Cleveland Ranked Best Place to Be When the World Ends

By Kyle Swenson
Cleveland Scene Mag

As hurricanes shred the coast, tornadoes upend the prairie, and wildfires scorch the west, we here in Mother Nature’s bosom are left to ponder more pressing matters such as the source of our next beverage.

Yes, when it comes to meteorological calamity, the Forest City is as reliable as they come. And weather geeks are taking notice.

Jeff Opperman, a senior adviser at the Nature Conservancy, has completed a study ranking the top 50 U.S. cities in terms of resilience to climate change. And you, dear reader, are a winner yet again. In fact, the study’s top five cities read like a grand tour of the glorious Rust Belt: Cleveland, Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Opperman attributes this to the region’s proximity to the Great Lakes and the low likelihood of hurricanes or flooding, at least till Antarctica melts.

And lest you doubt Mother Nature’s gift for vengeance, the study also found that the city most likely to perish in a fiery ball of apocalyptic misery is … Miami. Ringless and doomed ain’t the way to go.


The top five U.S. cities that are most resilient/least vulnerable to climate change are: Cleveland, Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, and Minneapolis.


Ed. Note. In my 40 years of living in Cleveland, I never once heard it referred to as Forest City, although we did have a store chain by that name. Must be a relic from centuries past. How freaky, tho, that I now live in the fire zone, as characterized by the map. If the ice caps do melt, Florida will simply drown. We’re only 6 feet above sea level.



One response to “Cleveland Ranked Best Place to Be When the World Ends

  1. Suzana Megles

    As a native Clevelander, I’m always pleased to hear good news about our city, and for that matter, for the other “rust” belt cities. Often times we and they get a bad rap. And more good news. Forbes DID NOT rate us as one of the top 10 dirtiest cities. However, I take no joy in those 10 who are. Sorry, I don’t recall off hand who they are, but they can easily be found on the internet I’m sure if interested. . .

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