Video Maps Spread of Radioactivity in Real Time

By Dr. Gerhard Wotawa
Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG)
(Wien, Austria)

Starting from March 15, this video map shows the movement of Iodine-131, a highly radioactive isotope, from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. To see a global video of the spread of Cesium-137, visit ZAMG and scroll to bottom of page.

NOTE: Because the video can’t be resized to fit article column width without losing motion (or rather, I don’t know how to do it), scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the map. (H/T Coalition of the Obvious)

Also see US Radiation Monitoring Map in Real Time ~ Ed.

From English translation (pdf):

Accident in the Japanese NPP Fukushima: Spread of Radioactivity

Weather in the crisis region

Currently, northwesterly upper-level winds predominate in the crisis region. Surface winds also predominantly come from northwesterly directions. Precipitation is limited to the areas upstream (north-western coast). Tomorrow night, winds are shifting to the south-west. In both cases, air from the reactors is predominately transported to the open sea.

Dispersion modelling

Dispersion model results currently show that the plume spreads towards the ocean. Currently, the plume expands towards the south-east (see images below). Later, the plume will start moving towards the north-west (see animated images). Populated areas outside the immediate crisis area are currently not directly hit.

Radiation data/CTBTO

The CTBTO station in Takasaki/Gunma in Japan was recording the detection of numerous radionuclides. Analysis, however, shows that the measurements published yesterday were accidentally contaminated in the handling. This contamination was caused by a plume of radioactivity getting into the station building while the filter was in the detector. The radionuclides detected are correct, but the time reference and concentration is wrong. This problem is solved as soon as the first contaminated filter gets analysed. We will make available these data as soon as they come in.

ZAMG will not answer any questions related to travel in Japan or in other parts of the world, since this is the responsibility of national radiation protection authorities. Travel advisories and warnings are available from your foreign ministry. In Austria, such advisories are available on

This information is updated daily, and whenever the development of the situation requires it.

Plume spread from Fukushima/Permanent Release/Iodine-131


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6 responses to “Video Maps Spread of Radioactivity in Real Time

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  2. Radioactive Xenon (Xe-133) NOW widespread from #Fukushima See: and #radiation #Hawaii

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  4. oh man….. cannot even think what to say……

  5. Wow, look at the amount of disinformation! Yet another conspiracy theorist who claims the end is nigh and that RADIATION IS BAD, DURRRRRRRRR. Here, have an article by a nuclear physicist:

    You’re exposed to more radiation sitting in front of your computer writing this nonsense than you are being exposed to Fukushima or Chernobyl.

    You guys aren’t for the truth. You’re Greenie Liberals claiming to be for justice, when in reality, you profit off scares and scams and the public fawns over you because they don’t know better.

    Yes, there’s been talk of geoengineering, but it’s impossible. HAARP’s shut down now because they ran out of money. What’s funny is that you guys are either skeptical or supportive of CAGW yet turn around and say the US military – and only them, oddly – are controlling the weather.

    What’s really, really funny is that you’re able to say this freely. Gotta love free speech! And you gotta love the complete lack of scientific knowledge over here. Try Watts Up With That. You’ll have fun.

    Only hippies think the world’s ending.

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