Canada ousts PM Harper

Opposition topples Canadian government

A no-confidence vote succeeded in triggering Canada’s 4th election in 7 years and the ousting of PM Stephen Harper

By Rob Gillies
Associated Press (Salon)

Opposition parties toppled Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government in a no confidence vote, triggering Canada’s fourth election in seven years.

The opposition parties held the Conservative government in contempt of Parliament on Friday for failing to disclose the full financial details of his tougher crime legislation, corporate tax cuts and plans to purchase stealth fighter jets.

The vote, which will force the election probably on May 2, was 156-to-145.

Opinion polls project Harper’s Conservative Party to win re-election but not a majority, meaning he likely will to continue to govern with a minority in Parliament, dependent on opposition votes to stay afloat.

But in the latest twist, there is a chance the left-of-center parties might join forces in a coalition.

4 responses to “Canada ousts PM Harper

  1. I envy parliamentary systems, tho I understand why our Founder’s opted for stability. But that very rigidity and resistance to change no longer works very well today.

  2. Problem is, the prick’s liable to get back in with a majority. It might be from the frying pan into the fire. I guess it’ll take time to detect if the odor isn’t fishy.

  3. ww – its “in lieu” now lue or lou 🙂 sorry, couldn’t resist.

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