Massachusetts considers allowing unvaccinated kids in public school

By Rady Ananda

In January, Representative John D. Keenan of Salem, Massachusetts introduced a bill to allow students not immunized to be admitted to schools upon the written request of a parent. After all, if vaccines are effective, then those who take them are protected from those who don’t.

“Rep. Keenan filed this legislation ‘on behalf of’ a constituent,” his Chief of Staff, Lynne Montague, told COTO Report.  “In Massachusetts, constituents may file bills via his/her elected official by ‘the right of free petition.’”

Currently, the bill is before the Committee on Public Health and there is no set time for its report.  If the Committee reports the bill favorably (with or without amendments) this session, it will be forwarded on for the next appropriate committee to review.  If the measure is reported adversely, it will not advance unless it’s overturned by either branch.

On June 28, a public hearing was held where proponents of the measure argued about the health risks of vaccines and the right of health freedom — to opt for or reject medical procedures and still be allowed full participation in society. Here is some of that testimony:

The text of the bill reads as follows:

Bill H.1055 An Act relative to childhood immunizations

The second paragraph of section 15 of chapter 76 of the general laws, as appearing in the 2008 Official Edition, is hereby amended by adding the following sentence:-

Notwithstanding the provisions of this section a child shall, upon written request of a parent to the school, be admitted to school.

Last week, the bill was sent to the Joint Public Health Committee for review. Citizens of Massachusetts interested in supporting the bill should write the following PHC members:

Senate Members on Mass. Public Health Committee:

Susan C. Fargo, Senate Chair
Harriette L. Chandler, Senate Vice Chair

Senate Members: Katherine Clark, Michael F. Rush. James E. Timilty, and Robert L. Hedlund

House Members on Mass. Public Health Committee:

Jeffrey Sanchez, House Chair
Jason M. Lewis, House Vice Chair

House Members: Christine E. Canavan, Christopher G. Fallon, Ruth B. Balser, Carl M. Sciortino, Jr, Carolyn C. Dykema, Denise C. Garlick, John J. Mahoney, Paul Adams, and George T. Ross

The Canary Party has taken up the cause of health freedom, believing:

“The unfettered march of the medical industrial complex is a threat to Western society as we know it: to the lives of children and those who serve and defend us in our armed forces, to our right to choose the medical procedures we receive and to our rights to participate in society if we dissent. This all must change.”

You can help get this bird off the ground by supporting the Canary Party.

20 responses to “Massachusetts considers allowing unvaccinated kids in public school

  1. What I don’t quite understand is what risk do the unvaccinated children present to the other vaccinated kids? Surely if the vaccines are that good as they claim then the only risk is to the children who have not been vaccinated.
    Therefore to deny them a place at school is to deny them a place in society. A form of social exclusion. Which is definitely wrong on all counts. As is the argument that seems to be being used to enforce it.
    It appears to run something like this:
    ‘If you do not conform to the rules of our society and have your children vaccinated then your children will be excluded from school until such time as they are vaccinated.’

    Are the pharmaceutical companies that desperate for cash that tey won’t let anyone escape their vaccine campaigns?

    • yep, if the vaccines really do work, then those who are vaccinated are protected from those who are not. so why the mandate?

      big pharma is a criminal enterprise

  2. Yes. The two above comments have to be some of the most stupid crap I’ve seen in weeks..

    • Your comments are the best example of complete mind controlled ignorance courtesy of the American media, educational system and big pharma. Wake up and read “ICD-999” by Patrick Jordan. Even Pasteur renounced his germ theory and vaccinations at the end of his life. The real medical hero is Dr Anton Bechamp. Vaccines are the cause of 90% of the diseases in America. They are complete medical FRAUD. Fortunately, if people continue to allow themselves to be vaccinated there will be natural selection in favor of the non-vaccinated. Survival of the fittest.

  3. 1. There are many children that cannot be vaccinated, for various reasons such as an autoimmune disease, allergies, or simply being too young to have received the vaccine. These children have no protection against the disease. If they are exposed to it through an unvaccinated peer, they are at risk of suffering and/or even dying.
    2. Unvaccinated children are protected by the herd immunity created by the vaccinated children. Herd immunity basically means that if enough people are vaccinated it becomes really hard for the disease to find hosts it can survive in and spread. The more children are unvaccinated the greater the risk that herd immunity will fail. If herd immunity fails, all suffer for the reasons described below.
    3. Vaccines do not offer 100% immunity towards disease. The efficacy varies; some vaccines offer higher rates of efficacy, some lower. Having received a vaccine doesn’t guarantee that a child will not get sick when exposed to the disease. Vaccines reduce the risk of contracting the disease, if exposed, dramatically, but there will always be a number of children for whom the vaccine will not provide protection. Those children will be at risk, from other unvaccinated children who may contract and spread the disease.

    Science and medicine are NOT CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUES

    • Anything having to do with my body or my child’s body is a Civil Rights issue.

      Your comment typifies technofascism, medical and scientific tyranny, and is an abomination of the principles on which this nation was founded.

      “Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.” ~Thomas Jefferson, 1781

      Often paraphrased as: “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

      Medical mandates, including mandated vaccines, are purely and solely a way for the medical monopoly to increase profits. They have nothing to do with health or safety.

      wake up, already

  4. It never ever made sense to me why they wouldn’t allow non-vaccinated kids into school. The only thing that made sense was it was a form of control. Most people saw this and finally politicians are listening.

  5. Seriously? I am a teacher of severely handicapped children…….the small percentage of those children who are NOT vaccinated will not affect any normal, healthy child…….but it will hold a death sentance for the severely immune compromised children that I teach. Are these children expendable?

  6. There are homeopathic remedies for any disease for which there is a vaccination. Vaccinations corrupt and damage the immune system. They are unnecessary. Read “ICD-999” by Patrick Jordan for a thorough explanation of vaccines. Vaccines are the greatest medical fraud in medical history.

  7. I like the way the vaccine shills frame this issue: they always make it seem like vaccines are the only way to prevent these diseases. Instead of relying on doctors and an industry that can’t be directly sued if I’m harmed by vaccines, I’d rather take responsibility for my own health and eat whole foods, take supplements, exercise and get enough rest. But I do wonder if the Big Mac and Big Gulp crowd ought to be forcibly vaccinated, for the “common good”? 😉

    • lol, kandylini ~ i think the Big Gulp crowd is performing a Darwinian service to the human gene pool by removing themselves thru vaccines.

  8. Too many people on this planet are relying upon the few of us who know the real truth about the health predators who keep bailing them out and proping them up with sweet words and promises of a great future as long as they keep popping the pills and taking the guff that masquerades as good health practice.
    Darwinian service to the gene pool? Well I have no axe to grind with those who have been conned through ignorance but I have to say its a damn shame we can’t arrange a Darwinian evolutionary extinction event by changing environmental conditions (make everyone very healthy without drugs and medications) so that the medical shills become extinct through a lack of opportunity to thrive. Now that would be a solution. Meanwhile we should continue to educate those around us about the real way to a healthy lifestyle. And that includes getting rid of junk food.
    We could also include getting rid of unneccessary material trinkets and attachments as well like mobile phones ad mp3s and wide screen tv’s and exotic gas guzzling cars and even more exotic and destructive fly drive holidays in some fragile and vulnerable part of theplanet and start living a life of minimalistic engagement with the real world that’s right on our doorstep.
    Now that would be progress of the positive variety.

  9. Hi Its ~ Darwinian law is harsh — it forgives not ignorance — whether willful or innocent.

    I use my site, Food Freedom, for education — but educating a drugged, TV-brainwashed mass of people takes time.

    so if some of them eliminate themselves thru ignorance, all the quicker we can smarten the gene pool.

    The fewer sheep in the gene pool, the easier to resist tyranny.

  10. Darwinian Law is something I am familiar with having studied evolutionary theory so I get where your coming from. I was merely showing a little compassion for the people who have been conned by the big coproations and the politicians.
    I also subscribe to Food Freedom for the information there. 🙂

    • cool. I really think we oughta start the elimination process at the top tho — those whose net worth is over $500 million.

      That way, we’d remove a huge portion of psychopaths from the gene pool


  11. I don’t get this, either. “too young to be vaccinated” is not even an issue in this debate because we are only talking about school-age children. And I know, I know, “they have younger siblings.” So what? If kid who is vaccinated does not catch illness A, he can’t pass it to his younger siblings…right?

    It is absolutely about health and freedom to choose. Vaccines are not without risks. I don’t choose to accept the risks inherent in vaccines for my children. Last year I suspect they may have had whooping cough and rubella. Guess what, they lived and actually didn’t have a hard time at all. But I don’t feed them junk nor hop them up on antibiotics. Hmm…wonder if it’s related?

  12. Vaccinated children shed viruses for several weeks. Vaccinated people are a threat to others because they are a disease vector. Vaccines CREATE disease by corrupting the immune system. They are the ultimate risk. Don’t buy into the “either or” false choice of vaccinate or don’t vaccinate. There are highly effective homeopathic remedies for ALL diseases. Also don’t forget oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, colloidal silver etc. We can protect ourselves and our children WITHOUT ANY vaccines. Just say NO. Your children will thank you by being healthy and happy. Go to, and to understand.

  13. My son is attending community college in lowell
    they want me to write my specific religion and
    why vaccines conflict with my religion. I DO NOT

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