Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business (Free video thru 6/20)

How a doctor cures cancer but corruption at its most vile prevents treatment. The vimeo play is valid thru midnight tonite.

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski came up with a treatment that improved outcomes for some of the most aggressive forms of cancer, and saved the lives of many cancer patients, even young children, who had been given up for dead by their oncologists.  Our own government admitted that yes, he was saving lives that would have otherwise been lost.  But rather than furthering his research, the government spent almost two decades trying to run him out of business.

They failed.

But why, any sane person would ask… why would our health authorities try to run a doctor out of business who had found a promising new treatment for cancer?  Make sure you watch to the end of the film to find out.

The story of the dogged persecution of this doctor has been made into a fascinating documentary that details many of his patients cases.  Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business was released last year, has been picked up by a new distribution company.  This weekend it is being shown free on Vimeo (for the next two days ONLY) as a special promotion.  (Be sure to click on it for your Netflix cue, so it will be picked up by them.)

Take some time and see for yourself how the FDA can target and persue a doctor, to the point of absurdity, whose successes threaten the billion dollar cancer industry.

… And this is only one story in many that makes the case that many health authorities are working in bad faith with the American people and good medical professionals, and that it is time to clean house in medicine.

Ginger Taylor, MS
Executive Director
The Canary Party

One response to “Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business (Free video thru 6/20)

  1. One word: WOW!

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