Charlie Sheen narrates 911 film Hollywood Speaks Out

151 minutes
Wake Up Productions


13 responses to “Charlie Sheen narrates 911 film Hollywood Speaks Out

  1. OK. It’s ten years later, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to be incensed and go back to sleep? Or are you going to make changes in your life and way of thinking that will make true changes in the way this country is run? We are being controlled by a cadre of evil people that have only one goal in mind………….one world government. The whole system needs to be purged and reconstituted with those that honor truth. It’s going to be somewhat ugly but it has to happen. Otherwise, this great country will be lost. We are close to it now and the next planned financial disaster will finish us off.

    It’s a shame that this is STILL being questioned 10 years later. It should have been questioned on Sept. 12, 2001. But we were asleep and only now are we finally waking up.

    • I’ve been awake since 9/11/01 actually. I questioned why no jets were scrambled that day. That night when I got home from work and watched live on tv as WTC 7 fell just as the others did, I wondered WHY??? No one else I knew saw that building fall that day because they never showed it on tv again. Odd, because how many times did they show the twin towers fall over and over and over again.

      So my quest for the truth started on 9/12/01

  2. Like George Carlin said in the film, the fox doesn’t tell the truth about the henhouse…the best part of the film was the end when the speakers are encouraging activists to stand up and not be afraid.

  3. We know Israeli agents were caught observing the attack, and knew about it ahead of time. We know there was plenty of warnings from our own intelligence agents about an attack. Cheney’s actions that day are very suspect, as well as the financial transactions occurring right before and during the attack. I don’t think we will ever know exactly what happened, but I think we need a much more open and thorough official investigation. There is just so much about the whole affair that is very fishy. And it did provide the Pearl harbor desired by PNAC. The shadow government may well be complicit in what happened. It has certainly furthered their agenda. If they were complicit, we will never get a real official investigation, though. They will make certain of that.

  4. Film could have covered a lot more evidence than it didn’t. Wasted a lot of time with redundancies. Did point out a few things I didn’t know, like the TV show that was a virtual blueprint for what happened airing about 7 months before it all went down.

  5. I think this film was a good primer for those not yet awakened to the awful truth. It was well put together and the important anomalies were pointed out and illustrated. Some people need to hear a celebrities voice just to catch their attention. This should do it.

    For the rest of us, well we don’t need any more convincing that this was an inside job.

  6. Probably won’t help the movement having a lunatic connected with the project.

  7. If you’re referring to Charlie Sheen, he doesn’t sound like a lunatic to me in that video. He makes perfect sense. The lunatics are those that hold on to the “official fairytale” of 9/11.

  8. He does make a point, though, even if I would have used different words. I think Charlie is an intelligent guy, but his drug problem and lifestyle will cause some people to dismiss what he is saying without even listening first.. I would say to them that just because Mr. Sheen is a drug addict doesn’t alter the validity of what he is saying. He is still a highly functional individual, managing to become a multi-millionaire in spite of his problem. And Mr. Sheen isn’t killing anyone, other than perhaps himself, which is a lot more than can be said for our government, so who the real lunatics are seems obvious. Still, it is a shame that he was featured so prominently in this, since it gives the media an excuse to say its just a bunch of crazies.

  9. bodhidharma:

    Perhaps instead of judging Charlie Sheen who is brave enough to speak out against these killers. they should worry more about the sickos that are controlling their lives. The liars, crooks and thieves who have stolen not only their pensions but their childrens and their children’s children’s future. They have shipped their jobs over seas for cheap labor. They have stolen their civil liberties. They have poisoned their air, water and food. They have taken us to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya all in the name of Empire.

    And now, they are in the process of selling portions of land to China in the heartland.

    Anyone who is STUPID enough to think Charlie Sheen is the crazy one after watching that film or reviewing in depth what’s been going on in the world since 9/11 needs their own head examined.

  10. But their audience has already been convinced that Mr. Sheen is a crazy. And therefore, they won’t watch it, is the point I was trying to make. For about a month, Mr. Sheen was the biggest story on national news (weird as that is to imagine. You would think people had better things to do with their time than follow the latest scandal, real or fabricated, about celebrities.) Sure, they need their head examined. Doesn’t mean they aren’t the rule, rather than the exception. Of course, if the average american were sane, he would worry about the crooks, liars and thieves who are destroying the country, but they have been programmed not to, and this is the audience we really need to reach, not the ones who already understand these things. Which is why I always look forward to speaking to people who don’t see the world as I do.

  11. The actual title of the video is ” 9/11 Truth – Hollywood Speaks Out’ Charlie Sheen’s name isn’t mentioned even though he does narration in the film, he’s not the only celebrity in the film.
    The movie was first posted with the original title on COTO. I didn’t post it here on our sister blog. Someone else did and changed the wording of the title. It wouldn’t have been my choice to do so. However, maybe they will watch for the same reason you think that they won’t.

    Having said that, what you state above is exactly what’s wrong with the majority of the people of this country. They are shallow thinkers who are capable of only absorbing the taglines & soundbites that the msm feeds them. Critical thinking is not their strong suit. Too bad. That’s why our country’s soul has been sold to the devil.

  12. “However, maybe they will watch for the same reason you think that they won’t.”– True, some probably will, but I think they will be a small minority. And yes, Charlie’s name isn’t in the title, but he is the first person you see in it, and see extensively, which, unfortunately, I think will cause a lot of people to tune out. I like the movie myself. And I’m sure it was at least mostly if not entirely completed before the recent media blitz about Sheen. What you say about the majority of people in this country is true. But they are still the one we need to convince to have a chance at any real change in this country.

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