Smart Meters Another Invasion of Privacy, EMF health danger

By Aaron McCollum
Bob Tuskin Show

Here’s a 5-minute overview.

Smart Meters are yet another tool of Command & Control by those who have their tentacles of power over those of us trying to live a life free of corruption, pollution and elitist rule. These devices are infesting the homes and businesses of Americans across the nation and the option of not having one is almost always not an option at all.

Smart Meters are yet another Big Brother tool that can actually monitor you in your home by way of knowing when and how long you are on your computer, when you go into a room by way of the light switches, when you have armed your security system and even when you have left or come home when your garage door is activated.

Recent private studies have shown that these meters give off levels of RF Radiation which on a long term exposure will damage the body. The meters can also be operated remotely by the power company in order to turn your power off in the comfort of their office with a quick click of the computer mouse. It has even been said that some have discovered some of these meters containing other types of monitoring capabilities built into them. All the major power companies are implementing the “upgrade” installation of these meters and YOU will have NO choice according to them.

My wife and I dealt with this when we moved into our place. I raised hell with Southern California Edison power company. The answer I got was basically this “The Smart Meter is installed or you get no service. Period.”  I was IRATE! Millions of people in this corrupt country are being forced to have these installed to replace the old analog meters and most will not even receive any notice prior.

Meredith and I have done a lot of research into Smart Meters and have found some very troubling information. So troubling that we are currently doing everything we can with our resources to get off the power grid completely.

So what is the supposed justification for these Smart Meters? One that power companies and even the Department of Energy say is that it will save the consumer on their electric bill. BULLSHIT!! California is the epicenter where these Meters began and has become a serious issue with locals. Even if people don’t believe any of the things these Meters do, they are pissed about the fact that these Meters have actually been the cause of the average monthly electric bill in California to increase from $200 to even $500 more a month!

Smart Meters are not just a U.S. problem. It is becoming global.

If you are not informed about these Meters then I have loads of resources for you to have a look at.

Meredith told me tonight she heard about a little experiment that was conducted where a person had wrapped her Smart Meter with layers of Aluminum foil and the outcome was the power company showing up at the person’s door on the same day telling her to remove the foil. If this is indeed true then how exactly does it effect this meter and why the uproar from the big business power company? Is there more to the devices than being made public? Either way it sounds interesting enough that we are going to wrap ours with Aluminum foil in many layers and to make it really secure I will make sure it is all in place with my aluminum duct tape. We will have the camera on standby just in case.

So now it is up to you to review all the information I am about to provide. I have seen enough as has my Wife for us to be firm on wanting our meter removed and we will be taking the steps to do so. When a big company creates a device that is endorsed by a federal government department and the word “Smart” is included in the name, it is never a good idea. Furthermore Meredith and I find it interesting that at the same time these meters started appearing was when nationwide the push to switch from analog television to digital was taking place. Smart Meters also appear to be very much influenced by Agenda 21.

Research sources-
New Electricity Meters Stir Fears
Smart Meters, Dumb Backlash
More Smart Meter Questions Answered

Video time-

Now for the documents and those related-

Forbidden Vault file on Edison Smart Connect
Forbidden Vault file on Department of Energy

Civil Disobedience is always a good idea against bad ideas.

Now for some websites working on taking an active role in exposing what these vile meters really do and their hazardous effects.

We must set this planet and all life on it free.

3 responses to “Smart Meters Another Invasion of Privacy, EMF health danger

  1. RobertWilliams

    MUST-SEE 4-minute youtube video on Smart meters:

  2. As I understand it from an electrical geek friend, what you are doing when you wrap the meter is you are fighting fire with fire. If you turn on a cell phone and then wrap it in aluminium foil her assures me that the cell phone ends up frying itself with its own energy. So he plans to do the same thing, with the one advantage of living on an island so they cannot show up as quickly. However, if unwrapped again they simply make up for lost time and you will only have delayed the transmission of the surveillance data info . He says that the reason the Utcorps respond quickly is this: If the health damaging frequencies cannot transmit, and if they are suppressed for long enough, the frequencies convert to heat just as such frequencies do with any microwave oven. When the frequencies convert to heat if there is no pinhole for the transmission to exit through they will fry the works – given long enough.
    However, before you wrap the meter? MAKE CERTAIN to first shield the wall behind the meter from floor to ceiling and over an extensive width as well from side to side to prevent sending the radiation into the home instead.

  3. here’s another video on smart meters — 39 mins. — a friend just sent me:

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