Obama’s Dance of Death

By Bob Row

This illustration for the “Rio Negro” daily in Argentina was commissioned right as it is. Being a newspaper of rather conservative positions (for local standards) I felt impressed. To me, it was a sign of the complete loss of credibility of the American narrative outside the US, even for its allies. [See full size image here.]

Leaving aside conspiracy theories about Bin Laden’s previous death, the successive changes in the official report of the operative, the disposal of the corpse and the absence of evidence of it have removed any sense of reality from it. According to the rules of the Media, the Bin Laden suppression is a “no fact”.

The last nail in the coffin was Obama’s phrase “Justice has been done”. If a powerful country assumes “privileges” — ignore International Law, enter a sovereign nation without permission, kill an unarmed person and then remove the corpse and his property — the last thing you call it is “Justice.” You ask for excuses and try to justify yourself.

It was transparent that the order was to no take prisoners who could tell uncomfortable facts of the mutual relationship in the past if brought to court. As the US establishment proved many times before (Hussein, Noriega, Mubarak), its lack of loyalty to its rogue, dictatorial allies is shamelessly cynical.

You are warned.

7 responses to “Obama’s Dance of Death

  1. you are so talented, Bob. fantabulous

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  3. And you’re a very generous person, Rady. Thank you, very much.

  4. great article , revealing the psychology of an empire out of control.

  5. What for you, Bob, “was a sign of the complete loss of credibility of the American narrative outside the US, even for its allies”, for me was a despicable sign of racism. Here in USA we have strongly criticized conservative politician Newt Gingrich for saying: “What if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension, that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together [his actions]?” It seems that “Río Negro” thinks the same way, that President Obama is some kind of African savage. Not to agree with his actions as POTUS is one thing, depicting him like they do is another. Shame on them!

  6. Eddie: To be fair, I depicted him as a Hawaiian (not as a Kenyan) on my own because, obviously, that’s his birthplace. That said, I’m against PC overprotection; that’s inverted racism. I wonder about your feelings if Bush was caricatured the same way.
    The core of the problem is that he’s doing the opposite of his promises and keeping on with the immoral actions of the Neocons. I’m not happy punishing Obama, but to hide the truth isn’t my job. I’d be too much happy if he would show the guts to mend at least one of the disasters inherited.

  7. maybe he should sacrifice himself to that nice volcano there in Hawaii…
    Saving Civilians in Libya with Bombs…
    Twisted Thinking !

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