Chemtrails, Monsanto & Olgacom connection; Whistleblower’s friends threatened

By Alenka Wacek
Olgacom Scandal

This video explains the connection of the new world order to the waste dump and geoengineering by big companies, Royal DSM, China Sinochem, Monsanto as Olgacom Project.

For more information see my website
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Threat email from Olgacom
June 19, 2011

Today I get this email from an address. They know that I can publish this email, it shows that they do not care because nobody can get to them anyway. They are not in Poland only but on several countries, most in Asia. We need more people to sign the petition so that I can go to Polish parlement and ask them about this. You can sign here:

Here is the precise text:

Miss Wacek, I want to remind you that you signed a confidentiality agreement. We are currently monitoring your online behavior and recommend you to no longer engage in these activities. Think of your friends.

Kind Regards,
R. Vanderbilt

I checked the IP address of the sender and it is from Internet company in Denmark, same as the Olgacom website.

I did indeed sign condfidentiality agreement, but I feel that people need to know truth instead of keeping mouth shut. I keep a copy of this, I photograph so you can see it: (image)

I will not stop getting you the information to make up your mind and help stop this global attack on our health. I have taken some documents when I left Olgacom, and will publish them, may be even to Wikileaks if they want.

6 responses to “Chemtrails, Monsanto & Olgacom connection; Whistleblower’s friends threatened

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  3. Easy now Mr.Vanderbilt,i know now where you live,you are in no position to make threats,especially not with the dirt i got on you,i do hope you will get to read this,you ought to know you are nothing but a low level operative with delusions of grandeur and you really ought to know that your handler,Mr.Weiss regards you as expendable……p.s. nice one COTO report !

  4. Dear Alenka, thanks for your information,it helps to know WHO the Culprits are. My friend made the movie”What In The World Are They Spraying” and it has been well received all over the world. Your info is VERY HELPFUL, Concerned humans all over the world should wake up and your work is APPRECIATED, stay safe and keep up the good work, Sincerely, Patrick Rich Calif,usa

  5. all their silly attempts to cover any of this up any longer is futile,we got so many of their own papers,patents,progress reports,white papers,aquisition & procurement request logs,project specific financial forecasts & analysis etc that the debate whether this is real or what could it be? is obsolete,we got all the proof,next issue,what are we gonna do about it?

  6. that guy Vanderbilt, basically threatened you through your friends.

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