Massive weapons cache seized at Tex-Mex border; nobody arrested

Now when the government runs guns, it’s a-okay. Just like when it runs drugs, right?

By Phil Anaya

Some dangerous firepower has been taken off the streets, but those who were accused of having it in their possession are still walking free.

Five men who were allegedly caught with a cache of weapons and were questioned by investigators are not in jail.

“We’re talking about AK-47s, AR-15s, basically the type of assault rifles you can purchase legally,” said Cpl. Clint Garza of the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities also siezed about 20,000 rounds of ammunition.

The Guadelupe County Sheriff’s Office made the arrest Thursday night off I-10 near Seguin.

The weapons were stashed in a trailer driven by five men, authorities said. Why the men were carrying so much artillary is still to be determined.

“They basically didn’t know where they came from, that’s what they told us,” Garza said. “They haven’t been cooperative.”

Regardless, investigators said they believed the guns were headed south.

“That’s what we’re assuming at this point… that these weapons were en route to Mexico,” Garza said.

Even though weapons trafficking is a federal offense, so far no one has been charged. In fact, the men were freed and the sheriff’s office says until, and if, charges are filed, they’re not worried the men are a flight risk.

The Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office says this is one of the largest weapons seizures they’ve ever had, yet they believe these types of cases will become more frequent because of the ongoing violence in Mexico and the easy interstate access here in south Texas.

One response to “Massive weapons cache seized at Tex-Mex border; nobody arrested

  1. I’d collect paradoxical items like this if they weren’t so common. It’s no wonder new Alice in Wonderland films are so dark and dangerous………Today’s looking glass is seriously cracked.

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