Ohio House passes bill to open parks to fracking: Stop it in the Senate

By Alex Beauchamp
Food & Water Watch

Last week the Ohio House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, in our state parks. This risky drilling process will turn our pristine state parks into industrial parks, but we’ve got a chance to stop it in the state Senate. Can you contact your state senator today?

What will drilling in state parks mean for you? It could be devastating for Ohio’s drinking water.

Fracking is a type of gas drilling that injects millions of gallons of fracking fluids – a mixture of up to 600 chemicals, water and sand – into a well to create pressure that cracks open rocks underground, allowing gas to escape and flow into wells.

The process could have disastrous consequences if any of these contaminants make their way into the water supply through leaks, spills or careless injection. Residents in neighboring Pennsylvania have already experienced the negative effects of fracking on the environment, public health and their own water – houses have even exploded in residential areas due to the pressurized gas!

Despite all this, the Ohio state legislature is poised to give the oil and gas industry free rein to drill in our public lands.

Ohio’s legislators must put our drinking water ahead of the oil and gas industry’s millions of dollars.

Tell your legislators to keep our parks safe from drilling today!

Thanks for taking action.


Also see Post Carbon Institute’s newly released fracking reports:

Agriculture and Natural Gas” by PCI Fellow Michael Bomford

Problems and Opportunities with Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel” by PCI Adviser Richard Gilbert and PCI Fellow Anthony Perl

Public Health Concerns of Shale Gas Production” by PCI Fellows Brian Schwartz, MD, and Cindy Parker, MD.

Above reports (in a single pdf) supplement PCI’s May release of Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century?

3 responses to “Ohio House passes bill to open parks to fracking: Stop it in the Senate

  1. Last week the EPA Administrator admits to “No Water Contamination From Fracking.”
    It is close to an article of faith on the left that any hydrocarbon-based source of energy must cause severe pollution problems. The extraordinary benefits to America from cheap natural gas released by the fracking technique have been fought with ginned-up propaganda about purported water pollution.
    Read more about this on my site: http://www.unitedstatesgovernmentnews.com/?p=773

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  3. theprogressivemind

    Is “honest politician” an oxymoron?

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