The Chemtrail Song: A Plane Trail of Deadly Deception

By Trillion, featuring Luca

Be sure to see Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri’s latest article, Radiation & Chemtrail Assault: Additional Support for Your Immune System (Part 2). ~ Ed.


(it’s a bird it’s a plane it’s…)
…chemtrails another fully blown lie
“if we don’t stop global warming then we surely gon die”
but the government claims, they’re all Contrails,
but the con trails on for too long beyond vales
everyone can see aero-spray clear as day
what goes up, must come down – theorists say
it’s falling down – it truly is, we taste and smell it
trace elements collated – scientific debates develop
base elements it’s evident – aluminum oxide
and barium – prevalent – a million crops die
it dissolves in water but dehydrates the rain
wrecks immune systems, heart, lungs and dilates the brain
Aluminum ingestion – stands next beside
ethylene dibromide – a banned pesticide
other mysterious substances analyzed in residues
sticky microscopic polymer fibers in septic brews
highly toxic biohazard pathogens and funguses
Operation Clover Leaf – bad luck and one to miss
asthma, allergies, pneumonia and bronchitis
now breathing is detrimental for long life bliss
cos they spray

poison thru the sky, to poison you an i…

who paints out blue skies with white masks and lies
canopies and grids with flights paths in lines
this criss cross won’t make you JUMP JUMP
it will make your lungs slump…

everyones acting a little nutty tonight
they were sprayed in the day like its something they like
I dont wanna be right but they got Luca
my lungs froze up Im in a doped up stupor
still I caught a thought woke up pig shitty
now I see why they got us huddled up in big cities
depopulation control, they had to make it so
but take it slow, 80% in case you didnt know.
but I guess you would have never expected it
how often do you look up and think about anything? connect it, your visions limited
they’re playing tic tac toe in the sky this shits livid
Ive never been discredited looks its blow back
ready to go like aerosolized prozac
mayday mayday theyre kickin our ass like Pele,
I dont give a f what they say cos they spray

poison thru the sky, to poison you an i…

one day down it rained with a brownish goo
and the whole town came down with flu
is the intention to weaken the population?
and why is NATO so deep in the operation?
in a decade the US claim they’ll own the weather
to be used in warfare or unknown endeavours
radio waves are powered as heaters
at the ionosphere across thousands of metres
to temperatures of fifty thousand degrees
inducing huge storms and droughts as they please
mass destruction – taking away liberties
are we in denial or comatosed state
welcome to the trial to own your own fate
minds and bodies are under attack
how many other creatures have run into the trap?
these hazy lines poison the entire food chain
‘they’re harmless’ is the bribed science new claim
they lie now about chemtrails above
but time will soon hammer in them nails of love
…it’s time to teach the youth
how to make a new paradigm of peace and truth
we can resist mosts pathogens with boosted immunity
averting bio-warfare let loose in the community


H/T Forbidden Knowledge TV

30 responses to “The Chemtrail Song: A Plane Trail of Deadly Deception

  1. If you can con a gullible person into thinking a contrail cannot last longer than a few minutes, then you can tell him anything.

    This is why those that think chemtrails are real cannot answer the physics questions about them. Why?

  2. So, what’s your million-dollar physics question?

  3. Gullibility’s not contagious. You either have it or you don’t. Nothing here to see keep moving. Everythings alright, go back to sleep

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  5. I ask the same as Thalassarche – what’s your million dollar physics question(s)?

  6. 1. If a contrail can been seen as long as 100-200+ miles, how much would the chemicals weigh?

    2. Why can’t water vapor stay frozen for several hours in -50 temps?

    3. If chemtrails are dispensed at 29K-50K, how far would the jet stream take them before they hit the ground?

    4. If chemtrails are dispensed at 35K at X concentration, what would the concentration be if it fell to the ground after being blown 100 miles?

    5. How are those responsible for chemtrails immune to their effects?

    I have many more, but I’m sure there will be few answers to these.

    Verity, why do those that seek the truth ignore those that may have it if it disagrees with his or her own beliefs?

  7. You’re not quite the scholar after all, are you? For sheer meaninglessness, your first question takes the prize. Find a Barnum & Bailey article to comment on, and you’ll be on topic.
    Questions 2 and 5 could be mistaken for having substance. The answer to Question 2 is that the water does stay frozen, but rapidly sublimes. As to Question 5, consider the history of gas warfare: those deploying the toxic medium ensure that they first develop and equip themselves with adequate means of protection, often including the antidote.
    Have you got any serious questions?

    • On reflection, it’s worthwhile to address Question 2 much more fully.

      Let’s start with ordinary jet aircraft condensation trails. Water emerges from an aircraft jet engine exhaust in the gaseous state – water vapour. If the ambient temperature is above 0 degrees celcius (typical at altitudes below 2,500 metres), the water quickly condenses to liquid water, forming a condensation trail which is not visible from the ground. The condensation trail first becomes visible when the aircraft enters air colder than 0 degrees celcius. Then the tiny droplets of condensed water freeze, becoming visible as ice crystals. However, especially at the lower atmospheric pressures found at higher altitudes, the ice crystals rapidly sublime, i.e. make a phase transition from solid to gas without passing through the liquid state. For confirmation, refer to the phase diagram for water in a physical chemistry text.

      The situation changes if aerosol particles – submicrometre metal or salt particles, for example – are present. Aerosols are solids which remain suspended in a gas. This is so because the particles are so small that molecular effects between the particles and the carrier gas are more significant than gravitational effects acting on the particles. Hence the particles remain suspended. This is a well known effect with many well established technical applications, e.g. in the application of paints and adhesives.

      Aerosol particles deployed from aircraft may be visible directly, as for example when marker trails of carbon black (very finely divided graphite) are placed by military aircraft – which is a well documented example.

      The visibility of such aerosol trails greatly increases in freezing conditions. Under such conditions, the aerosol particles provide centres of nucleation for the condensing water vapour, resulting in ice-jacketed particles. The ice present in an ice-jacketed particle behaves differently to ice formed from the freezing of a droplet of condensed water. Interface effects, especially metal interfaces, exercise very substantial stabilising effects which can greatly reduce the rate of sublimation. These surface effects find many technical uses in catalysis.

      What is the effect of reducing the rate of sublimation? That means that the visible trail persists for longer – perhaps much longer – than an ordinary condensation trail would. Therefore, if a condensation trail persists for many minutes or hours, that is an indication that the frozen condensed water has been stablilised by interaction with an aerosol. If at the same time and in the same airspace some aircraft are leaving ordinary short-lived condensation trails and others flying at comparable altitudes are leaving much more enduring condensation trails, one may infer that the aircraft leaving the more enduring trails are simultaneously deploying an aerosol.

      One important question which occupies us is what kinds of aerosols are being deployed. Another important question is how these operations, conducted on a massive scale, are financed and operated.

      • “Aerosol particles deployed from aircraft may be visible directly, as for example when marker trails of carbon black (very finely divided graphite) are placed by military aircraft – which is a well documented example.”

        Can I see some of this well-documented data? I am interested in seeing how “carbon black” would be used as any marking device. I work with carbon black and I have never seen any “graphite” in it. Maybe you have a different version.

    • “For sheer meaninglessness, your first question takes the prize. ” = If you cannot answer it, then try personal attacks. It makes you seem that the question is the problem, not the lack of an answer. Hint: Chemicals have weight.

      2. Your answer left out humidity. Humidity is the main variable in how long a contrail will last. If you knew this, you wouldn’t have had such a long half-answer.

      3-5. No answer. Maybe the answer would cause one to doubt your faith? Better to leave unanswered than to cause doubt.

      • Let me put it this way: If an aircraft flies 5,000 kilometres, how much does the aircraft weigh? Hint: aircraft have weight. Do you begin to see why your question 1 is absurd?

        High humidity, which is present only in the troposphere (i.e. below about 2,000 metres and, more typically, close to the ground), can indeed result in visible condensation forming in wingtip vortices. The effect is due to the sudden reduction in pressure. That phase diagram is coming back to haunt you after all. But a jet aircraft cruising at an altitude of 10,000 metres (at which altitude, as you point out, the temperature is around -50 degrees celcius) you may rest assured that the humidity is always extremely low. If you don’t like my long answer, go back to the short one: because the frozen water quickly sublimes.

        I’m afraid that your questions 3 and 4 really are absurd as your question 1.

        If you take the trouble to read my first, shorter response, you will find that your question 5 was answered.

        I made no attack upon your person. I merely observed, upon the evidence of the content of your questions, that you can scarcely be credited as having the knowledge you represent yourself as possessing. I’m sorry for having bruised your self-esteem.

        • “High humidity, which is present only in the troposphere (i.e. below about 2,000 metres”

          According to any soundings report, you can have high humidity well above 10000m.

          If chemicals have weight, and at the dispersal rate to be visible visible at 30-40K, and to be sprayed for a period to last from horizon to horizon, what would be that weight? Keep in mind that the plane would also need to be empty of passengers, not file a flight plan, and not have a transponder turned on to fit into your theory.

          Id it is a passenger commercial flight, have a transponder, or file a plight plan, then it is tracked on If it is tracked, then it can be proven not to be a chemtrail plane.

          So, it is tracked or is it not? Well, download the flightaware app on your IPhone and see for yourself.

          Let me know what you see. I have been able to ID 20 planes a day when the humidity and pressure are ripe for lasting contrails. Check any Appleman chart for help. Also check any weather soundings report you wish.

          Prove me wrong.

  8. You don’t have the truth, You’ve closed your mind off to any other possibilities. You appear to grasp for convenient explanations. What did you think? That you can come on here and dispel what’s being postulated like it’s so much quackery. Believe what you may, that’s your prerogative. The general consensus here is that something’s rotten in Rome and this is a symptom. If you think that everybody or anybody is going to fold over and mutter “yes suh massa, we’s sorry for the error of our ways” because you don’t believe that geo engineering exists, you picked the wrong site. Most on here don’t believe or disbelieve. We’re looking and so far, what we see is leading to an inescapable conclusion. It’s called maintain an open mind, you’ve shut yourself off from that.

    • “You’ve closed your mind off to any other possibilities. ” = If it fails basic physics, why would I WANT to believe it?

      “The general consensus here is that something’s rotten in Rome and this is a symptom.” = Actually, most CTists have a hatred/blind fear of govt. They will believe anything that coincides with it.

      “Most on here don’t believe or disbelieve. ” = Actually, most (if not all) believe in a wide variety of CTs. Have yet to see a “non-believer” here.

      “It’s called maintain an open mind, you’ve shut yourself off from that.” = As I said before, if it violates physics, how am I supposed to have an open mind?

  9. Brilliant response. Someone’s done their homework

  10. Wellll, not much more to add to this, is there. Then there was the airplain at high altitude yesterday, which produced NO con/chem trail(s) whatsoever. Hemmmmm.

    • “Then there was the airplain (sic) at high altitude yesterday, which produced NO con/chem trail(s) whatsoever. ”

      I guess low humidity? How many planes were in the area? Did any of them produce a contrail? Do “they” only happen to spray on very humid conditions?

      Maybe you should use flight websites ( to validate your theories. It seems with all the flight data available, CTists would want to know who, what, and where the plane is.

  11. @IEAffiliates: It was a VERY humid day. Sorry about the typo. Anyway, it was the only plane that I noticed (and I always watch to see what type of trail they are leaving behind) that left NOTHING behind. It was very warm, humid, with t-storms all around the area. But when that plane went by, the sky was sunny with cumulus here and there. Sorry, i haven’t the time to watch Maybe you can do it for me huh?

  12. Thank you for posting Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri’s latest article, so much important information.

    Ieaffiliates, the skies are filled with barium, aluminum and other pathogens and the air we breathe is causing significant health problems.

    The jets turn the spray on an off, blotting out what was once a blue sky.

    • Thanks for posting the video. It’s a very good documentary resource. I’m afraid that IEA is just a paid troll. I probably shouldn’t have fed him.

    • “the skies are filled with barium, aluminum and other pathogens ” Source? Please tell me you testing methods. Hint: a CT website is not a source.

      You notice the video shows the plane in a cloud area (high humidity) left a lasting contrail. When it flew into a dryer area, teh contrail tailed off? Maybe the pilot knew he was flying into a dry patch and “turned it off”.

      Funny how you pick and choose the evidence you wish, yet cannot see the facts before you.

    • “The jets turn the spray on an off, blotting out what was once a blue sky.”

      Flying from humid air to arid air is not “turning it on and off.”

      “the skies are filled with barium, aluminum and other pathogens and the air we breathe is causing significant health problems.”
      It seems EPA doesn’t agree with you. Are they in on it as well? Who else is in on it? Because nobody believes you. Other than the 1% of CTists that cover this topic.

  13. Yea, I was beginning to suspect that myself. Great video. See this all the time up here. And that’s esactly what they do – obliterate the sunshine.

  14. Just another denier. They seem to be popping up like poison ivy in the rubarb patch lately. Unless you’re prepared to go for 300 plus postings as I and WW did on another Coto Report with another (could be, they’re one and the same person or people) you’re wasting your time. (Unless you want to get into some creative name calling, that was fun). G. Edward Griffin is looking for chemtrail reporters and they’ve come up with a novel way of tracking the planes that you might want to check out. Let our buddy rant on, they’re too narrow minded to be bothered with.

    • I gave him the idea on how to track contrails. The funny part is that he admits he might prove chemtrails cannot be sprayed from commercial aircraft.

    • “They seem to be popping up like poison ivy in the rubarb patch lately” I gave a few engineers this website. It seems they didn’t believe me that there are people that do not understand what a contrail is. They all got a good laugh at you guys.

      How can you tell when a CTiss can’t defend his fake theories?
      “Let our buddy rant on, they’re too narrow minded to be bothered with”
      They want you to go away and hope you don’t ask tough questions.

      Griffin found out that all those planes you see are just commercial air carriers. Oops!

      “Unless you want to get into some [juvenile] name calling, that was fun”

  15. Hi verity2! I recently began daily documentation of the sky daily at a location in Germany. But my documentation is just one tiny little time-line of visual data. On its own, my documentation has some meaning for the location, but it’s value is pretty limited because I see just a small section of sky. It would be great to have a database to post it – one where thousands of volunteer documenters all over the world post – to give researchers more comprehensive and coherent material to work with. I like to think of it as bottom-up remote-sensing. Then there would be a way of mapping the scale and speed of the chemtrail operations. Can you say more about G. Edward Griffin’s initiative?

  16. Hi Thalassarche; I wouldn’t exactly call myself very computer literate but I do see posts on here with links but He did leave his email address. You could try contacting him and letting him know what you’re proposing. If you’re not already aware of his site, it’s “Unfiltered News” and is a free download, he puts it out every Friday. They put out the movie; “What In The World Are They Spraying”. What they want to do is do a sequel and they’re looking for volunteers to monitor aircraft movements using which is global. Most commercial aircraft broadcast their pertinent info for air traffic control and can be brought up on line and on the iphone. Military aircraft don’t put out that kind of info and probably the tankers don’t either. It’ll be a way of keeping tabs on them by establishing a data base with people reporting in to it. He figures 50 to 100 people would be all that’s required but if there’s more the more thorough the info will be. Try it out and keep us posted. I would say that people on Coto are what I would consider to be skeptics which means that we look for truth. That doesn’t fit the profile of debunkers, they unquestioningly took the hook of the current status quo along with the sinker, line and bobber and are working on the fishing pole. Hope it’s working for you

  17. Sorry, in being long winded I forgot to post his email address

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