Israel says Flotilla poses “threat” by 87-yr-old Holocaust survivor and by poet Alice Walker

By Electronic Intifida

In a move intended to convince skeptics to finally accept Israel’s claims that the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2 poses a real danger, the Israeli military spokesperson’s office has issued photographic evidence in a blog post titled “Flotilla II Seeks Provocation, Poses Threat to Israel.”

Well, it turns out that the “threat” is none other than Pulitzer Prize-winning American author and poet Alice Walker whose fearsome and terrifying smile can be seen in the Israeli-issued image. But the danger to Israel does not end there. As the “IDF” Spokesperson explains:

Organizers of the 2011 Gaza flotilla have a provocation-seeking agenda: Deliberately provoke and humiliate Israeli soldiers. For example, organizers trained boat passengers on how to defiantly rebuff Israel Navy attempts to peacefully board the boats.

The “IDF” must be referring to the nonviolence training all passengers received, as well as the nonviolence pledge they all signed. Indeed, Israel does show every day that it finds nonviolence very humiliating.

Still, the military spokesperson’s blog made me finally see the light: those poor Israeli soldiers at risk of “humiliation” from Alice Walker and 87 year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein among others. Of course no one can forget how Israel “peacefully” boarded the Mavi Marmara, part of last year’s flotilla, in international waters with a force that involved large warships, a swarm of armed speed boats carrying dozens of heavily-armed commandos, and airborne troops dropped from helicopters.

Israel insists that it was the passengers who were “violent” because they failed to receive the Israeli hijackers with tea and traditional Turkish börek pastries. Now in case you doubt Israel’s version of what happened, you can just watch all the footage taken by the hundreds of passengers and journalists on board. Oh wait, no, you can’t do that because Israel, the “only democracy in the Middle East,” confiscated all the evidence and is still refusing to return it.

Other than selectively edited and doctored images released by Israel, the only independent footage which escaped Israeli censorship and manipulation was Iara Lee’s, and analysis of that showed anything but a “peaceful” boarding. It was a full-scale military assault that took nine innocent lives. And yet it is Israel’s military that has the chutzpah to whine about “provocations” to its soldiers.


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13 responses to “Israel says Flotilla poses “threat” by 87-yr-old Holocaust survivor and by poet Alice Walker

  1. The question inevitably arises in regards to the publicity stunt and social utility of the Flotilla. The organizers know Israel will stop the Flotilla and no aid will get through. Therefore the objective must be for the Flotilla to be interdicted and no aid to go through. Israel gets a black eye, and Gaza gets no aid, publicity loving activists get the media spotlight. Forgive me if this is too cynical, but the Flotilla does not aid the Palestinians any more than my words on a letter of protest to Congress. Escalate the tension so Israel reacts with racist violence and the Palestinian cause is once more shown to be humane. After all what boots it if a few more Palestinians suffer and die for the sake of PR.

  2. Oooh, Publius, does someone need a hug? 🙂

    Seriously, most actions of non-violence at first have no hope of achieving their stated purpose(s). Gandhi: 1) First they laugh at you. 2) Then they ignore you. 3) Then they fight you. 4) Then you win.

  3. Thank you, Morganna, for putting it so succinctly. The alternative is to do nothing, I suppose. Put up Youtube videos of Palestinians being handed bills for the Israeli military demolishing their homes.
    Israel’s response to the flotilla shows that they are afraid. It will be hard to sell that Alice Walker and Ray McGovern are terrorists, anti-semites who are a threat to Israel’s existence. They want very much for other countries to handle this problem for them.

  4. Bodhidharma: I have been involved in instances where Gandhiji’s 4 point equation has proven itself every time. It is the persistence of non-violent non-cooperation that wins the day! israel will never figure that out, because they had VERY good teachers, who also never figured it out. (And yes, I can say that, with family that was annihilated at Auschwitz.)

  5. I do not see the benefit to Palestine from this Flotilla. PR does not help their situation. Israel kills with impunity precisely because it is grotesque sideshow of Western colonialism which also I might add, learned that Non-Violence works by creating Neo-Colinialism and allowing local satraps to take the heat. Furthermore, I might go one step further and argue that all PR like this hurts Palestininans by the insignificant gesture of support like a candy cane held out to a homeless kid at Christmas.
    Take the hard case: Israel murders the activists. Is Palestine now free? Isreal morally rebuked is Israel. Sinking the Liberty did not matter, sinking the Flotilla does not either.

  6. Publius: I cannot argue with you on one point: Israel, like the US, does not give a rat’s ass what anyone else thinks or does. They have their own agenda and believe they have God’s own blessing to carry out their heinous apartheid. But, the British Empire had no care of that either, when Gandhiji started in S. Africa and then in India. What can I say? It is more of a faith than a factual statement, a belief more than carrying a gun and enforcing my own violence on someone else. I understand your stance, but does that mean the Flotilla doesn’t make their attempt?

  7. Ask India if they are better off today, after Partition, with two nuclar armed states who have waged war since that Partition.
    Clearly Gandhi failed to reconcile Muslim and Hindu-and how could he since the British had no interest in anything except looking good and owning the spoils.

    As far as Palestine, I think Flotilla is a hoax. Simply another propaganda gesture filled with symbolic meaning, signifying nothing except the utter bankruptcy of the modern world in it’s hypocritical chants of peace. The Palestinians are doomed by their neighbors who do not want to assimilate them, doomed by the Zionist dream of Empire, and doomed by neurotic activists whose gestural politics gave us Obama. I am sincerely suggesting that this gesture in no ways benefits “Gaza.” What might, again this is simply a contrast if you wish, raising Palestinian children abroad and equipping them with an education.
    In other words, a different strategy one person at a time.

  8. ACcepted. But it wasn’t Gandhiji who failed, he had already left the Indian Congress long before the negotiations due to differences in where India should go next, although he did serve as chief negotiator at Nehru’s behest. Nehru is repsonsible for taking India into the Western paradigm. Gandhiji gave the world a way out of its madness when it needed it most, and the world turned away in favor of greed and violence.

    Now as for the Flotilla, look how it is keeping the issue in front of people’s eyes. If for only that, and outing Greece as complicit with Zionist zanies (not just your everyday Jew), if it does nothing but that, it has achieved something. You REALLY need a hug, hon.

  9. I cannot agree. Tokenism is a failure. A media event accomplishes nothing for a hungry child. Israel is not a nation that knows shame.
    The allies of Israel know no shame. The eyes of the world see, photons register on rods, bring light to the brain. The eyes do not act. The hands remain still. A curious torpor holds the moral sense of the body politic. The brain is an observer that cannot apprehend the evil through the media and by the narrative frame. Policy is unmoved. Gaza remains a ghetto state even if one flotilla per month were sent. Of course I need a hug. All sensitive human souls deserve affection but not all media events do.

    Allow an analogy: when I worked for the Committe In Solidarity With the People of El Salvador the organization nationally had determined it would but subway ads and NY Times ad dramatizing a death squad murder. A caption asked: What are your tax dollars buying in El Salvador? I objected. I did not want to give the entities money for the ads. I thought the placement of this as an ad trivialized the experience of the human being placed to a vaction ad for Jamacia or Rolex or Jaguar. These gestures, these signs, they do not communicate much more than apathy. We doth protest a bit too much. As if we had a guilty emotion we were hiding.

  10. First: {{{{{HUG}}}}} :-). So then what exactly do you propose?

  11. Hmm. Well doing nothing is not a bad idea since media attention is fickle and indifferent. I see no harm in education fellowships for Gazans.
    On the other hand, perhaps lobbying in Israel is a good alternative.
    I can see a solidarity effort that brings Isreali nationals to Gaza for 6 months to teach or train or do medical work or observe as cultural participants. A group called TecNICA did this in the USA during the Contra war. We had people volunteer to go to Nicargua. They paid their own way. They brought needed supplies to Nicaragua.

    Again my aim is to call attention to habits of mind that equate “Showmanship” with “Activism” and “Activism” with meaning filled political activity. I suggest acctivism is neurosis. The Black Panther’s nailed the showmanship down years ago and today we see that unloaded weapons paraded around a State Capitol is tremendous theater but not quite uplift for everyone.

  12. I shall have to chew on your statement for a while, as I have never seen anything achieved by lobbying unless big bucks were behind it…I like the idea of solidarity “exchanges”, but isn’t that a bit like the Flotilla? Preaching to the choir, for surely no Isreali who hates would willingly go to Gaza for such an action? So it would be the peaceniks in Israel and the peaceniks in Gaza? That to me is even less than the Flotilla.

    Hre’s your daily {{{{hug}}}}. 🙂

  13. In the first place it is not a media event but solidarity. It will make a difference to have Israeli citizens see first hand the situation. Secondly they are the lobbyists-citizens. It is true that in the USA is found Israel’s primary base of support, so again, a solidarity movement challenging Rabbi’s to see first hand the situation is a non-threatening non-reactionary way to get movement on Palestine. On the other hand, there is no reason for the Palestinians to stay and die so get kids out and into school.

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