrat republican rhetoric. The second I did that I lost all funding. No one wants to fund the person who says both parties are to blame.

Press TV: I just came back from Beirut where they stages an anti-sectarianism demonstration because of the longstanding tradition of keeping the government divided along sectarian lines – similar to the US – they keep this left right paradigm going as a way to confuse the population and to lord over them; it’s not democratic in any sense of the word. But tell us about the A99 operation Empire State rebellion. What’s going on here?

DeGraw: Max, this long report I wrote basically went viral; you picked it up; people at zero hedge picked it up and about 100 other sites. And one section of the report was entitled the Empire State Rebellion. Basically what I did was pour over the statistics and as a leading indicator for the rebellions we’ve seen throughout the world is food prices. Federal Reserve as a matter of strategic delivered policy is going to drive up food prices as they have been doing. I look at the people who are currently on food stamps in the US, which are 44 million people on food stamps right now, and then I broke down that data and I figured out that there are 5 million people on food stamps that are a short bus ride from the stock exchange on Wall Street.

So I said, could you imagine if just one million people decided that they wanted to go down to Wall Street and have our own little (Tahrir) Cairo Square down there? How would that play out in the global media? How would a million people clogging lower Manhattan’s financial district play out in global media? And if we came down there and said, “We’re not leaving until we have commitments from you to break up the banks and the campaign finance racket.”

Press TV: What made Egypt (massive public demonstrations) successful was that they didn’t leave until Mubarak stepped down. So if this empire State rebellion is going to work, you’ve got to pick somebody (a leader) and say we’re not leaving until that person steps down and you have to be willing to stay there until the demands are met. Do you think that Americans are going to be able to tear themselves away…?

DeGraw: I understand what you’re saying and you’re thinking ‘could that really happen in America?’ Let me just go over some quick statistics – 59 million people without healthcare insurance, 52 million people living in poverty, 44 million on food stamps, 30 million people unemployed, 7 million property foreclosures, 5 million homes over 60 days behind in their mortgage payments.

On top of that, student debt has exploded to almost one trillion dollars, credit card debt average at $800; the highest most sever inequality of wealth we’ve ever had; unlimited campaign spending; budget cuts for the poor, tax breaks for the rich. This is the ultimate recipe for revolution.

Press TV: I get it. The numbers are a phenomenally impressive display of how kleptocracy destroys a citizenship. Let’s talk about Wisconsin and Scott Walker – he was on tape caught colluding, via a prank call, at least he thought he was colluding with David Koch of the Koch brothers – an impeachable offense; if this were the 1970s he would have been impeached.

DeGraw: Well that’s everyday stuff it’s so corrupted.

Press TV: Why can’t they say we want Scott Walker to go? – You’ve got to go for scalps; you can’t just go for opinion. If you want to win an ideological debate you’ve got to take people out of office.

DeGraw: Right. Look at Obama, he’s using his Egyptian playbook in Wisconsin, coming out in support of the people and then he works behind the scenes to undermine them. But when he comes out and supports the people and Democrats support the people then all the Republicans and the libertarians say ‘hey, wait a sec, we’re not down with this’. So it’s a matter of finding that place where you can overcome that divide and conquer propaganda. And where we can find that place is on Wall Street and breaking up the banks.

Press TV: Yes but you’ve got to pick a guy like Lloyd Blankfind or Jamie Diamond, we’re not leaving until these guys step down. But I want to move onto another country – We’ve just had an election in Ireland and you’ve written about Ireland on your site. They replaced the Fianna Fail government that’s been there for decades with a new government Fine Gael promised to renegotiate the (country’s) loans with the IMF. Within 48 hours of being elected they’ve stepped away from that promise and they’re going to continue to do what Fianna Foil did, it was a complete slap in the face to the Irish people.

Is Ireland going to be the country to pick up the revolutionary ball? – Forget about America for a second, I don’t think they’ve got the cojones yet to do what needs to be done – but in Ireland will the Irish people step up to the plate and demand a regime change? – A peaceful mass or aggregation of one or two million people to stand in Dublin and say that we’re not leaving until you get rid of this bum, this liar, and stay until this new government goes. What is the problem there? They had their wealth stolen from them – their entire government officials are crooked…

DeGraw: A lot of this comes down to survival. It’s really just a matter of time before these things escalate. People need to eat – it comes down to something that simple. Economic central plan is to control the global economy through the IMF and World Bank and Federal Reserve. They are committed to sentencing tens of millions of people to a slow death through economic policy.

And obviously those people, as time goes by, they’re going to fight back because they’re fighting to survive.

Time is on our side in terms of toppling the despots, I mean, you and I are ready to go and make it happen today, you know… But as people continue to suffer – and America is just coming up now because they’re starting to see that they’re getting their pensions cut, their salaries cut, their health benefits cut; Americans are just starting to feel it personally.

America has 239 million people living paycheck to paycheck right now. Food prices have gone up, oil’s gone up, everything’s going up and these people aren’t going to be able to make ends meet.

And it’s the same everywhere. It’s global policy whether it’s Ireland, the US, Egypt, Greece; people are going to fight back because the economic central planners have become ‘so’ arrogant and they’re committed to continue to live like they’re living in a world extreme weather, declining resources – its’ so arrogant.


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