Secret Service visits CLG member, asks about Seize DC

Seize DC! September 10, 2011

By Lori Price
Citizens for Legitimate Government

In two-hour session, Secret Service agents ask, ‘What do you know about Seize DC?’

Citizens for Legitimate Government readers are aware of the numerous .govs and .mils in the CLG website logs. [See: CLG Sunshine Project.] The US Senate, Secret Service, CIA, Naval Research Laboratory, DHS, DIA, etc., troll the CLG website on a regular basis. Now, apparently, the Feds have started to troll the people in addition to the site. On Friday, a CLG Newsletter subscriber and CLG Facebook friend/Twitter ‘follower,’ informed CLG that he received a visit from two Secret Service agents at his home.

The Feds’ inquiry target, Chad Smith*, sent CLG an email that included the following information.

“After receiving a visit from two Secret Service agents and a two-hour interview about “my credible threats against President Obama” the police state is here! I never advocated violence against Bush or Obama so I believe that we have Facebook moles or that Facebook and Twitter are just letting the government have access to any information they wish (without warrants). 4th Amendment? Not anymore! Just keep this in mind going forward.”

CLG sought additional details from Chad, who explained that on 01 July, two Secret Service agents arrived at his home, in a suburb** of Connecticut. They asked him about the intentions of CLG’s September 10, 2011, protest, Seize DC.

The agents arrived in an unmarked, Chevy Cruze sedan. Chad, a runner, informed me that he had “seen the car before” on other occasions in his neighborhood.

Chad expressed the following.

“They did mention ‘Seize DC’ and FB friend Justin J.* not CLG, you or Dr. [Michael] Rectenwald but obviously they have good background on your organization since they are on the mailing list no doubt…lol. They gave their names and were extremely polite. They were in an unmarked, blue, Chevy Cruze sedan. Nothing like you see on crime shows. (Budget cuts where we need them. Ha ha ha ha!) …If they come back I’ll request business cards. As long as they don’t request a formal sit-down in the New Haven office we should be cool.

“They [the Secret Service agents] seemed to know a lot about your Facebook page,” Chad told the CLG. Chad said that the agents inquired, “‘What do you know about Seize DC?'”

The Secret Service also asked Chad to provide details of his involvement in the group. Chad replied that “he intended to go to the protest, to seek redress from the government.” He added, “As to the name — Seize DC — which is great — violence is not our intent.” Chad amplified, “We have no intentions for violence… We’re not going there with tanks and grenades.”

Additional details were provided of the visit, via email.

“Hey Lori-

“All the questions were general in nature and just peppering me to see if I knew of anyone that was thinking about protesting with violent acts or who planned on using vandalism as a resource.

“I assured them that everyone I knew was planning on PEACEFUL protest and nothing more. They couldn’t tell me what I supposedly said about the president to prompt a visit. As I recall I said the same or worse regarding Bush. Just know that the fishing net has been cast and that old Rockwell song ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ seems a fitting. If they spend all this time watching us, then who the hell is watching Al-CIADUH and the Tea Party? LOL…”

I asked how the two-hour questioning session ended. Chad said that they “thanked me for my time.”

Albeit “polite,” Chad hopes that the two-hour questioning session by the Secret Service would be the last.

More about the Seize DC protest can be found here.

Seize DC! September 10, 2011

*Chad’s last name has been redacted, at his request.
**Suburb name redacted, at Chad’s request.
***Justin’s last name redacted by CLG.

Lori Price is Editor-in-Chief, Citizens for Legitimate Government.



3 responses to “Secret Service visits CLG member, asks about Seize DC

  1. We presume they are guilty of premature pro-liberty positions and so warrant a look see. No Article 51 yet for crazies who fight the trend towards totalitarianism in the land of the cracked Liberty Bell. Nor come to think of it are there Alien and Sedition Acts though the FBI seems to think so.

  2. Reads to me as paranoia at the top echelon, Psychopathy running rampant. They should take a pill. Oh wait a minute, upon reflection taking too many of them causes the same problems you were taking them for in the the first place. They pay their agents enough to be dupes I suppose. I haven’t decided yet if watching a crumbling empire doing just that is fun yet.

  3. Nobody should talk to agents for the Corporatocracy unless they have a warrant. They have the most uncanny ways of taking your “polite” complicity with their questions and turning them into something else, quite bizarre and strangely resembling Godzilla with hemorrhoids! ASK FOR A WARRANT and if none, tell them to come back with one next time.

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