9/11: As it happened on the ground

Hat tip SOTT.net


3 responses to “9/11: As it happened on the ground

  1. Megan 'Verb' Kargher

    good vid
    if anything charlie’s statement may have led to renewed interest in what really happened which will only lead to more folks concluding it was not as the official story states

  2. This should blow a hole right up Charlie’s tailpipe, I should think! How can you simply shrug off so many FDNY witnesses about the explosives, esp. the guys having coffee who actually say “it was like a demolition boomboomboomboom”???

    Sorry, Charlie.

    And yes, that last comment by that lady WAS right on.

  3. Why even argue with the debunkers anymore? You knolw they are out there and for all you know they are all in some government office somewhere being paid to keep people bickering about did they or didn’t they. Stop even wasting your time by acknowledgeing them. The evidence is extensive enough to warrent arrests. Why are poeple still fighting? Good grief, people are convicted and executed daily on evidence that is much more questionable or very little of. So what is the problem here? There is enough evidence regarding government officials involvement to fill a stadium. Time to move past did they or didn’t they. Now time to let a jury decide. But, just who is going to arrest them? Don’t think for a minute there is anyone but the American people, no one on capitol hill or close to it is going to do that. They were all involved. So really does it matter that we have the evidence?

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