Riot police break up campus party with sound cannon, tear gas

Mass Arrests, Tear Gas, Sound Weapons used Against WIU Students

By Reality TV

At Western Illinois University last week, police broke up the annual campus block party with LRADs, piercing the eardrums of partying students. Journalists were threatened with arrest for daring to video the police. University president Alfred Goldfarb is responsible for bringing this action against the student body. Student journalist Julio Rausseo reviews video footage and recounts the abuses:

H/T BrasscheckTV

4 responses to “Riot police break up campus party with sound cannon, tear gas

  1. sounds like a staged demonstration for non-lethal weapons manufacturers,trying to impress the arab regimes to spend their devalued oil dollars on this stuff to quell the unrest which was financed,staged and directed by the intelligence community and facebook which in turn are in bed with the non-lethal weapons manufacturers and while at it show those college kids what will happen if they would ever consider stepping out of line , must have gotten a nice pay-off from the DHS for his unwavering co-operation.

  2. Remember Kent State – did they REALLY need DHS Stormtroopers to break up a student party!??????!

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  4. American democracy at work. Looks like video from Bahrain. We have abandoned even the pretense of being a free country. I would like to find any mainstream media coverage of this travesty. Maybe Al Jazeera would like to do a piece on it. It seems to be the only major news station that you can trust these days.

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