The Power of ‘No’: Freefolk refuse Nazi checkpoint in the US

By 4409

Here’s what happens when citizens assert their Constitutional rights and refuse an unconstitutional search of their vehicle while traveling in the United States. If more people say no to fascism, this nation would live up to its tag line, “Land of the Free.”

6 responses to “The Power of ‘No’: Freefolk refuse Nazi checkpoint in the US

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  2. WOW real americans !!! and i thought they were extinct !!! when the US State dept. secretly brought to the country former head of the east german STASI (staats sicherheits dienst,the communist version of the GESTAPO) Markus Wolf,mass murderer,torturer and infamous über-psychopath,gave him a house in palm beach,$1million annual salary to be the main consultant for the DHS ! (+$1m salary from CFR,to oversee “sovietization” of the US).i grew up right by the berlin wall and i tell ya unless you real americans get with the programme right fucking now,your children will wake up homeless,as slaves in the goulagh,what do you think the “civilian inmate labour programme” is & why are entire passages of the patriot act identical to the 1929 communist criminal act ? i could go on forever

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  4. notice her nazi mustache?

  5. After he asked “did you want to take off”, did he stop the detainment?

  6. Fuckin’ A, man!

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