Jackboots in Asheville NC

By Puddy Dunne

So I saw my friend today after 48 hours in the slammer. His head bruised and battered, knots on his head and bruises down his arms.

Thursday morning he started his day driving from Asheville to a nearby town. A cruiser had pulled behind him and followed until moments later when the gumballs began to flash. My friend pulled over and when the thug got to his window my friend asked if he was speeding. Without a single word the thug opened his car door and ripped him out of his car, threw him violently to the ground while screaming to stop resisting the assault.

With threats of taser, several more Asheville thugs joined in the melee and began to beat him about the head while he lay on the ground. After the knee was applied to head on the asphalt and the cuffs were on they threatened him with arrest.

The thugs then explained that some witness had identified him as a reckless driver and that was the reason for the stop. The thugs then asked for permission to search his car. My friend refused and they said they already had cause to search due to a concealed weapon which was a four inch blade in a scabbard openly on his belt which is totally legal in the state of North Carolina.

The thugs then gave him a sobriety test which he passed until they clubbed him again and he stumbled. They found marijuanna in the car and arrested, booked and jailed him for resisting arrest, carrying a concealed weapon, possession and dealing in a controlled substance. 48 hours later he is out and we are going to discuss filing assault charges with City of Ashville and all arresting officers.

They will have to produce the witness to this reckless driving which is non-existent or will be trumped up, Once the illegal stop, search and seizure is exposed, the lies and probable cause eliminated and the case dropped we will go into the legal criminal case against these rogue fascists thugs parading as peace officers.

Once they are exposed for violating the law and constitutional rights by either assault or lying or both then we file charges of kidnapping for delivering him to jail and not to a Magistrate. I will be getting involved in this project and look forward to renaming the city from Asheville to my friends name.


Know the Law. Be free

4 responses to “Jackboots in Asheville NC

  1. Police exist to repress, Courts exist to ensure the repression is regulated, and citizens exist to be beaten and taxed. My best friend just moved to North Carolina. Of course he is 73 and does not drive, but the principle remains the same and this can happen to anyone.

  2. Last night I went to a Equal Justice seminar and meet with the local cop-watch activists in starting squads here in New Orleans. Wish us luck. This statistically is the most corrupt police department in the country. We have the distinction of being the only police department that has ever had a police lieutenant convicted with ordering the murder of a person for putting a complaint against them.

    Not that they’re all bad, there are a few peace officers, but they’re vastly outnumbered.

  3. Get Up, Stand Up, by Bruce E. Levine : Reviews –
    http://www.chelseagreen.com/bookstore/item/get_up_stand_up…/reviews – CMar 28, 2011 – In Get Up, Stand Up: Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite

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