Groundbreaking Interview with Lee Harvey Oswald’s Girlfriend Judyth Vary Baker

Intro by The Intel Hub

In one of the longest, if not the longest interviews she has ever done, Popeye of interviewed Judyth Vary Baker, the girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, who revealed startling details about the assassination of JFK, suspicious cancer research, virus causing polio vaccines, and much more.

Judyth, once a promising student searching for a cure for cancer, ended up working with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans on cancer research that was possibly sinister in nature.

The information she provides on the JFK assassination and the real history of Lee Harvey Oswald is invaluable and should be spread throughout the world.

During the interview Judyth destroys the myth of the lone gunman assassination theory and speaks directly about who she believes are the real culprits in the JFK assassination.

In her book, Me & Lee – How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth proves, through extensive documentation, how she was involved with cancer research when recruited to work in New Orleans in 1963.

She was hired, along with Oswald, by Reily Coffee Company as well as involved with the development of a biological weapon that Oswald was supposed to use to eliminate Fidel Castro.

Judyth shows the evidence and relates – from her first-hand experience – all she knows about the Kennedy assassination, her love affair with Lee Oswald over the summer of ’63, her conversations with him as late as two days before JFK’s death, his role as a deep-"Lee was a government agent" – Marguerite Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald's mothercover intelligence agent who was framed for an assassination he was actually trying to prevent, and how he was silenced by his old friend Jack Ruby.

This in depth interview is one of a kind as Judyth will not be doing interviews in the foreseeable future.

Please share this interview with your friends/family and send it to as many mainstream and alternative new outlets as possible.


Baker was once a promising science student who dreamed of finding a cure for cancer, but strayed from a path of mainstream scholarship at the University of Florida to a life of espionage in New Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Check her websites out and get her book here:

Popeye’s Website:

Popeye’s Youtube Channel:

Popeye’s show on The Orion Talk Radio Network:

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