Murdoch and Vaccines: Exposure of Crimes Reveals a Much Larger Story

By William Newton

“… the evidence of sleazy and scandalous behavior of the Murdoch papers has expanded geometrically.” Michael Collins

Rupert Murdoch’s news empire faces intense media and legal scrutiny.  Current revelations focus on Murdoch’s News of the World hacking into the Dowler family’s voice messages during the kidnapping of their 12 year old daughter Milly, and Murdoch’s London Times for allegedly having illegally obtained the financial, property and medical information of former UK Labour Party Leader Gordon Brown during the time he was chancellor. [Image]

A 2010 exposure of Murdoch’s Times of London revealed that it had published forged documents purporting to show that Iran planned to do nuclear experiments for an atomic weapon, and as Collins points out, it was Murdoch’s “drumbeat of misinformation” that helped mislead people into believing that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attack, supporting Bush’s invasion of Iraq, though intelligence was “unsubstantiated, contradicted, or even non-existent,” according to the Senate Intelligence Committee Unveils Final Phase II Reports on Prewar Iraq Intelligence from June 5, 2008.

But what has not yet been covered is the media circus Murdoch’s London Times created internationally as it fabricated lies against a respected British doctor, with consequences that could impact the lives of billions of children in the world.

The London Times headlines read:

Callous, unethical and dishonest’: Dr Andrew Wakefield
MMR scare doctor Andrew Wakefield makes fortune in US,
Andrew Wakefield & MMR – the investigation – by Brian Deer,
London Times: MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield ‘abused his position of trust.’

Andrew Wakefield was a respected British gastroenterologist who began research into digestive problems in autistic children in collaboration with other doctors in the UK, after being called by parents seeking help.  His work indicated severe digestive issues and he asked for more investigation of the MMR vaccine.

Brian Deer is the reporter who savaged Dr Wakefield from the pages of the Sunday Times, a paper managed by Rupert Murdoch’s son James Murdoch who is on the board of GlaxoSmithKline which makes the MMR.  Deer researched his case with the help of Medico-Legal Investigations, a private enquiry company whose only source of funding is the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.  Deer was both the journalist writing on Wakefield and the person who brought a case of fitness to practice medicine to the General Medical Council, and then wrote about the proceedings as well.

Parents whose children were treated by Wakefield were denied the right to be heard before a real court on claims against the vaccine manufacturers.  The High Court judge who denied them was Sir Nigel Davis, whose brother is an executive board member of Elsevier, publishers of the Lancet which removed Wakefield’s 1998 paper on the subject, and is on the Board of GlaxoSmithKline.

With the London Times giving Brian Deer free reign to attack Wakefield, media closed in like shark.  Coincidentally, the head of Reuters serves on the Board of Merck, and Miriam Stoppard who writes at the Daily Mirror newspaper is married to Sir Christopher Hogg, who was Chairman of GlaxoSmith Kline in 2004.  Dr Kumar, the Chairman of the GMC Fitness to Practice Panel who ruled against Dr Andrew Wakefield, would not answer questions about his shareholdings in GlaxoSmithKline, and said there was no such thing as vaccine damage and that any parents who claimed that their children had suffered such would be treated with scorn and contempt.

Wakefield lost his license to practice and left the UK.  What had he done that Murdoch’s machine went into action, creating fictions about him, getting his work pulled from the Lancet, getting him brought before the GMC to ultimately lose his license?

Wakefield suggested that until further studies, the measles vaccine should be given as a separate vaccine rather than in combination as the MMR (measles, Mumps, Rubella).  He did not suggest that children not take a measles vaccine, only that there be caution until the MMR was investigated further. This reasonable suggestion was met immediately by the single measles vaccines being taken off the market.

Wakefield’s work with Professor Walker-Smith and Professor Simon Murch had touched a nerve.  The pharmaceutical industry, an industry that makes six times more than any industry on Wall Street is heavily invested in vaccines (in the US, the companies do not have to prove efficacy to get FDA approval) and is moving on every front to have their product mandated.

To suggest that one of the main vaccines for children might be destroying them mentally and physiologically was a problem, yet the study showed severe digestive system damage and mitochondrial dysfunction, as well.  Mitochondrial dysfunction has been confirmed by other studies, but taking down Wakefield in a big way became a means of discrediting anyone questioning vaccines.  Wakefield was cast as a fraud and so all those voicing concerns were dismissed by reference to him.

This Alan Golding documentary gives background which can allow people to judge the credibility of Murdoch’s reporter for themselves:

To understand how serious all this is, and thus how much is at stake for millions if not billions of children, one needs to appreciate how profound it is for mitochondria not to function normally. Science Daily explains:

“Children with autism are far more likely to have deficits in their ability to produce cellular energy than are typically developing children, a new study by researchers at UC Davis has found. The study, published in theJournal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found that cumulative damage and oxidative stress in mitochondria, the cell’s energy producer, could influence both the onset and severity of autism, suggesting a strong link between autism and mitochondrial defects…. Mitochondria are the primary source of energy production in cells and carry their own set of genetic instructions, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), to carry out aerobic respiration. Dysfunction in mitochondria already is associated with a number of other neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia ….”

One study cited in Wikipedia says:

“Mitochondrial disorders may be caused by mutations, acquired or inherited, in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) or in nuclear genes that code for mitochondrial components. They may also be the result of acquired mitochondrial dysfunction due to adverse effects of drugs, infections, or other environmental causes (see MeSH). … Defects in nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes are associated with hundreds of clinical disease phenotypes including anemi, dementia, hypertension, lymphoma, retinopathy, seizures, and neurodevelopmental disorders.”

In opening up the issue mitochrondrial dysfunction and urging a shift back to a single measles vaccine (an earlier vaccine), Wakefield may have stumbled onto something explosive.  The MMR vaccine appears to be the third generation of vaccines, what are called DNA vaccines. They involve shooting genetically engineered material into the body, often using gene guns that were used into the genetic engineering of seeds, in order to achieve DNA “uptake.”

From Wikipedia on methods of delivery of DNA Vaccines:

“The two most popular approaches are injection of DNA in saline, using a standard hypodermic needle, and gene gun delivery. … Injection in saline is normally conducted intramuscularly (IM) in skeletal muscle, or intradermally (ID), with DNA being delivered to the extracellular spaces. This can be assisted by electroporation; by temporarily damaging muscle fibres with myotoxins such as bupivacaine; or by using hypertonic solutions of saline or sucrose. Immune responses to this method of delivery can be affected by many factors, including needle type, needle alignment, speed of injection, volume of injection, muscle type, and age, sex and physiological condition of the animal being injected.

“Gene gun delivery, the other commonly used method of delivery, ballistically accelerates plasmid DNA (pDNA) that has been adsorbed onto gold or tungsten microparticles into the target cells, using compressed helium as an accelerant.

“Alternative delivery methods have included aerosol instillation of naked DNA on mucosal surfaces, such as the nasal and lung mucosa, and topical administration of pDNA to the eye and vaginal mucosa. Mucosal surface delivery has also been achieved using cationic liposome-DNA preparations, biodegradable microspheres, attenuated Shigella or Listeria vectors for oral administration to the intestinal mucosa, and recombinant [genetically engineered] adenovirus vectors.”

The DNA vaccines depend on DNA uptake.  However,”[t]his phenomenon has not been the subject of much research, so the actual mechanism of DNA uptake is not known.”

And what is meant by DNA uptake?  Does it mean as it sounds, that genetically engineered material is taken up by the DNA of those being injected with it?  And if so, does that mean that these vaccines are genetically altering (or “engineering”) those receiving the vaccines?

Is it possible that the mitochondrial dysfunction seen in autistic children is a result of their DNA having been compromised?  The new DNA vaccines derive from failed gene therapy.  Are the new DNA vaccines a continuation of experiments in genetic engineering, being conducted on millions of children?

Cloned animals also suffer from mitochondrial dysfunction. Professor Joe Cummins writes:

“In the cloned animals, mitochondria are transferred to the eggs along with the nucleus from somatic cells, leading to a mixture of mitochondrial genes from egg and the somatic cell from which the nucleus was obtained. This mixture of mitochondria (called heteroplasmy) introduces incompatibility between mitochondrial and nuclear genetic material that contribute to the high rates of abnormalities and deaths among clones and leads to cell and tissue disruption as the cloned animal develops. The impact of mitochondrial dysfunction is great because the mitochondria provide energy for the cells.”

It seems that people have already been genetically engineered.  “Dr. Joseph Cummins, professor emeritus of biology at the University of Western Ontario, says, ‘It seems likely that the transplants are going on, but very, very quietly in a regulatory vacuum, perhaps.’”

Also see these citations from that article:

Genetically-Engineered Humans. Barritt, Jason A., et al. “Mitochondria in Human Offspring Derived From Ooplasmic Transplantation.” Human Reproduction, 16.3 (2001), pp 513-6.

“First Cases of Human Germline Genetic Modification Announced.” British Medical Journal 322 (12 May 2001), p 1144.

“Genetically Modified Human Babies?” Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 8 May 2001.

Hawes, S.M., C. Sapienza, and K. E. Latham. “Ooplasmic Donation in Humans: The Potential for Epigenic Modifications.” Human Reproduction 17.4 (2002), 850-2. • Hill, Amelia.

“Horror at ‘Three Parent Foetus’ Gene Disorders.” Observer (London), 20 May 2001.

The 23 new DNA vaccines have been linked to autism.  Are the new DNA vaccines altering and/or damaging children’s DNA, the code of life?

An overview of Murdoch’s connections to the pharmaceutical industry and international bankers cannot answer that question but at a minimum suggest serious problems with vaccines with the greatest wealth power in the world promoting them, nonetheless. is credited with this piece:

“Lloyd Blankfein is co-chairman with media mogul Rupert Murdoch in the David Rockefeller-founded Partnership for New York City (PFNYC), chartered by the Royal Family of England. This group is currently advancing a world leading biotechnology trust, heavily invested in “genetopharmaceuticals” and flu vaccine genetic engineering. [Emphasis added.]

“Members of this group, along with George Soros-directed assets, virtually monopolized the genetics industry during the 1990s, culminating in the corporate privatization of the Human Genome Project.

“Involvement of these economic leaders in the vaccine industry is most revealing and even shocking as the following facts evidence:

“The Baxter Corporation, indicted for spreading HIV contaminated blood products during the late 1970s through the 1980s; a cheap lethal heparin substitute in 2008; and H5N1 contaminated seasonal flu vaccines in early 2009, was directed by Mr. Tony White, Soros’s appointee to lead the privately owned Applera Company following their obvious heist of the Human Genome Project during the late 1990s. The sudden privatization of what had previously been public, non-profit, patentable property, also implicated co-sponsors–the U.S. Department of Energy and The Wellcome Trust of London.

“Today, the American Baxter Company is a major H1N1 vaccine maker for European nations, and at the center of controversy concerning the expanding outbreak of recombinant H1N1-hemorrhagic pneumonia. Many experts conclude the 2009 H1N1 triple reassortant sourced from a lab, similar to its 1977 relative.

“Rupert Murdoch’s mother, Elizabeth, Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and daughter-in-law, Sarah Murdoch, steward the Royal Women’s Hospital and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, respectively, in Australia. They oversaw their staff conduct H1N1 vaccine trials on infants, children, and pregnant women in 2009, collaborating with Merck’s subsidiary, CSL.

“Furthermore, Rupert Murdoch’s son James oversees GlaxoSmithKline, another major H1N1 vaccine maker. Regarding efficacy, and more importantly safety, the CSL/Merck H1N1 vaccine tested in Murdoch-family directed facilities was simply assumed to be both safe and effective according to its package insert. The new and old vaccine had ‘no controlled clinical studies demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with’ the company’s seasonal flu vaccine, ‘AFLURIA.’

“Likewise, vaccine safety was speciously assumed following assessment days comparing those who received AFLURIA (with or without mercury preservative, confounding everyone’s analysis) with those who received some undisclosed “European-licensed trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine as an active control.” This “active control” was preserved with mercury.

“In plainer language, an unidentified arguably neurotoxic vaccine served as a ‘placebo control.’ Since no inactive placebo control such as saline was used, the study design was obviously flawed, confounding, biased, and arguably fraudulent. It may have precluded observing statistically significant differences between experimental and control groups falsely evidencing safety from lacking adverse event differentials. This intentional obfuscation exclusively benefited those with conflicting interests, and/or those inclined to rely on safety assurances to the detriment of public health and medical science. Yet, Murdoch-directed News Corp. assets heavily promoted these risky H1N1 vaccines as urgently required, safe and effective.

“Curiously, in 2008, The Wellcome Trust of London’s Biocentre, the UK’s largest non-governmental source of funds for biomedical research, created a special grant program to heavily fund research into alleged mysterious neurodegenerative diseases linked by censored science to thimerosal mercury.

“The Wellcome Trust’s alleged divestment of conflicting pharmaceutical interests following Burroughs Wellcome’s sale of stock to Glaxo PLC, created GlaxoWellcome, currently GlaxoSmithKlein. This allegation of ‘divestment’ is discredited by more than the fund’s involvement in the Human Genome Project’s pirating, implicating George Soros and David Rockefeller-linked investors. Again, GlaxoSmithKlein makes the H1N1 vaccine, and Rupert Murdoch’s heir apparent, James Murdoch, oversees their Board of Directors.

“And that’s not all. . . Rupert Murdoch’s Co-Chairman of the PFNYC, Lloyd Blankfein is a major shareholder in the Goldman-Sachs/AstraZeneca partnership. He directed AstraZeneca’s $15 billion acquisition of MedImmune, the H1N1 FLUMIST maker.

“Besides James and Rupert’s News Corp directing film makers Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Brothers, the Western World’s mass-mediated mind-set is reinforced by PFNYC “partner” and Reuters News Service CEO, Thomas H. Glocer. Glocer sits on the Board of Directors of Merck & Company, whose (CSL) H1N1 vaccine, and (Merck’s) Pneumovax vaccine, is broadening markets as the main ingredient–laboratory engineered H1N1 virus–mutates, as in the Ukraine, becoming more deadly.

“Additionally, those poorly-paid inadequately-trained pharmacists administering vaccines in supermarkets, draining doctors’ revenue streams, reflect the ‘hostile takeover’ of clinical medicine by Goldman-Sachs’s limited partner, PFNYC ‘Corporate Partner,’ and world-leading ‘buyout firm,’ Kolberg, Kravitz, Roberts & Company (KKR) This ‘immunization’ industry-altering practice is promoted as a “cost-saving” invention according to KKR’s director of Safeway supermarkets, Steven Burd, founder of the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform (CAHR), popularly called ‘Obamacare.’”

Whatever the answer to questions about the new DNA vaccines, it is obvious that Rupert Murdoch’s connections to the pharmaceutical industry and vaccines are very deep.  No investigation of Murdoch’s crimes should omit his efforts to use his media empire to prevent exposure of potential dangers from the MMR vaccines and possibly all the new DNA vaccines.


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  2. How long will this Genocide last?

    Vaccine reactions and injuries photo gallery Brief description of our tragedy
    To prove how much damage vaccinations can do, so indiscriminately used on families from all over the world, I think it is necessary for me to tell my story. Unfortunately my story is not considered a sole and sporadic case in itself, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Vaccinations are still being forced onto people through fear based tactics.
    My family has been the victim of vaccine injury and three of my four children have been irreversibly damaged.
    I state that my three children affected by vaccine reaction, were born perfectly healthy and that the manifestations of the disease appeared only after the first Sabin polio vaccine.
    My eldest son’s recorded clinical symptoms, which had appeared after the Sabin polio vaccination and correlated through the pediatrician to the anti polio vaccine, were as follows . ocular nystagmus, tremors and speech defects. It was interesting to see the diagnosis of the pediatrician being interpreted differently by other doctors, as they had assumed the sudden health problems were to be attributed to brain tumors or degenerative encephalopathy, never confirmed by any analysis performed on the child.
    My eldest son died in 1971 at age six. With the second child, born in 1970, there were no problems – despite vaccinations received, but the drama came up again with the birth of twins in 1976.
    Despite my fierce opposition to have my twins vaccinated, a law made it mandatory and without any prior investigation, that the shots be administered. Already the very next day side effects began to emerge and the first signs of change was perceivable and clearly visible.
    I submitted the medical records of my twins’ first hospitalizations to various Universities in the United States, in England and even in Russia. In the latter country it was assumed that my children were plagued by a drastically impaired immune system, that confirmed the direct cause and link to the vaccinations given to them.
    My children were diagnosed with “Metachromatic Leukodystrophy Type” by doctors of my city, Verona, Italy. The above mentioned condition is a degenerative disease of the nervous system, and has never been confirmed by genetic tests to which we subjected ourselves too.
    Later, Andrew, one of the twins, had a deterioration of his health and was hospitalized for dehydration. Despite my recommendation not to make use of immunosuppressive drugs, because the child was Immuno Compromised, an infusion of cortisone was administered and five hours later Andrew died. Later I learned, that the same drug was also administered to my first child before death.
    Despite the fact that we would have had useful information to save the life of the twins, it was not accepted because we were denied the presence of the coroner at the moment when our first son died, so that the examination performed by the pediatrician could not be validated and applied to our research. One month after the death of Andrew, also Albert, the other twin brother, had to be hospitalized.
    Foregoing the opinion of doctors to let him die, we were able to have our request granted to move him to a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and we had a virologist from Naples (Dr. Tarro) come to attend and who had previously examined the child. This doctor from Naples advised to apply immuno stimulants. Subjected to treatment with “interferon”, the boy began to slowly improve. After six months in the hospital the child was brought home with no letter of discharge from the hospital. Some time later, medical records that we requested, I noticed that they were different from those we photo copied daily during the time of hospitalization. Due to this discrepancy we presented a judiciary complaint. As a result of our legal action the Attorney of the hospital counter sued and declared that this was a case of “Public falsification of records”.
    Alberto, the twin brother, was admitted at the same hospital in Verona as Andrew was too and also in other ICUs: the Policlinico of Milan, in the province of Como, Merate, Melegnano, near Milan, and finally was transferred to the office from Melegnano to the Hospital of Verona.
    During all the various hospital stays my task was to ensure that immune therapies were practiced which had given positive results before. These therapies were always recommended to us by Professor Tarro of Naples, who had been a student of Professor Sabin.
    It was always difficult, if not nearly impossible, to apply this type of therapy to Alberto, since the medical faculty had already ruled that my son should die. This was supported because the cause of the injury had been directly correlated to the discovery that it was caused to the vaccines given, despite the child was already partially immuno compromised.
    Although our case had gained the interest and direct involvement of the Italian President, Mr. Sandro Pertini, and despite pressure onto the Minister of Health, to bring to life a Ministerial Commission through Mr. Renato Altissimo, it all fell through due to the falsified data that did hide the truth of the damage my son suffered through the vaccine.
    During the last treatment my son underwent at the Albert Hospital of Verona, the doctors were the opinion that my son would die soon. I then tried desperately to bring home my baby, since that was their way of thinking and because the only solution to the problem for them was the culmination of our whole nefarious affair.
    At that point a children’s judge of Venice did revoke my “parental authority”, which I right away fought and refused to let happen. I tried to make him understand that he was committing a gross error. I managed to convince the judge to reinstate the parental authority, beginning early 1984. I was able to reverse the decision of the court by creating a “recovery room” in our home, right in our bedroom. During all hospital stays my wife Franca Albert was at our son’s side each and every day and every night in order to protect our child from any possible medical abuse or more damage.
    Health care institutions did not want to admit that vaccines were the cause of his illness and death of his brothers and thus they tried every possible maneuver to erase leads on it.
    Finally, in 1995, by resorting to the law 210 of 1992, recognized by the State, the jugde saw the “causation” of the damage suffered by subjecting our children to the vaccination requirement.
    During all these years I ADOP was established. An association in Italy that has been gathering information and data from people who have suffered damage from vaccination practices;
    I also tried to push for a law, to remove the mandatory practices of administering these vaccines, but this goal was not achieved in Italy, because, in my opinion, the health care industry has been dominated by the corrupt power of the Multinational Drug monopolies. All this is proving that even in this area, some pseudo-science of gross arrogance and devoid of all scruples, tramples on people and the vaccine victims. Illegal practices that did override all human and civil rights. It imposes its power based primarily on speculative interests without giving any accurate information on the potential dangers associated with vaccines, but rather of a deliberate misinformation and complete cover-up up to promoting that it is to the prophylactic prevention of illnesses.
    Giorgio Tremante!/photo.php?fbid=181193258586584&set=p.181193258586584&notif_t=photo_comment

    • Thank you for your courage to post your story. You aware in my prayers.

    • Powerful story , thank you so k uh it is so important all stories and all humans globally come out and stand up for our human rights ! Wherever there is risk of any kind thee must be choice ! My heart and prayers go out to your family and your suffering , it is a crime that we have to fight so hard and suffer so greatly in support of truth , I am so grateful for your sharing and send prayers of peace and love to your family x

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  4. What I can’t figure out is why Murdock is under fire? Not that he doesn’t deserve it, it’s that because he’s been such a good player for the NWO, and they are always protected, that this attack on him must have other reasons than what are being shown.

    It’s not as though other news networks aren’t guilty of the same or worse crimes. So why FOX? After all, ultimately all of the MSM are owned or controlled by the same cabal of elite bankers, so what is really going on here? Did Murdock anger the PTB by allowing what has been some of the more balanced reporting on 9/11? Would they destroy an entire branch of their media empire over a few relatively small episodes of truth that the mind-controlled public would soon forget? Is all this simply my cynicism? Is this a crack in the damn bursting?

  5. The Murdock attack is not NWO controlled. There is something bigger at play and the NWO are being brought down. Watch the future unfolding of the truth!

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  7. Giorgio, thanks for your story. Mine is similar, there are hundreds of thousands of us, surely far more who don’t even know what hit them. And while we’re at it, the chemtrails MUST be stopped, the perps behind it locked up for life or executed. There has NEVER been an aluminum toxic soil or plant in 4 billion years, THINK!
    Genetically Modified Seed Patent
    Aluminum (chemtrails) Resistant Gene Patent #7582809
    Granted On September 1, 2009
    Developed at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
    Patent Assigned to US Dept of Agriculture
    Funding B. Gates, D. Rockefeller, Monsanto
    Alan Foos, BA Botany, MS Soils

  8. Thanks for the great article! The evidence that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention is now overwhelming. Vaccination is biochemical warfare against civilians, particularly at babies and children. Parents who still get their children vaccinated are IMO ill-informed and misinformed to the point of being delusional. Also watch this:

    Shocking Testimony About Vaccines !

  9. “Dr. Wakefield’s crucifixion is a desperate well-orchestrated effort to restore faith in risky vaccinations that the majority of people worldwide no longer trust,” said Dr. Horowitz.
    We noted that in connection with the harassment… of Dr Wakefield simultaneous broadcasts from radio stations world wide announced that his work was fraudulent, and they interviewed “experts” who all declared that the MMR was perfectly safe.
    We also noted that the questions and answers in these interviews were identical, whether they were broadcast from radio stations in Europe or African countries.

  10. One of the best written articles I have read this past week. Thanks for taking the time to put it together so completely.

    Jenny Hatch

  11. you must read Foucault’s Pendulum by Umburto Eco, you would all love it

  12. Vaccines are the tip of the iceberg. Proteins and the introduction of replicated genetically mutated protiens. The culprits are the peptides and EMR. Microwaves literally cook the proteins like a an egg white. Once cooked so is your goose.

    This is another link to the massive FDA, AMA, WHO and CDC as gatekeepers for the committee eugenics cabal that has spent billions to control, squash and defraud the public on disease, sterilization and genetic engineeering. Doctors Wakefield and Burzynski a few of these targeted people trying to expose the moneymaking machine and the deeper agenda of the PhRMA and FOOD industries.

    Going after the sun itself is another of the largest conspiracies and GW mitigation is another means to offer you the worst possible outcomes.
    They would prefer to kill the sun and replace it with a large compact fluorescent.

    Mr Tremantes story is another sad case and the VAERS database is full of them.

  13. Thank you for the above information.

  14. You seem to have forgottan a couple of points: first, it was the GMC not the Times which nailed Wakefield’s fraudulent and unethical work. Second, many other papers, expecially The Guardian (Ben Goldacre and others), also drove the Wakefield story.

    Wakefield should be proud, though, he has concerved some species that were in danger of extinciton. The poliomyelitis virus, for example, back with a vengeance.

  15. The GMC are as thoroughly corrupted as every other industry and organisation. Why don’t you look into the GMC Board Members and see just how many of them have financial conflicts of interest. They are all deliberately targeted by the NWO. People are waking up!!!!

    All the science and research data behind these so called vaccines is at best manipulated & fabricated. The worst thing about all this is it is documented and would stand up in a court of law….where is the justice going to come from to stop these corporations comitting genocide when most of the legal system has also been infiltrated and corrupted???

  16. Good article and well researched – a nice joining up of the dots all in one place.

    I like the idea of Fair Use and would like it even better if you would give credit to the tireless researchers and investigative journalists – like Martin Walker, John Stone and the parents of vaccine damaged children caught up in the deliberate ‘crucifixion’ of Andrew Wakefield – who first unearthed a good deal of this story.

    Mentioning the Cry Shame website and giving the url would have been the least you could do – it’s a place to find the original material and follow up on the Wakefield story. Martin Walker attended Andrew’s ‘trial’ every day the GMC ‘court’ was in session which stretched to almost 3 years. He was not paid – he did it because that’s the kind of investigative journalist he is – someone needed to bear witness and write the story.

    There are so few real investigative journalists left – as the News Corp debacle shows – and we need to support them and if we can’t support them we need to give them credit when it’s due.

    Find the whole Wakefield / MMR story here:

    Martin’s latest book joins the dots up in the anti-CAM campaign currently raging. If you care about choice in healthcare, you need to read it. The book and his other work can be found here:

  17. Jon_in_Charlotte

    I am seriously of the opinion that not only are vaccines responsible for the spikes in autism, but, also the cause of other neurological damage including sudden infant death syndrome, ADD, Alzheimers & Dementia, etc… For our science communtiy to presume that injecting amounts of heavy metals (mercury & alluminum), even small doses, wouldn’t have an adverse affect on our brains is purely foolish. Never mind having our children absorbing materials harvested in aborted fetal cell tissue. That fact alone signals to the fundamental moral wrong of these vaccines and their production.

  18. This article, by Sharyl Attkisson, from CBS Investigates, is the bomb & helps blow the vaccine cover up, right out of the water.

    “Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review”

    The author, who Sharyl’s report is about, is Helen Ratajczak who is a former senior scientist at a pharmaceutical firm.

    One astonishing fact exposed, here, is with Dr. Brian Strom, who’s served on the Institute of Medicine panels advising the government on vaccine safety & admits he doesn’t even know the ingredients in vaccines.


    Another, most, interesting paragraph that has to make one think of the good doctor, Wakefield, who was framed in the orchestrated witch hunt against him is;

    “A number of independent scientists have said they’ve been subjected to orchestrated campaigns to discredit them when their research exposed vaccine safety issues, especially if it veered into the topic of autism. We asked Ratajczak how she came to research the controversial topic. She told us that for years while working in the pharmaceutical industry, she was restricted as to what she was allowed to publish. “I’m retired now,” she told CBS News. “I can write what I want.”

    Media was quick to follow suit with full scale coverage of said witch hunt, helping smear his good name & dragging it through the mud, with parroted lies of deception.

    But nary a word reported on the real criminal, Poul Thorsen who was recently indicted for stealing research money from the CDC. Thorsen was head researcher/scientist behind the Danish studies claiming no link between vaccines & autism.

    {Permission to repost to help raise awareness.}

  19. The trade off for having childhood disease, that most always strengthened immune systems, was replaced by epidemics on a scale that’s so massive it now takes 1 in 3 in cancer before age of 65 & 1 in 100 children in neurological disorders called autism. Other toxins & harmful drugs are to blame, too, but vaccines are the catalyst.

    Doctors have been trained to blame media, saying there has been no increase. They say cancer & autism have always been prominent but we never noticed until media began reporting it. They also blame the rise in autism on better diagnosis but if that was so, we would have noticed these victims all around us, if they had actually been there all along.

    We know this is a lie because we can see with our own eyes how widespread both cancer & autism have become.
    We never saw such epidemics years back & the rise has been right in step with the increase in vaccinations through the years

    We Are A Nation of Epidemics on a scale of such magnitude that it is unbelievable yet undeniable if properly investigated.

    “Studies Show 1 in 100 Kids Have Autism” CBS News Health Watch”
    That number is 1 in 58 for our boys as they are more susceptible.

    “There is an epidemic of cancer today. One in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer, often before the age of 65.”

    “The Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance”

    “Chickenpox Vaccine Linked with Shingles Epidemic”

    There’s a new study that came out last year & yet they are still giving these toxic jabs>>>

    “Chickenpox Vaccine & Death – New US Government Study”

    “Epilepsy is a global epidemic”

    And they have known vaccines have caused epilepsy for years>>>

    “The Asthma Epidemic”

    “The allergy epidemic: by 2015 half of us may be carrying one of these”

    “America’s Frightening Alzheimer’s Epidemic”

    Alzheimer’s is old people’s neurological disorder labeled “autism” & now it’s striking younger people, too>>>

    “Young Adults for the Alzheimer’s Association”

    “Childhood MS: A silent epidemic?”

    “How a Continuing Polio Epidemic is being Hidden” The truth about vaccines

    “Diabetes epidemic out of control”

    “Parkinson’s disease: The silent epidemic”Another neurological disorder

    “A Form of chronic epidemic encephalitis simulating the Landouzy-Dejerine type of progressive Muscular Dystrophy”

    On & on it goes. Google almost “any disease and epidemic” you can think of & see for yourself.

    It’s not rocket science & sooner or later logic has to set in as it’s only common sense to know this rise in epidemics has been right in step with the ridiculous increase in vaccines through the years.

  20. Guy, I believe that all polio cases today are linked to children who have received the live vaccine.

  21. Reading this makes me want to throw up. And Giorgios story is truly devastating. My condolences. I’m a twin born in the 70s and I thank the good Lord now more than ever that I’m okay and survived the shots. I did have chicken pox & measles and I’m alive to talk about it. God WILL get all evil in the end- I promise. And giorgio will reunite with his son in heaven.

  22. Apparently the debate about “tainted” vaccines causing Autism is far from over. Even with the CDC’s stamp of approval/safety on these vaccines there are still new cases of autism every day. My youngest sister, though never formally diagnosed w/ autism has many autistic traits that continue into her adulthood and she will never be able to live alone. Her symptoms occurred after an MMR vaccine. I am glad to see more and more about this in the public square.

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  27. IMO, the DNA-alteration and defects multiply with generations. In other words, the defect traits and potential is passed on and further compromised with vaccination of the offspring.

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  29. NOW we will see the massive imbalance in justice- Murdoch will walk away with a slap on the wrist while others who do MUCH LESS will get huge and very heavy handed sentences and penalties.

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  32. People have to realize the State (which includes the Government) has always been, and will always be, a criminal organization. What the State calls “Justice” is the source of the biggest injustice in the world (Read “The Law” from Frederic Bastiat). To learn more about the nature of the State, read chapter 22 “The Nature of the State” by Murray Rothbard. The whole book “The Ethics of Liberty” is available online free in HTML, PDF and MP3.

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  34. Thanks for getting the news out about this…

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  37. I tnink it quite obvious; industry pollutes, but makes money.
    Vaccines attempt to counter the effects of pollution. So industry invests in vaccines rather than clean up they’re yard.
    A clean, healthy environment produces no diseases.
    Polio is produced from raw sewage. We will soon find out what genetic food pollution propogates.
    Warding off flues and colds is as simple as washing our hands frequently.
    Herbalists are the best doctors. I know this from more than one experience.
    What is never noted or documented is: the emergence of diseases with the developement of industrialization.
    We can look at rain forest populations and clearly see the negative effects of corporate infiltration.

  38. We must get the word out and create waves of awareness. I hope the internet will remain free. Talking about Murdoch and criminal behavior. #BTR #BlogTalkRadio Live chat with Alan Phillips, JD

  39. I’d like to invite those interested in the vaccine/autism debate to come to the Topix site and join in.

  40. It’s being said there’s a witch hunt against Rupert Murdoch & his corrupt empire, lol. Really funny;

    “Murdoch’s media malpractice and the genetic altering of human beings through DNA vaccines”

    Wakefield’s frame up & orchestrated witch hunt was the Real McCoy & won’t be covered up.

    It would have been good, in the above article, when coming to the part of media following suit in the good doctor, Wakefield’s, smear campaign, to see something to the effect;

    But nary a word from media concerning the real criminal who was recently indicted, Poul Thorsen. He was the head scientist/researcher who ran off with the CDC’s research money, behind those Danish studies claiming no connection between vaccines & autism.

    “Murdoch and Vaccines – Exposure of Murdoch’s Crimes Open Up A Much Larger Story”

    “… the evidence of sleazy and scandalous behavior of the Murdoch papers has expanded geometrically/Rupert Murdoch’s news empire faces intense media and legal scrutiny.”

    And that includes Fox News, too, which has too many people in America duped with their mean political machine of lies & spin!



  42. Comprehensive and chilling. This is quite a review if the Wakefield case and the connections to journalism. I’m not the lease bit surprised that The Times of London was in the middle of it. Murdoch’s MO is to mix political doctrine with news to achieve policy change. That’s why he’d support Blair after Thatcher. There is no difference in political agenda. Blair and Murdoch both wanted war and they got it. Thanks.

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  44. I am writing a thesis with the hope that it will be applied to better the world we live in. This thesis is on Public Trust in the Media, WikiLeaks, and the Government and need to know what your opinions are. The online survey is anonymous, multiple choice and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please follow the link:​ILLLML_9669e09d. Would be great if you would encourage others to do the survey also.

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  46. There’s no question Wakefield was railroaded, but the reason is simple. His research and willingness to speak out threatened a $20B vaccine market. However, after reading some of the comments here meandering into chemtrails and the new world order it’s clear why Wakefield has been marginalized. Most people think you’re nuts.

    Wakefield’s research should be framed as a product safety issue, comparable to Vioxx or exploding Ford Pinto gas tanks. Yet those with overactive imaginations insist on turning this into grassy-knoll conspiracy theories. It is far easier for people to accept that Merck made a dangerous product and then attempted to cover it up. It happens all the time is business, we’ve all seen it. Nobody is going to believe it was some sort of biological warfare project. My son regressed after vaccination. However, it was caused by incompetence and greed on the part of the vaccine manufacturers, period. There is no conspiracy to turn our kids into zombies for starship slave labor.

    While I agree with the gist of the main article, why all the weasel words? The article says, “The MMR vaccine appears to be the third generation of vaccines, what are called DNA vaccines.” What do you mean “appears to be”? Is it or isn’t it?

    The article also says:
    “And what is meant by DNA uptake? Does it mean as it sounds, that genetically engineered material is taken up by the DNA of those being injected with it? And if so, does that mean that these vaccines are genetically altering (or “engineering”) those receiving the vaccines?”

    Again, why all the inflammatory speculation? Do some research and find out what “DNA uptake” means before going off on a tangent. We need serious, informed analysis, not crazy Alex Jones-type infotainment.

    • Gee you sound like a wanker.
      Why don’t YOU do some research, instead of talking out of your butt and whinging that nobody does research.
      Don’t know about chemtrails? RESEARCH!

    • Kameron krause

      Alex jones is pretty on target with most if his news. I hear stuff on his shows first then weeks or months later the main stream media picks it up. Of course after they’ve made fun of him . They never acknowledge that he was right. Main stream media is the joke not Alex jones. Which by the way has been a big Wakefield supporter even before all the evidence if him being railroaded. Again he was way ahead of everyone else. As a matter of fact Walefield was just on his program and it wasn’t the first time he has been. So before you make remarks like that you might want to have something to back that up. And stop jumping on the trendy bandwagon of ridiculing someone for no reason other then he gets better ratings and actually investigates things instead of being a paid shill puppet head reading a TelePromter that’s told what to say by the corporations that own them. So they do nothing but tell lies and spread propoganda . Wake up and stop being a sheeple.

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  55. “The 23 new DNA vaccines have been linked to autism.”
    The article you cite implicates “homologous recombinaltion tiniker” as the mechanism for genetic damage caused by vaccines. This sounds scary.

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  71. Unquestionably imagine that which you said. Your favourite justification appeared to be at the net the simplest thing to have in mind of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while other people consider issues that they plainly do not understand about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and defined out the whole thing without having side effect , folks can take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thank you

  72. Hi,
    can you help us with our story ?
    we feel a vaccine damage may be the cause of our childrens health issues
    1 we are unable to see any doctors record of vaccines to both childs records
    2 we are having a independent local authority asking questions the council refuse to cooperate
    3 male son had the following a early diagnosis of moderate learning disibility milk intollerent griffiths child development tests poor reading possible adhd dyspraxia clumsy child syndrome poor attention skills hitting sister angry and low self asteem loves numbers and gadgets hates maths arthititis age 13 now he still soils they said enconpresis solid and loose stools with a poor spinkter muscle scared of swimming and bath at age 13.
    4 daughter had mobility issues untill 3 years old and could not walk untill then l1 and l2 vertrabraes missing with a diagnosis of spina bifida occulta

    we urgently need your help or refer us on to some one who can help us we have 2 children in care we feel we have been falsely accused of child neglect we are asking christine from profitable harm to help us but need expert advice comments and support in court.
    We was accused of munchasens by proxy at one point.
    Here is our story your help urgently needed we will do interviews with the media we will speak out we want our children home but will settle for helping to stop this abuse by the state.
    Mr Mrs Peacher
    55 queens park close
    united kingdom
    01507 477 433
    skype andrewpeacher
    Andrew peacher DaD
    joanne peacher MuM
    Aaron lee peacher 25/10/1998
    Kirsty Louise Peacher 01/01/00
    Dear Everyone
    The social worker involved in our case is
    Di Finlayson and our current social worker
    social work offices
    Highland council
    Wick Office
    125/127 High Street
    KW1 4LR
    Tel: 01955 605040
    Di Finlaysons Line Manager is Ian Mcelroy
    Area manager
    Dawn Grant same location
    Joanne and andrews story
    We feel we lost our children to the scottish care system because being unfairly picked on due to being english we feel and joanne having mental health and learning difficulties as well as moving around a lot poor diets as both children had been overweight.
    Please have this thought now if one thing is not right about our case is both children was split up from each other see reports we can obtain as the council said the children are managed better apart aarons in dingwall and kirsty edinburgh
    how could we manange if they cant ?
    Both children see each other 1 time a month with weekly phone calls .
    joanne was abused in care sexually mentally and physically she spent all her child hood in care her mother put her in to care 14 times and only one time was it a child protection issue joanne left care age 17 joannes social worker in glasgow and the time ken freeman said joanne is a very disturbed young woman and will need caring for all her life and joanne was diagnosed with a learning disibility as a child.
    All the above can be verified in reports
    joanne was bullied emotionally blackmailed by her mother for a long time andrew met joanne in 1991 and i feel i rescued joanne from a life of torture in 1992 we married still married today for nearly 20 years before we got married there was a investigation as joannes mum didnt want joanne to marry me as i would take joanne to england for a better life but her mum emotionaly blackmailed joanne with held cigarettes and joannes own benefit money if joanne never did as she was told joannes mum said a lot she was dying to get attention later on in 2006 joannes mum did die leaving joanne no family and its the same year we lost our kids.
    Family history
    In 2001 we finally cut off all ties with joannes mum we lived in wishaw scotland near motherwell joanne got raped by a stranger and then following week sexually assaulted by a bus driver this sent joanne a bit mad she ended up in a hospital for mentally ill people they diagnosed no mental illness but most probally a type of post traumatic stress disorder at the time i asked social work for help in wishaw lanarkshire so i could visit joanne in hospital with out the children this later was twisted by di finlayson and she reported we was having marrital problems also at the time the local councill moved us because the bus driver kept stopping and staring where we lived again this was reported to social work in wishaw again the facts was changed by di finlayson or wishaw social work department they thought joanne was a victim of domestic violence both wishaw and wick thought that as her behaviour suggested that they thought andrew was the abuser her husband.
    There was police reports verifying the above the domestic violence so we are told is in reports we have never seen.
    In 2004
    we went to live in hull east yorkshire social worker mandy swindon got involved purely because we needed time to go to court in glasgow the crown prosecution service glasgow they paid hotels and fares we needed to give evidence well joanne did for her child abuse historic while she was a child in care.
    we asked for advice from hull social services and they helped us with parenting skills and benefits we got a report as we had been involved with them for a few weeks it said joanne was slow odd at times i was a big gob andrew but nothing to worry about as parents and that we exaggerate the help we need this also was said by di finlayson in later reports i can say its my fault andrew i wanted other people involved at that point in our childrens lifes as i was afraid of loosing our kids due to joannes learning issues and i was struggling with 3 people to care for although joanne was just slow couldnt do the bills or shopping but good at cleaning ironing we complimented each other with our abilities.
    In 2006 about may we moved to wick in northern scotland 100 miles from inverness and a ferry to orkney isles we feel small nit tight community who didnt like outsiders.
    The current problems when we arrived was aaron was soiling himself and both childrens behaviour was terrible to cope with kirsty looked like a boy as she had short hair she got nits at school so we decided to keep the hair short that was wrong i guess but we wasnt adviced any better kirsty and aarons behaviour was bad kirsty swearing and aaron hitting kirsty and joanne and not wanting to go to school because of soiling.
    we had no family support at the time joanne was slow as usuall and i felt andrew i had a boat on each shoulder so i asked the school for help in september 2006 this hasnt been mentioned in the reports by di finlayson neither has the social services report made by hull social services in 2004 if we was such bad parents they would of told us to change i feel if we had school records gp records and all professional records this would paint a different picture and a true reflection of our parenting skills and treatment while we lived in wick di has took out the good bits in the records and left in the bad bits painting a different picture to childrens hearing system similar to cafacas and the family courts only difference is its not secret we are invited but the childrens panel rarely listend to the parents at all or the child.We have reports saying children wanted to come home or wanted more contact with mum and dad slowly all contact was reduced to the present level.
    We had a meeting at school called a multi agency meeting we was surprised as we only wanted to meet the head of the school we feel the school arranged the full meeting as we was new comers. aaron and kirsty would get more support di was allocated in september 2006 as a social worker by jan 20th 2007 some 4 months later our fate had been decided at times the social worker made threats you will loose your kids i just need a legal reason in tesco december 2006 she said.
    Di Finlayson often got joanne on her own and asked joanne did andy bully you do you want to leave him joanne got confused upset and reacted by being depressed and self harming i andrew feel social works involvement caused joannes increased mental state of self harming and doing unusuall things .
    The social worker di finlayson would come to our house all hours of the day and night without us agreeing and a lot of the time when andrew was visiting his mum or working away from home on 2 to 3 occassions.
    The social worker said we all need some family skills so for about 7 weeks we attended 5 out of 7 social work cancelled the other 2 we was taught how to cook soup for joanne and mince and tatties the children would learn better behaviour and dad andrew would learn to supervise the children better this latest 5 times for 2 hours each occassion during this support worker and social worker would be on the phone for ages to different support workers of families cases of other children was often reported to us leaving us with the feeling we had no chance to keep our children.
    WE did move a lot as we had no parental guidence of our own or family nearby we had caused that by moving joanne and andrew both had no fathers at home joanne never had a home or mum. we was only trying to get help for our daughters and sons medical conditions
    we had fallen out with gps and moved to gain more support from medical profession in one area hull royal infirmary the doctor had stated joanne may have munchassens by proxy disorder.
    we was only doing what any other family would have done who cared about their children social work think we ran away to avoid the authorities getting involved this cant be true as every gp hospital school knew of our childrens conditions in every new area.
    Aaron was lactose intollerent and dairy products and had to have soya milk as a baby he was slow his devlopment test griffith test was shown aaron was 2 years behind his actuall age in learning and development.Aaron started soiling him self at the age of 2 then he had constipation then soiling it was hard work bathing him 3 times a day and up and down to school 3 times a day with new clothes today aaron is 13 on tuesday he still soils himself medical evidence suggests its not emotional but lack of his muscle working properly social work still says we never toilet trained properly so he is damaged by us. Aaron picked on kirsty a lot and wanted his own way a lot.
    Kirsty had a minor spine deformity spina bifida occulta and she had problems with walking we claimed disibility living allowence for kirsty di said we was claiming this under false reasons she launched a nother enquiry again nothing became of that. To this very day i believe kirsty gets dla and has feet issues like club feet.
    A compalint was made against social workers many things was partialy upheld but nothing in full we then gave up complaining.
    in october 2006 after 4 weeks of social workers pressure joanne started self harming and running away also our letter box at the family home was set alight while we all was assleep joanne was downstairs with a new puppy i was up stairs with the kids. joanne shouted up those baxxxd kids have set fire to our letter box i threw a mop bucket of water over the fire and someone called the fire and police we did ask a group of young kids ages around 13 to get off our wall.
    bbc tv website reported this the next day and saying a boy was seen running from the house joanne at the time was very frightend at the event i took it in my stride the children thought it was cool as well at the time. bbc tv news can send a copy of the story.
    we had a tv interview on the following monday with itv in the grampian aberdeen area as we thought locals was picking on us as we was english and our kids was being watched by social work di finlayson we never felt local or even happy in our house . we said they the locals hate the english and anyone who is not a local this never went down very well this went out on national tv the news channel may still have the interview.
    we was moved then by the council to a better part of the town but di finlayson said that tv interview was wrong and we would pay the price for saying what we said again all verball no proof.
    At this stage nothing was going to plan a meeting at a family centre with di and support workers confirmed our worse nightmare our advocat Anita from highland carers project who supported andrew as he was joannes and the childrens carer witnessed collusion between professionals abuse towards andrew di interviewing aaron in her car on the way to a police station as now there had been allegations of kirsty being kicked in the groin area. The Police Held investigations on the fire and kirstys assaults and could not get the evidence to proceed.
    we have a carers project report when we pay to view the files we have the doctors report
    Kirsty was examined and the doctors report came back as unexplained we gave permission for a medical but later we found kirsty was given 2 intimate medicals on the same day which we never gave permission for but had nothing to hide anyway.
    In december 2006 di came to the house on many occassions a lot more than normal as a surprise and woke us up early woke us up late 10pm and Early 7am she also brought the family christmas gifts she told joanne her husband had beat her up and that men was no good this is all coming from a social worker to a vuneralable adult joanne we complained about all the storking the gifts the secret meetings with joanne our complaints was upheld in part.
    In january 2007 joanne got very ill and was sectioned under the mental health act this was lifted after 3 days at the most.
    The social workers removed our kids as joanne had got better and was coming home the mental health team also was on social workers side her worker was stewart baxter he annonced on a hospital ward the day she was coming home normally they protect the patients that we have your kids social workers and a court official is here to sign a paper to confirm understanding this was done on a ward full of ill people and not in private joanne needed to stay 3 or 4 days longer as she smashed up her hospital bedroom furniture.
    While joanne was in hospital i was told andrew that i should not be joannes next of kin or responsible person as i was not suitable later i found out that joanne had been considered as a vunerable adult and that a full enquiry had to be started by the head of social work in the highland region checking out police schools gps and any agency who had ever met joanne again nothing was found di still keeps thinking joanne is being abused by andrew at this stage.
    joannes hospital diagnosis was borderline personality disorder but joanne has only been mental when raped abused and when put under exstreme pressure we feel joanne has post traumatic stress disorder due to her child hood and adult issues even today joanne is not showing all 5 syptoms needed to have a correct bpd diagnosis.
    In aprill may 2007 joanne went on 3 occassions to the police and confessed to kicking kirsty and setting fire to our letter box she was interviewed and charged and 2 years later got no punishment due to being honest and her health even now 2011 joanne dont really know if she did these things it will remain unexplained if joanne had kept quiet may be we would see more of our children who knows ?
    We had very little contact with the children from january 2007 to may 2007 contact was at a low as i saw both children all the time well once a week joanne never saw them hardly at all social workers wanted to take it slowly after her illness and events leading up to christmas but in may 2007 joanne emailed threats to di finlayson and got 2 years probation for saying bed bitch ded bitch on a few emails joanne never even spelt it right joanne was officialy told she couldnt see the children by the childrens panel.
    joanne since may 2007 has not seen kirsty to this very day october 2011 no letters no telephone no face to face contact she started seeing aaron summer 2009 i think letters to kirsty are possible but kirsty will not write back we feel kirsty has been brainwashed.
    both children want to see mum and dad but only one can.
    Andrew dad saw both children all the time well 1 time a week then 1 time a month then 3 times a year apart from 2009 social work wanted joanne to see kirstys home in edinburgh and this went wrong as kirsty was still on site this distressed kirsty as they nearly met mum kirsty damaged her room and was disruptive to staff for a few days as kirsty wanted to see mum and knowing mum had been in her room had a big impact on kirsty i think this was all a deliberate plan to stop all kirstys contact with mum and dad in a later phsycological report may 2011 di social worker says she wants kirsty to see both parents at 16 plus so she only told the court to allow letter box writing contact our solicitors adviced us to accept as we can build on this.
    After this event social workers then stopped all my contact with kirsty this was done by the scottish childrens reporters office and social work together.
    March 2011 parental rights given in favour of highland council in wick after no help 3 solicitors and no energy we had given up at that point we wanted to forget the years of lies and torture.
    The contact order to date is both parents to see aaron 2 times a year minimun call him and write 1 time a month and both parents to only write to kirsty 1 time a month we are asking solicitors to challenge the contact orders for kirsty at present time.
    Kirsty and aaron was split up the day they went in to care they live at different ends of scotland they call each other 1 time a week rarely write and weather permitting see each other 1 time a month.
    We have had a small lucky break stephen williams councillor who is the head of social services in lincolnshire and our mp john hayes is looking in to things if the council cant convince the lincolnshire people they acted 100 percent correctly in our case and cannot prove it head of social services is launching a investigation.
    Andrew has been speaking to both solicitors involved in our case in scotland they say if lincolnshire can prove we was disadvantaged or even corruption collussion was present unfairness in our case then we can get the parental responsibility order amended im not sure if it can be cancelled.
    Andrew and joanne peacher

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  75. Why don’t parents do their research and just say ‘NO’ to vaccines? There is no compulsion in Europe and easy religious waivers in America. The sheep are just falling for nonsensical lies and propaganda. What would happen if a war was declared and nobody showed up? The emperor really has no clothes!

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