DDT – Domestic Dog Terrorists are on the Rise

By JerseyG

It seems we have a new threat to national security.  Small cells of them are located all over this nation. They roam the countryside by night striking terror in the hearts of all living things (especially llamas).  Who are they? They are the domestic dog terrorists. It’s been reported “they are bloodthirsty and kill just for the sake of killing” like Cujo.

Some quick thinking citizen managed to snap a picture of a pack of them  and I think I recognize the one in front with the shifty eyes.  As a good citizen, when I see something I must say something.

Please question your own dog if he comes strolling in late at night through the doggie door with that “look of guilt” that any dog owner recognizes.  It seems many of the DDT’s are posing as complacent house pets by day and roaming with these canine fundamentalists by night.  See if the article on the next page gives you any clues as to your dog’s activities when he’s not at home raiding the trash can or chasing the cat….

Bloodthirsty pack of dogs take out 350-lb. llama  by Liz Goodwin

Local law enforcement officials in Northeast Washington state are worried about a pack of dogs that have attacked at least 100 animals since March. The pack, they fear, is now “killing for fun.”

The wild dogs took out a 350-lb llama on Tuesday night, the latest in a string of attacks that have left more than 100 goats and other farm animals dead in the ranching community of Stevens County. The dogs, whose breeds are so far unknown, emerge only at night, but residents in their predatory range in the valleys and mountains near Spokane are afraid the canines may be getting bolder.

“I think they are capable of do anything at this point,” Deputy Sheriff Keith Cochran told KXLY4, adding that he’s worried the animals may just be preying on area creatures for the sport of it. Undersheriff Lavonne Webb told the AP the pack is ” killing for the sake of killing.”

“They are doing it to be cruel, they’re bloodthirsty,” resident Temma Davis told the station. “It’s like ‘Cujo.’ ”

Webb told the AP it’s possible some of the four or five dogs in the pack aren’t wild and go home to their owners during the day. One resident managed to snap a photograph of the pack, above.

(Dogs: Courtesy of the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office/AP)


It could be, with rising dog unemployment,  that the numbers of DDTs will increase exponentially.

  Daro the recently laid off police dog was spotted just last evening with the Connecticut DDT cell.

Though my own dog is made of velcro and sticks to my side like glue, I now wonder what she’s up to while I’m sleeping.  Is her apparent devotion to me just an act?  A coverup for her covert activities with the DDT?

Here is a recent picture of her.  I know, she looks just a little too happy.

Now please excuse me while I give Janet Napolitano a call regarding that other shifty eyed canine mentioned above.  One can never be too cautious.

Uhoh, seems things are worse than we thought.  I just received an email from a reliable source.  There is also a DCT (domestic cat terrorist) group forming in NJ.  They are armed and possibly even more dangerous than the DDTs  because of their small size and their innate sneakiness.  Here’s a picture taken by my source who found their cat in the den “suiting up”.  At this point,  there appears to be little hope in ending domestic pet terrorism with the addition of the feline contingent. 

We as citizens must take an active role in trying to spot these threats to our national security.  Remember if you see someting, say something !  ~jg

8 responses to “DDT – Domestic Dog Terrorists are on the Rise

  1. And here I thought the worst was leg humping

  2. Ahhh again, the leg humping is a ploy to mask their more sinister, hidden agenda. These DDTs are masters at distraction….

  3. OMG! WE must put an end to this disturbing underground movement! How AWFUL! Next, they’ll be saying things like “swell” and “so’s you’re old man”. Yessir, we got trouble….

  4. Megan 'Verb' Kargher

    oh i so needed a laugh thanks mate

  5. I hear ya Meg. We all need some comic relief.

  6. [IMG]http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee124/casazaza/osamadog2.jpg[/IMG]

    I hear that Obama’s cat killed the Osama Dog

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